Meetings with Remarkable People: Q & A with Hopi Elder, Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma

Getting to the Hopi Reservation is quite a long haul. It is several hours of driving from Phoenix or a full day from Albuquerque. Once you have left the main highway, it is a constant drive along smaller, lonely two-lane highways. All you have is you, your thoughts, the car and the road.

Fortunately it is a beautiful drive. The land may look barren to those of us used to green forests, rivers and meadows. The clear blue sky, the ungodly brightness of the air, the soaring mesas, the desert in all her different colors and hues, bleached white rocks, golden yellow cliffs, red and ochre rock formations, low-lying green shrubs and the almost overwhelming sense of calm one feels while driving though those mesas transforms a boring drive into a meditative excursion. For some reason, whenever I come here, it feels like I am returning home.

My first visit was in back in July 2008. The Hopi are extremely friendly people, even if a bit weary of outsiders. Countless times now, New Age opportunists, Hollywood princesses, charlatans and frauds have come to Hopiland seeking “wisdom and teachings” to only exploit their Hopi hosts and pass off the teachings as their own (Roy “Littlesun” Steevensz comes to mind). The Hopi have seen it all and while still remaining polite, now cast a steady eye towards all who visit. So while the Hopi do have a single motel and restaurant to cater to tourists, they strongly disdain people taking pictures of them or tramping through their holy sites and sacred parts of their villages without prior permission.

Seeing as I had no contacts, and driving in, I had a vague idea of maybe asking around to see if it would be possible to meet Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma and then hoping for the best. If I met him, that would be wonderful but if I didn’t, I wasn’t expecting too much. I had no idea where he lived and had no contacts whatsoever. After checking into the hotel and telling the front desk girl of my dilemma, she smiled, gave me the name of a specific shop and a specific person and told me to visit Old Oraibi for directions.

I don’t know what it was. Maybe it’s because I’m not Caucasian and often get mistaken for Native American. Maybe because I was so naïve. Maybe it was because of my unassuming attitude, but whatever the case, everywhere I turned, doors mysteriously opened for me. I was welcomed into homes with open arms, I was invited to share meals with them at their homes with no electricity or running water, sat in stone hovels and watched real pikki blue bread being cooked over an open fire with Martin’s daughter.

To many, the Hopi may look like they are living in dire poverty, but they are, by far, one of the most spiritually rich people I have ever had the good fortune to encounter. Generous, sharing and very kind, the Elders did nothing but show me a semblance of what their old way of life must have been like a long, long time ago. I will never forget the time another Hopi Elder with his full permission, allowed me to meditate and offer tobacco to the Earth, accompanied by his wife, one night at one of their prayer sites with the moon flooding the desert in a silver light.

Finally, I met Grandfather Martin at his home in Hotevilla.

94 years old at the time, chuckles often, still spry but hard of hearing, Martin Gashwesoma is the Guardian of the Sacred Stone Tablets of the Fire Clan and the last Hopi Elder still alive from the group who visited the United Nations to deliver their messages and predictions.

The Dalai Lama has also personally visited the Hopi and Martin in particular several times now and the two have shared teachings with one another. A picture of the two of them hangs in Martin’s front room.


During that first visit, Martin shared with me the teachings around the Sacred Stone Tablets, the copy of the Aztec Codex in his possession, teaching me to understand what the hieroglyphics meant and how to read the symbols, earth changes predictions, stories about the Inner Earth, the Star Brothers and Sisters and most of what is shared on this website:

(Note, I did not record the following video from Youtube. Someone else did and no doubt had the same experience as I did with Martin. I am just posting it here.)

He told me lots of things, but what really stood out at the time, was that he was and is a believer in the Hollow Earth Theory, that Four Corners would be one of the safe spots on Turtle Island (the Native name for North America) during the Great Purification and that if I was seriously considering moving to Arizona, to go to Flagstaff and stay away from Sedona.

Before I left, he said that he would see me again. At the time I didn’t believe it but, lo and behold, he was right and I returned to Hopiland in November 2011.

Grandfather Martin in November 2011 during my second visit (Earth Energy Reader Personal archive – Nov.2011)

Martin is now 98 years old and completely deaf, I had to write out all my questions to him. I spent a few hours with him, catching up and asking questions and he’s verified quite a bit. Afterwards, I had lunch with him and his daughter Jo Anne and her husband.

Grandfather Martin’s daughter, Jo Anne, and her husband (Earth Energy Reader Personal archive Nov.2011)

Q&A with Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma

Here are some of the answers I received from Martin.

Q: Were the ancient Egyptians ever here on Turtle Island?

A: Yes

Q: Did they ever leave anything visible (monuments etc.) behind?

A: No, they came here first after the last Great Purification (The ending of the Third World, according to Hopi prophecy and cosmology)

Q: Were they in the Grand Canyon area like some say they were?

A: (he chuckled) No, more west.

Q: California?

A: Yes.

Q: In the new Fifth World (we are presently at the end of the Forth World according to Hopi), will male and female finally be in perfect balance?

A: Yes, that’s the way it should be.

Q: When will this bad sexual energy, like pornography, rape, beating women and disrespect to the Female stop? This is slowly killing all men inside.

A: This is part of the Great Purification; those who continue will pay a high price.

Q:  Who has the missing piece of the Fire Tablet?

A: It was recently found outside of Four Corners.

Q: What does that mean?

A: Now prophecy will be coming faster.

Q: From the 4 colored tribes on the Medicine Wheel, who are the true representatives of each?

A: Red   —>Hopi, Yellow–> Tibetan, White—> Swiss, Black—> Dogon

Q: Will there be any safe areas during the Great Purification?

A: Nowhere will be safe, you can only be safe in your heart, maybe Four Corners, don’t go to Sedona or California.

Q: How many years do you think before the Great Purification?

A: It’s already started but we don’t know exactly when the worst will happen.

Q: If there is a Third World War, will man finally learn that materialism is not the way?

A: Maybe, it is up to each individual heart. Women will lead men in these teachings.

Q: In ancient Egyptian mythology, the original king and queen, Osiris and Isis, were the original mother and father. Osiris was cut into 14 pieces by his jealous brother Set. A part of Osiris was forever lost and left him broken. Now men in this world, like Osiris have a part of them missing, somewhere inside, and have gone the way of materialism and have forgotten Spirit. What will it take to heal all men?

A: The Fifth World belongs to women. They have to be very strong starting now. They have to be strong inside themselves first and then they can be strong for the men.

Q: The Hopi have a holy place somewhere in the West, where they fill a holy water jog. Is this place in California?

A: Yes, but this place is secret to us.

Q: Grandfather, people all over the world do ceremonies in groups or alone by themselves to bring healing into their lives or ask the Great Spirit to help them. Some people practice Bad Medicine like Satanists and cults, putting out even more negative energy in the world and undoing the good that people are trying to accomplish. Is it wise to fight back this bad medicine with good medicine?

A: Yes, but be very sure to protect yourself. Tell no one unless they completely understand you and can protect you. There are groups in this world who don’t want any change.

Q: The Freemasons?

A: Yes

Q; Are they all bad? (Martin includes bankers, institutions like NATO, UN, and any secret group as a “Freemason”)

A: Most, they will start the next war, with Germany (Bavarian Illuminati), China and Russia.

Q: Why are some Native tribes sharing their ceremonies with Freemasons?

A: They shouldn’t.

Q: Did the Hopi come from Atlantis or Lemuria?

A: Yes, we came from Mu (Lemuria).

Q: How many Star Wisdom keepers are left now?

A: Not much, many of us are leaving.

Q: Grandfather, do you see into the future anymore? Do you have visions anymore?

A: No, that time is now finished for me.

Q: How powerful are ceremonies?

A: Magic happens. I have seen it myself I have done ceremony at Prophecy Rock and have seen a line in the rock drawing going up in the sky. I did ceremony and go back the next day and the line is gone. Magic happens. You don’t know until you do it.

Q: According to Prophecy, when will those from the Inner Earth finally come up?

A: When we learn to live in peace.

Q: What is the best way to forgive others?

A: To pray for them. You cannot pray for someone and stay angry at them at the same time. This is also connected to the earlier question.

Q: Many, many moons ago, did we once have 2 suns?

A: Yes

Q: Did the second sun disappear when something hit the Earth?

A: Yes

Q: When the Earth was hit, it caused it to move to its side and spin like a top, is that true?

A: Yes

Q: Was this the beginning of time as humans experience it?

A: Yes

Q: Did this shift in the earth’s axis also “push” man’s heart from the center to the left side?

A: Yes, the two are related.

Q: Did this shift cause the imbalance?

A: Yes

Thank you Grandfather.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact. Please note that this article was published with the permission and blessing of Grandfather Martin in May 2012.  

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23 thoughts on “Meetings with Remarkable People: Q & A with Hopi Elder, Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma

  1. Thanks for sharing this. What a fascinating interview. It deserves a much wider audience.

    • earthenergyreader

      Thanks Rob – feel free to re-blog or post the link at other sites, Cheers!

  2. searchingforfernando

    Thanks for this very interesting article. I went alone to Oraibi in 1992. I loved the country, felt like I had been there before. It was heartening to read Sedona was not to be a safe area. That may be the only way we get rid of the New Age hucksters. Wild horses counldn’t drag me there.

    • earthenergyreader

      Sedona is full of New Age(NA) Republicans – business people trying to make money with the spiritual crowd. It’s a shame because those red mountains and cliffs surrounding the town itself are really beautiful. Every other person has some sort of NA made up name like Gaia Screaming Eagle or something. There’s usually a picture of Sai Baba or St. Germaine hanging in their car, they’re wearing ropes of turquoise around their necks, every other doctor’s office offers a ground coffee colonic, each person seems to be a former UFO abductee who now does astrology readings, shamanic healings with crystal skulls and vibrational therapy with gems. It’s the perfect place to write a comedic sitcom because there is so much potential material around you.

  3. Alexander

    Hi – I’m the webmaster of and I really enjoyed this. Much love.

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  6. I wish there was more information about the White tradition (tribe).. I make the correlation between the Hopi the Dogon and the Tibetans with out question .. Swiss seems so ambiguous .. Any thoughts?

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  14. I visited the Hopi Reservation last weekend and I’m sad to say that Martin has passed on.

    • Yes, I heard though it wasn’t publicized which is understandable. Grandfather Martin had an amazing earth-walk, teaching anyone who was interested and sincere. An Elder like him will be missed deeply.

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  18. Karen Barrow

    I very much enjoyed reading this and I’m going through all the articles, thanks for this. Can you clarify what is meant by the second sun? Is it supposed to be an actual sun or just something highly visible and reflective? My seer friend says that something from space is coming that is big and round and full of people and for this reason he says people are calling it a planet but it is more of a spaceship. As of recently, he thinks it will be here in a year or two. It’s hard to get details because he doesn’t speak English and I have to use a translator and that always mucks it up a bit. He’s a very interesting guy with miraculous healing abilities. I am also told that we are safe here, in the Dominican Republic. I moved here from Florida years ago. I, too, would have thought Sedona would be a safe spot and I had no idea it had been taken over by New Age marketing.

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