The New Energetic Centers of the World, Part I

So we all know about these power points around the world, usually spots where a high concentration of ley lines intersect and spots where the Illuminatii and Powers That Be (PTB) usually perform rituals and ceremony to emit vast amounts of negative energy into the Earth energy grid, which then in turn keeps most of us enslaved. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty of these ceremonies but suffice to say that researchers like David Icke have written, talked and documented it enough that you can easily find information about it at his website or various YouTube videos.

Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona

From personal experience, after having visited some of these “hot spots” I can say that the energy at most of these so-called spiritual places is absolutely ugly now. Machu Picchu is a New Age circus as is Mount Shasta, California and Sedona, Arizona. It seems every other recently-divorced suburban housewife suddenly “finds” herself and decides to become some Wiccan High Priestess or wants to follow a shamanistic path and inevitably sets up shop at these places and then offers you the same path. For a fee of course…

Having been to these places, the tourist energy and the financial energy has completley ruined and drained these places, and I mean totally. I literally felt sick at Machu Picchu (and it wasn’t altitude sickness either), walking through Mount Shasta town, every second shop had a violet/purple storefront and had pictures of angels and tarot card decks on display in their front windows. The main drag of Sedona, AZ was lined with smallish strip-malls, every other establishment was offering Vortex tours or yoga retreats, none of it came cheap either. In fact, I found Sedona to be full of New Age – Republicans, with the worst possible qualities of both groups. People who essentially use the New Age movement and human potential movement to fill their coffers and line their pockets even more. It’s very unfortunate since these places do possess great natural beauty.

At the same time, I have experienced beautiful, lovely energies in many places around the world which are completely off the beaten path and do not figure largely in these movements….yet. Places where the energy is extremely pure, powerful and largely dormant for now.

It is common knowledge that the poles are now shifting. YouTube has tons of videos about this. It would then follow reason that the Earth grid and the associated ley lines would also be shifting. For me anyway, it would explain why these so-called power points felt empty to me and why other places, while not well-known, were simply brimming over with positive, powerful energy.

Here’s my list of some of these “new” power centers:

1) Cappadocia, Turkey – The Land of the Fairy Chimneys

A typical “feminine”-in-energy valley in Cappadocia

A place still steeped in history and spiritual energy, of fantastic rock formations, lovely valleys, underground cities from the beginning of civilization. Cappadocia was home to the ancient Hittites, a parallel civilization to the ancient Egyptians. We still know very little about them. They built the underground cities of Derinkuyu and Kaymakli. I spent 3 years in Turkey and much time in this area and still barely scratched the surface of this other-worldly place. They say there are even more undiscovered underground cities in the area and Turkish government are keeping many of them secret. These places were built literally thousands of years ago and is as strong and intact today as the day they were built.

On top of that, you have the amazing landscape of Cappadocia itself. Even walking through the magical valleys, every rock-scape, every view, will say something to you and speak to you differently. If you listen closely, Mother Nature will speak to you directly here. It’s not a coincidence that the early Church fathers, like Basil the Great and Gregory of Nyssa as well as hermits like St.Simeon  and ancient Greek Hermetic mages like Apollonius of Tyana set up shop here. The hermits of Cappadocia distanced themselves from the world by cutting into fairy chimneys, the phallic and strange rock formations of the area, rather than living on top of columns. They hollowed out the chimneys from bottom to top creating rooms at 10-15m high. Their spiritual imprint and those energies of centuries of monks, sages, holy men and hermits meditating in caves and remote valleys is still there and undisturbed.


Homes and caves dug out of the rock formations.

2) The Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada – The Land of the Gentle Hills
A beautiful corner of Canada, 60 km south-east of Montreal, where the Appalachian Mountains begin, the oldest mountain range on the planet, bordered by Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, the region is known for the high quality foods it produces, cheeses, wines, organic farms as well as hundreds of lakes, streams and rivers, any outdoor enthusiast’s dream.  The old, unused train tracks were converted into bike paths a few years ago and they now intersect across the countryside, allowing anyone to discover the land in an easy and gentle way. In recent years many progressive thinkers, writers, creative types, retreat centers and monasteries have been moving here and setting up homes and workshops. The people here are known to be quieter than Montreal’s other playground, the Laurentians.
A crystal mine, one of only 7 in the entire world is also located here.
Many folks here have claimed to have had run-ins with the Little People in this area and old-timer’s tales with contact with otherworldly forces and creatures are rife in the picturesque villages with interesting names like Mystic and Magog.
Quebec’ s own version of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, resides in Lake Champlain, only they call him Champ.

An alleged photo of Champ.

Driving through this area on a beautiful summer’s day, the place positively gives off a golden, healing energy.
The Townsips in the Fall
This is just the beginning, much more to come.
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20 thoughts on “The New Energetic Centers of the World, Part I

  1. searchingforfernando

    I went to Mount Shasta in 1995. I drove straight through the town without stopping, on and up the mountain road. I left my car and walked with my dog up the mountain. There on the slope of the mountain, I could feel the powerful energy. I spent the night at the Forest Service campground further down the mountain, where I got a rotten sleep, due to the drumming and yelling that continued all night. I would recommend a visit there, as long as you avoid the town and the campground. Do go to the city park. There’s a spring that bursts out of the hillside, pure and uncontaminated, from deep in the earth. Truly living water, the most refreshing I’ve ever tasted. I always stop and fill my jugs when I’m passing by on I-5. Usually there’s a crowd of New Agers filling their bottles, but regular folk as well. Sometimes they’re hawking books about the purported spiritual qualities of the water, and I’m sure someone in Shasta is selling the water by mail. But they can’t sell it in the park, because it’s free to all. I’ve urged many people to swing by and try the water as they drive down I-5. They all agree it’s worth the stop

  2. Earth Energy Reader

    I visited Mount Shasta and Weed back in 2005 and connected with Caleen Sisk-Franco, the leader of the Winemem Wintu tribe who are the Native guardians of Mount Shasta and area. They showed me their sacred streams and springs including Panther Meadow and even let me watch as the young boys were initiated as warriors (they had to jump into a very deep pool and cascade water fall from very high after being smudged) during their full moon prayer circle, very nice people. I know the spring you’re describing and the water indeed is very pure but a lot of NAers leave offerings like plastic angels and such which the Natives don’t appreciate very much, even if it is meant well. The town was a circus and every other lady I met there was offering Goddess initiation or something similar. I stayed at the Stewart Mineral Springs in a cabin, near Weed, if you get the chance, go. Don’t know what it’s like now but at the time, I had a wonderful stay.

  3. Narjess

    Now i think I know why i feel weird and almost sick when i’m in the montreal Botanical garden. The place feels dead unlike a free park with lots of trees which feels magical.I’m sad cause I live so close to it and I really wish I could enjoy it, but i feel worse when I go in there. Let me know if I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    • Montreal, like most major metropolitan cities, is an energetic toxic dump. People here, and especially the Quebecois New Age community who hang out at Vox Pop, seem to think that Montreal is some wonderful utopian city when even a quick trip to places like Singapore show how truly Third World-class Montreal has become in terms of roads, services and aesthetics. It’s an ugly city which runs on corruption and spiritually empty people. There are worse cities like L.A (Hell.A), Washington DC, Mexico City, in the world. Even Toronto is worse. But, if you’re in Montreal, try to get away from the city centre as much as possible. Mount Royal is no better. Go to the Townships or Lanaudiere if you can, much cleaner energetically.

      • Narjess

        I really wish I could but I have no car, no friends and i don’t feel safe asking random strangers for a lift or to go camping alone. I have no idea what to do. I feel like this place is eating me.

      • I just read your comment on Montreal and I just realized the date, I’m a bit late!! lol I’m a Montrealer, downtown… you certainly raise a lot of valid points in terms of how awful the city is run, the roads alone are pathetic and shameful. This is not exactly Utopia. I am not in any kind of group here, certainly not in the “New Age” scene at all, it’s not my thing. I haven’t met many, if any who are remotely up on what I consider to be anything resembling truth or real spirituality, I research a lot and I keep to myself. Though recently I have discovered a couple of interesting things/oddities here that I never noticed before…but I do agree, getting out of the city and into the country is always best to balance out the very odd energies here. They can be toxic for sure. Mount Royal has some very odd energies indeed though not all bad….just different and hard to take at times. Old Montreal as well.

      • enn

        yea we moved out to ile perrot. it was tooooo much for us.

  4. Join some of the hiking, camping and outing groups on Meetup or Training Mobs. There are quite a few of them but you have to look. If you have you liscence, even getting a Commun-Auto for a few hours to leave town is worth it. If you take the bus , you can head out to Pointe Claire Village or Cap St-Jacques in Senneville, where you feel you’re not on the island anymore. I used to bike years ago along L’Anse de Lorme road and there you really feel away from Montreal.


    What do you think of Georgia, not a state but country (where Joseph Stalin was born).

    • Hi Giorgi, I don’t know very much about Georgia, the country but from my own experience along the Black Sea Coast in Turkey, there is a special energy in that area. There is a lot of history which many people do not know about along the Black Sea, Caspian Sea area, it really was a crossroads for many successive civilizations and all of them left their traces so that leaves an “energetic” footprint if you will.

  6. Brenda

    I agree with you Earth Energy Reader about Montreal. This place really is a dump. I am from the beautiful countryside located in Gaspesie,Quebec. The gem of the maritimes I feel 🙂 There the trees,the fields the water is filled with loving energy! The Appalachian Mountain Chain is bursting with energy I cannot describe. Untouched, and protected by the Quebec government and Parks Canada, it is a beautiful sight to see and experience, the rivers if you sit in just one even in the shallow part of it just pushes vibrant energy into you! Like its forcing you to take in the goodness the Earth has to offer 🙂 Everytime I go home, I feel a deep connection to the land and I miss it dearly because it re-energizes me.
    It seems like Montreal has a zombie-like presence, people walking around, life-less, and no love or spirit in their eyes. Its so sad to see. And so many people from Gaspesie end up moving back there because the city is literally killing their spirit and energy forces. It takes forever for them to recover! It seriously makes them sick!

    • Hi Brenda, I never made it to the Gaspe area yet but did go to New Brunswick and Grand Manan Island – lovely, lovely people and the Maritimes are indeed quite special.
      The Native Mohawk and Iroquois tribes’ name for used what we call Montreal today was “Hochelaga” and in fact the area up near the top of Mont – Royal were burial grounds for their dead (far pre-dating Cote Des Neiges cemetery) so right off the bat, that should tell you something about what Montreal real energetic footprint is all about…
      I don’t care what anyone says, the Native populations of Turtle Island (North America) know far, far more about the history and the energetic imprints of this landmass and it’s various areas. Some areas were holy for them – for a reason. Others were considered to be badlands – for a reason. Yet with colonization and genocide, a lot of that history is either completely wiped out, forgotten or at risk of disappearing except among a few Elders. It’s really up to lightworkers, earth healers and other “sensitives” to clean up and scope out and re-discover those good places again.

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