Why the Age of Gurus is over and how the Truth Vibrations are exposing them

For years now, from as early as 1991, David Icke has been writing and discussing the Truth Vibrations, an energy frequency which uncovers and unmasks all things including this deceptive matrix, which we call and experience as “reality”.

      David Icke: Truth Vibrations (Awakening the Great Spirit) by Jay4Louise

For decades, prophets and seers have been discussing this mysterious cosmic cloud or part of the galaxy which Planet Earth is about to enter, filled with this Cosmic Truth Serum which will help many of us who are open to the Ascension process move out of the old programming and move into the new one and help all of us see who we really are, no more masks, no more bullshit, no more phonies. A particularly beautiful description of what we are experiencing and what is in store for us can be found in this article:

Zen Gardner‘s website has a series of particularly enlightening articles about this Cosmic Cloud:

Icke , was and is,  spot-on.

With happenings like the Occupy Movement, where masses of people are demanding more transparency and accountability from shady and sinister entities like Wall Street and Big Government…

With Wikileaks, where cyber-punk hottie Julian Assange basically exposes the nefarious dealings of governments, military and multinational corporations the world over.

With the talented motley crew of hackers over on the 4chan /b/ board a.k.a Anonymous, who have infiltrated, and in some case, brought down to their knees, impenetrable organizations like VISA, Mastercard, the CIA, the FBI and Bank of America….

So it is also no surprise that people who are operating on anything less than full integrity are somehow being outed for who they really are these days…

James Ray

This includes New Age hucksters like that asshole James Ray, who conducted a sweat-lodge retreat in Sedona, AZ for  $10,000 US/person for the five-day program intended to push participants to their physical and emotional limits.


More than 50 people participated in the two-hour sweat lodge, a sauna-like ceremony typically used by American Indians to rid the body of toxins. It was meant to be the highlight of Ray’s “Spiritual Warrior” seminar near Sedona. Two people were pronounced dead at the scene; a third died after spending more than a week in a coma; 18 others were hospitalized. Witnesses described the scene after the ceremony as alarming and chaotic — like a “battlefield” — with people vomiting and shaking violently, while others dragged “lifeless” and “barely breathing” participants outside. 

This is the kind of thing that happens when someone decides to undertake something that he knows nothing about. I’ve done numerous sweat lodges over the years with Elders who had the proper training and proper teachings and not once did anything bad ever happen to me because I was in the hands of people who knew what they were doing and  were working with the lodge as a place of sanctity and healing.

Ray is a New Age fraud who, I’m willing to bet ,probably did a lodge or two, saw how simplistic the sweat lodge looks like and figured he could build one easily and make a killing off these people who don’t know any better.

It’s not as easy as it looks. There are Native teachings around the kinds of branches from what kind of specific trees you can use, the kinds of rocks which are heated, the kinds of coverings and blankets which can be used, the kinds of medicines you can use inside the lodge. In fact, there are teachings around just about every aspect of the lodge itself and if even one is done incorrectly, it can spell harm down the line.  This isn’t something you learn in a textbook or weekend seminar. It’s something which an Elder will transmit to someone who they think is spiritually mature enough and responsible enough to take the teachings of the lodge seriously and recognize that it’s for the people and the community, not for lining your pockets.

John Friend

Another huckster whose bowl of spiritual New Age pablum recently spilled over is John Friend of Anusara yoga fame.

Friend was well on his way to creating a new yoga empire with his brand of positive yoga, named Anusara, a school of thought which not only taught proper alignment but was also infused with a lot of New Age positive talk and phrases like “opening to grace” and”shining your truth”. (I’m not sure how you’re supposed to “shine truth” when  you’re limbs are twisted up in a pretzel, but whatever…)  He was also the brains behind “Wanderlust”, a kind of yoga version of the Burning Man festival.

Friend was a celebrity yoga teacher, in much the same way Baron Baptiste, Rodney Yee and Bikram Chowdhury have dominated the yoga market, a part of the $6 billion per year health and wellness industry. Jet-setting all over the world, teaching to scores of tight-bodied young women at exclusive retreats and seminars, Friend had it all and then blew it.

If you want all the gory details, then I suggest you pay a visit to Yogadork’s excellent site but in short, all hell broke loose when an irritated computer programmer working for Anusara posted up a site which was online for all but a day, but long enough to catch the attraction of yogadork.com  Intimate online chats of Friend and several members of his pagan sex coven, including married women, an employee pension fund freeze, illegal pot runs and allegations of lying and cheating all went online. It struck many as deeply hurtful and hypocritical when Friend himself had come up with a very stern code of ethics for Anusara teachers and instructors. It’s a typical Gurus-Gone-Wild story. Guy gets drunk on too much of his own power and sense of entitlement and starts abusing it and his followers and groupies are left in the lurch. The Anusara empire is now in the process of either dissolving or restructuring completely without Friend.  In the yoga world, Friend is hardly alone.(Check out my posting “Why I left yoga”  on why this is equally applicable to some of the Indian gurus)

All this to say that fakes are now being outed with increased rapidity and there’s no stopping it now.

Which is why I think the Age of Gurus is now over.

It’s true the people continue to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on pricey weekend seminars with the likes of Deepak Chopra or Wayne Dyer, always in the hope that if they just go to this one seminar, or buy this one book, or take that one Mediterranean cruise with Tony Robbins, then that one big breakthrough which they’ve been looking for all their life will finally come true.

I’m sorry to say that most of these people are fooling themselves and losing a lot of money while they are at it.

We’re at the stage now, that you either get it or you don’t. Those folks who have been steadily working on themselves all these years will be sensitive enough to have picked up on these new energies which are surrounding us now. It will only get more intense and denser and stronger from now on, we’re not even in the thick of it yet, only at the periphery

Those who are still very much into seeking guidance outside of yourself, by following some of these New Age writers, channelers and speakers, who have refused to actually sit down seriously and work on themselves and face up to their own shortcomings and processed their fears and issues are in a for a rude awakening. Nothing external, no book, no seminar, no guru or teacher, no expensive cruise is going to help you when the real shift does hit the fan (and it’s coming fast). Only you can help yourself.

I’ll be the first one to admit it; it is very hard and painful work facing up to yourself. People don’t do it because it is so damn hard. It means revisiting those parts of you and your past you’d rather not look at too closely, revisiting old, hurtful feelings, sometimes opening up old, festering wounds and releasing those old feelings and the programs which go with them.  It requires courage and unflinching, brutal honesty with yourself.

But once you’ve done it, the sense of peace you find and the joy which comes upon you, will last. No one , no husband, wife, ex-lover, enemy, bad neighbor, NO ONE can ever take it away from you once you’ve found yourself. And that’s when real joy, real love, real everything comes into your life, because you found it inside of yourself.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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44 thoughts on “Why the Age of Gurus is over and how the Truth Vibrations are exposing them

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  2. Barbara Vogel

    Beautifull article, facing yourself is very hard, I know too and I am not through all the stuff i need to, but I will in time.

    I asume that teachers can be really ethical but then get mind controlled, then ethics can melt as snow for the sun

    And please wake up to reality, animals also feel and suffer because of us.
    Answer to the call: Go Vegan!

    With Love to all beings, also to the elite and reptilians, they are also beings, they just forgot who to Love.
    When the heart is not connected to the brain, the hands can do terrible things.

    Wtih Love Barbara

  3. THAT which rested on the 7th day is awakening…

  4. muonsoup

    Excellent post. I still have a lot of work to do on myself and you are so right when you say that it’s hard work. It can be incredibly painful to accept the truth of our own reflected reality. It’s a hell of a lot easier to deflect onto others. I’m not sure about Icke at the moment and that doesn’t matter anymore because I am still unsure about me. I do believe the truth will out either way and all will be seen for who they truly are. The sooner the better in my opinion.

  5. Nagual R. Lavedas/ da fool lmao @ me

    where you get the (1st photo above) of me laying the rest of, “the recue panther/the rottwieller/the cow?” do you see? if you answwer yes your blind, if your answer is no, your too wise to learn from me,
    and should you not be draw or be wthdrawn you already knew the answer, but moreover it has always been “FREE ALL THREE!”

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  7. great post

  8. I think James Ray was well meaning. From what I’ve read, the tarps he used for the sweat lodge was stored in a facility by the loaning company, in the same place with a lot of rat poison. When it got hot and humid, a lot of the poison ended up getting all over the tarp. In the sweat lodge, the humidity then released the poison into the air. I don’t think Wayne Dyer is a bad guy either; I think he’s trying to help people.

  9. I hope you’re right. I’m about to die of boredom after 40 years of watching the marketing of the Age of Aquarius. By the way, for only $666,666, you can achieve enlightenment using my proven technique. Money back guarantee! As seen on Oprah! Hurry! Offer expires soon!

  10. johanna van der veen

    James Ray was well meaning?? For 10.000 a pop I bet he was. DUH… One Important ingredient to this whole process is Intelligence, something a lot of people do not appear to possess.

    • Dzijane

      There is seemingly plenty of intelligence, this is afterall, all the US needs to demonise people upon people, what is lacking is common sense xx

  11. you’re so right about your article! true peace and enlightenment lies within doing the inner work for yourself and making peace with every bad and shit experience that has happened to you, be thankful for the good stuff but both experiences have been what’s gotten you this far and helped you learn and to grow. Indeed this is what David has been teaching all along with the truth vibrations, the answer lies within; I’ve been lucky I guess since all other teachers I’ve been following and believe in, all emphasize this theme – so i know I’m on the right path, but it is very hard and painful doing the inner work and facing myself. I must believe in myself.

    • Just wanted to add a less flippant comment. I discovered David Icke not long after 9/11, when I was looking for the truth about it. What impresses me about him the most is how he never comes across as a ‘guru’ whose word is gospel. He offers what he has to offer while still encouraging his readers/listeners to explore on their own. That’s very different from the likes of James Ray, et al.

      • Right, i know David Icke encourages his readers to explore on their own and i didn’t call him a guru, i don’t identify with him like that but his information alot with other’s work has helped me to see the world in a totally different way. I just want to work out my inner issues now in order to have a richer and happier life, i don’t know who James Ray is and i’m just saying it might be just as well considering what’s been said in this article.

      • The ‘flippant’ comment I was referring to was my earlier one. James Ray was one of the darlings of the Oprah set until the sweat lodge ‘incident.’

  12. A true teacher takes you back to yourself

  13. Genene

    David Icke is right
    Truth Vibration
    David Icke is right
    Truth Vibration
    David Icke is right
    Truth Vibration

  14. Great piece! Thank You!
    In the same vain though, as much as I (like others who’ve posted here), appreciate David Icke’s efforts – he appears to be cloaking himself in this very ‘guru’ garb. His present pictures and advertising, such as the particular body-position shots of him (the arm raised, looking out over ‘beyond…’ – ‘white-light’ emanating from ‘him…), the present advertising for his gig in London this year – “biggest event of it’s kind…”kinda thing presents an almost ‘messiah-like’ image. It’s not new though, the claims that “The Biggest Secret” book will “change the world” too, well, same kinda thing, no?
    And people will indeed flock to this great-gathering in London to see David’s performance.

    Perhaps his recent expressions too of his apparently deep-seated pains he’s harboured all these years too, are coming to the surface, in these truth vibrations. Spending time defending himself on his web-site and other radio shows – saying “see – I was right all along…” stuff; which, in a basic human, ego-based condition one can definitely understand and appreciate. Davis definitely has played his role, as of course have all the other “guru’s.” All teachers in their own unique way, as are we all, teachers, students…

    Good Luck!

    • earthenergyreader

      Hi Neil,
      For my own two cents, I think everyone needs to take things up with a grain of salt. We have brains and minds and intuition, tools which are there for the using. If something resonates deeply with you, that’s a sign, if something rubs you the wrong way, then that’s another sign, and it’s usually a sign to look inside yourself and ask WHY is this pissing me off or why is this jiving with me? As humans operating out of the left brain, I think, many of us have lost the ability to read between the lines and pay attention to what is NOT said, to listen to the silences in between the words , read body language, read facial expressions and habits etc. I’m fully aware of the divisions David Icke causes with his audience and with the public at large. People pick and choose what they want to hear or what they want to sensationalize like the Reptilians or the Cabal. I can only speak for myself and say that I am noticing these outings of public-for-profit “teachers” more and more and it is in line with what David has been saying for years.
      Is he a “guru” or swami-like figure? I don’t think so, his attitude from what I can discern in his videos and talks is one of, “Here’s the information I received and analyzed, take it or leave it, but if you do take it, here’s what you need to be aware of…” I don’t see David Icke temples or prayer meetings nor do I see David Icke chapters in each city say like Mother Meera, Eckhart Tolle or Sai Baba. I don’t see him on Oprah’s show or hanging out at the Omega Institute or Esalen either with rich but bored trophy wives. Those things are part of the old programming and that’s going out now. Slowly but surely. The time has come for all of us to become our own gurus, I think.

  15. Chris

    Hey there,just found your site by recommendation by another blogger.

    Methinks you,Zen and David rock and I dig what you guys say.
    Recently I have been afflicted with anxiety and panicy feelings from a period of great energy and love.
    Kinda feel that my “mind” is at issue here,and the lesson is how to transform my consciousness.

    Also,lately when I look at things close up,they are also visible as vibrating energy-nothing is solid anymore and this feeling can be a bit weird when I am out in the “real” world. 🙂

    Want to fine tune my body crystal so that I can harness as much of these ‘truth vibrations’ as possible and transmit them around! The anti-HAARP if you like.

    Love ,Peace and Harmony to all

    • earthenergyreader

      Chris, check out my post about the list of Ascension symptoms. sounds like you’re grooving into the right track! 🙂

  16. simian

    Hi thanks for this real interesting perspective. It’s about time this subject came up. It’s troubled me how so much of our ‘reality’ revolves around consensus, and it has been bugging me for ages that we are just concocting another kooky spiritual delusion based on consumerism and control. It makes me wonder how in the name of love we ever make it back to the garden…

  17. earthenergyreader

    Simian, I think the reason why the subject is rarely, if ever, broached is because most of this Western modern, model of “spirituality” is largely anchored in the economic system underlying it, namely capitalism. We don’t seem to be having that discussion about spirituality and economics or spirituality and politics nearly as much as we should. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Christian fundamentalist or anything but the one time we know that Jesus got royally pissed off was when he found the money-chargers in the temple. Buddha lived off of alms as do modern Indian sadhus or more recently, The Man who Quit Money, Daniel Suelo (his book and blog, Moneyless World is a must-read!). Native Elders give their teachings freely to those who want to listen and tribes live in community. Money and spirituality don’t mix. One keeps you locked in this 3D world, the other is an attempt to get you out of it in order to live more fully. If the economic, political and resource organizational systems change, which takes humans into account not only as physical beings and financial units, but ones who have spiritual potentials to fulfill and express, then there is enormous reason to hope.

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head and expressed it very well. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Ken Wilber, “the world’s greatest living philosopher” (according to him), but I almost puked when I read his excuses for capitalizing on the “dharma”. Americans in particular and other countries that have followed the American capitalistic model don’t even seem to be able to see the contradiction in equating spirituality with ‘abundance’ and even their definition of abundance is horribly skewed. As Janis Joplin sang: “Oh Lord, won’t you give me a Mercedes Benz/My friends have all got one/I’ve got to make amends”

  18. earthenergyreader

    I am familiar with Wilber’s work but am no fan. He’s way too full of himself. I remember reading “Grace and Grit” when his first wife was dying of breast cancer. There’s one part in the book when she was particularly needy and he called her a dumb bitch and hit her. That was it in my mind. If someone can go around sprouting high-falutin’ lingo about transpersonal psychology and spirituality and still manage to act like that, that’s a red flag this guy isn’t really walking his walk and there is no reason for anyone to take him seriously. For a while, he was also a fan and supporter of neo-con writer and idealogue Francis Fukuyama, another red flag. You’re very correct about the capitalist model’s skewed views of abundance and of many Western “teachers”. The very nature of capitalism is win-lose, for you to get ahead, someone has to lose, for someone to have more, someone has to have less and this flies in the face of genuine spirituality where we are each other’s keeper and a brotherhood and sisterhood of beings. Add to that a planet which is undergoing diminishing returns and a monetary system based on the assumption of of infinite growth and infinite human wants and needs, none of it makes any sense. Many of these so-called “teachers and seers”, hardly seem to be aware of how contradictory their message of abundance is, that somehow if you just believe in yourself and keep repeating the right mantras, that you too can eventually live in Beverly Hills (like Tony Robbins), own a fleet of Cadillacs (like Bikram Chowdhury) and act like some wanker Sheik, that somehow leading that kind of lifestyle will lead you to true Enlightenment and everlasting happiness. Bullshit.

    • earthenergyreader

      I’ll add one more thing – these people also operate out of fear,another contradiction of their messages since they too are looking out for their own economic well-being and survival.

    • So refreshing to read your point of view. I just signed up for your newsletter. I never do that.

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  20. I’ve been preaching pretty much the contents of this post for the last 22 years, and this is the FIRST TIME EVER, I have seen these ideas in print. I found your site last week from a link on Zen Gardner’s site. Whoever put up that link: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

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