Energy Distractions which rob you

I dislike Facebook.

I know that probably makes me a freak of sorts and out of synch with the hundreds of millions of users out there but both Facebook and Twitter are colossal distractions, in my experience.

Professor Noam Chomsky said something in that most excellent documentary about him, “Manufacturing Consent” (which if you’ve never watched, I urge you to ASAP, it’ll help anyone to open their eyes and minds a bit more).

He said that things like the professional sports industry and the entertainment industry are all designed and perpetrated distractions by the PTB meant to keep the masses dumbed down and distracted from what REALLY is happening like the degradation of our civil rights by governments, the degradation of our quality of life by corporate entities etc. (From 1:04:40 in the video)  It’s like these industries are urging you to look to your left while to your right, they are doing whatever the hell they want to do.

Does knowing what Nicole Kidman wore to the Oscars really matter? Does knowing  how many goals David Beckham scored solve any problems in the grand scheme of things? Does knowing what kind of $60/litre olive oil Gwyneth Paltrow uses for making bruschetta impact your life in any meaningful way? I’m guessing no.

This is the distraction machine at work in the crudest way possible. If you have even a half-decent mind, you can see it a mile away , see it for what it is and just ignore it.

But what about the more insidious forms of distraction? Like Facebook or Twitter? Even the internet itself?

As human beings, we are social creatures, it’s only normal that we want to connect to other human beings. Living in isolation either imposed or self-imposed is hell, which is why it is an effective form of torture in the prison system. It deprives us of some of our most basic needs to see, listen, speak and interact with our environment.

However, with Facebook and twitter, you have a very bastardized form of social interaction. It’s a virtual community, not a real one, and gives you a fake sense of community. True, at times it can be useful to distribute information or keep in contact with someone who doesnt have a phone for instance. My observation of it is that most of the time people’s Facebook pages are their own personal PR pages. Posting up clever quotes, seeing how many friends you have, how many people like your post or video or photograph etc. People present themselves under the best possible light with these social network sites and do not present their real selves. There is also the trap of falling for it which I’ve been guilty of in the past but no more.

Sometimes you begin to believe the hype and see how fabulous everyone else’s life is in contrast to your own and that right there, is the worst possible thing you can do, comparing yourself to others when the image they are projecting, often enough is a lie or a mirage, at best.

What these things do is ultimately, take you away from yourselves, it’s incremental, even hurtful. That energy goes out of you, leaves you and dissipates into nothing meaningful into the ethers. It doesn’t empower, it disempowers you. It’s another distraction to steal your juice.

I’m not going to even touch on the more sinister aspects of Facebook, how it is being used as a spy tool by intelligence agencies around the world, the lack of corporate transparency and the multitude of privacy concerns which keep popping up almost every other week…

If you seriously want to work on yourself and delve into the Ascension process, do yourself a favour and limit your time on these social networks. Go smell a rose instead. Call or text a friend and meet them for coffee. Visit the farmer’s market. Go for a run. Bake a cake. Play with your pet.

You’ll be happier 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Energy Distractions which rob you

  1. Warriors and Goddesses

    here here! I deactivated my account for 5 months, I had heaps of random people adding me and sending odd messages. I didn’t miss it but went back on again recently as I guess, eventually I did miss it a bit. But also you are somewhat forced to conform since it’s a ‘preferred’ method of communication by most. The break helped me become less preoccupied with it. I can easily go a few days without checking it – so too bad if friends send me a message or post on there rather than text or call, you know, the old-fashioned way.

  2. 27


  3. ..I don’t think anything in itself is detrimental unless (ab)used in such a way..

    ..there seems to be something equally alarming as consumerism and distractors and that is the sinister pursuit of anti consumerists (or anti anything) to throw the baby with the bath water.. I don’t see the ”anti people” any bit short of a fanatic drive than the industry itself.. they perpetuate each other in a vicious circle completely oblivious to another secret world that does not have the word ”anti” in its vocabulary.. and this is how they are both capable in their blindness to throw away the baby.. So there is nothing at all wrong with the Net, like there is nothing wrong with a piece of chocolate.. It’s really beyond bizarre how we want to put a ”tool” on trial and banish it not because it is evil but because we can’t seem to see that it is HOW we (ab)use a tool that determines its effect on us.. So many things are like that now.. we all want to change the ”outside” ..we are on these ”sacred missions” to purify and banish the outside, the tools.. while each one of us stay the same..

    • Hi Sailila,
      It really does boil down to whether ot not the technology controls man, or does man truly control the technology? It’s an important question and far more august minds than my own discuss it at length, like historians such as Lewis Mumford and more recently Derrick Jensen. Yes, of course tools like high speed internet, cell phones, instant messaging are handy and make things easier, I’m not advocating that we all suddenly drop everything and become Luddites “en masse”. I do, however question the viability and the role that these modalities take in place of genuine relationships and actions.
      Just because I press “Like” on the FaceBook page for the Arab Spring or the general strikes in Athens, is that just as effective as me showing up at the demonstrations and marching in solidarity? I think “net-activism” is a slacker’s way of feeling they’ve done something important but really didn’t do anything when translated in the real world. Or say it’s your birthday and you get the 100 or so happy birthday wishes on FaceBook on your big day. Which one are you most likely to remember, those virtual wishes or the card your received in the mail from your friend who took the trouble to mail it?While the internet is a fantastic tool for connecting to people and making of it what you will, a large part of it is still devoted to ads, consumerism and pornography. It’s a tool like anything else which needs to be balanced with what our own intentions are. If it interests you, a great book which really delves into this topic (and is also a fantastic read) is “The Shallows: How the Internet is Changing the Way We Think, Read and Remember” by Nicholas Carr. Cheers!

  4. ..go down even deeper.. does man know himself enough to come to a point where control is not even an issue.. ? say: ”It’s an important question and far more august minds than my own discuss it at length”, you just did it yourself.. you gave the control over to others.. and if they showed up before you with an ultimate answer and you consumed it, because you deem them more august, then they just as well may have the power to toy with your unique view on life and fence you in.. The names you mentioned hold no such weight on me as they did.. nor does any Dr. PhD. etc.. when all the labels and concepts fall off, all you are left with is yourself and no ”august mind” can get between you and yourself and explain yourself (or the rest of the universe) to you.. Your experience is so uniquely yours that no amount of libraries read or highly intelligent scholar and eloquent talk can DECIPHER you to yourself.. nor would you ever want to..! It’s even more beautiful to exchange views without for one moment needing to think that anyone is more august than you.. this is basically the problem that creeps up in anything.. people are excruciatingly terrified of being left alone with themselves.. realizing, at the back of their minds, that NOT EVEN those august minds can help..

    ..take that on a higher level and see why its no wonder people (ab)use things.. how they indefinitely procrastinate their in-the-now-experience stuffing themselves with Likes, pornography and cheap thrills.. tossing the ultimate hot potato over to ”august minds” (no offense).. while the ”august minds” collect the cream to, in turn, stuff themselves with it (just a more intellectual cheap thrill).. With all due respect to the fact that they really don’t know what they are doing ..

    ..the mystical world of poetry seems to be able to cut various shapes of silence and leave you there in a depth and knowing that eludes all encyclopedic knowledge..

    Wendell Berry

    I go among trees and sit still.
    All my stirring becomes quiet
    around me like circles on water.
    My tasks lie in their places
    where I left them, asleep like cattle.

    Then what is afraid of me comes
    and lives a while in my sight.
    What it fears in me leaves me,
    and the fear of me leaves it.
    It sings, and I hear its song.

    Then what I am afraid of comes.
    I live for a while in its sight.
    What I fear in it leaves it,
    and the fear of it leaves me.
    It sings, and I hear its song.

    After days of labor,
    mute in my consternations,
    I hear my song at last,
    and I sing it. As we sing,
    the day turns, the trees move.

    • By “august minds”, I mean those individuals who have studied these topics in far greater depth than I have. Nothing more and nothing less. It does not mean as you are seeming to imply that they are somehow better than you and I are or that I’m handing my power over to someone in an act of servitude or ignorance, it just means they know more about this one specific topic more than I do because that’s their life focus and life’s work, not mine.
      Do I know anything about linguistics? No, I don’t. I will refer to someone like Noam Chomsky.
      Do I know anything about the complete effects of nuclear radiation on my body? No, I don’t. I’ll refer to someone like Dr. Helen Caldicott.
      Do I know anything about microcredit. No, I don’t. I’ll refer to Dr. Mohammed Yunus.
      This is the crucial distinction: there is a difference between referring and deferring.
      Deference is an act of servitude.
      Reference is an act of sharing, whether that is knowledge, vision or experience.

  5. P.S. ..I first found you through the Depeche Mode official forum.. and liked your view on the band.. : )

    ..we are talking about life and ”the important question” (the one you stated).. and not aspects of radiation or banking : ) .. in which case nobody no matter how educated has more of a say or any slightest bit of monopoly over being more august than the next (intuitive) person (not even a historian : ).. The reason why I say this is two fold.. first, any respected, voluminous life’s work can go up in flames once a new idea or a new view shows itself.. second, reference or sharing can only go so far.. nobody can hammer an answer to anything or anyone unless it comes from within you (through your own getting-to-it).. you can prance around with the cool answer to something but unless it rings inside you it is nothing but a poster.. so no matter how much a given person has more academical knowledge, credentials, respect, seminars or just plain good will ..nothing the person says or even does can make a shift inside you until you do it yourself.. which is, ironically, the best ”bad news” there is.. Since this is precisely how genuineness is birthed.. and because it is not and cannot be GIVEN to you, it cannot be taken from you.. This is why it’s amazing to see people who can read a lot of, even contradictory, stuff but at the same time can create a very personal space for their very own inner pilgrimage that might be a million miles away from everything they ever read but the pilgrimage is uniquely their own.. and if ever that personal paths meets a phrase in a read book, great ! If not.. something else will happen.. Jung over Freud perhaps : )))

    • “nothing the person says or even does can make a shift inside you until you do it yourself..” –> that’s exactly my point in my posting about why the Age of Gurus is over. Everyone’s journey is singular and unique. And it’s the journey back to yourself.

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