Spiritual Attachments

Some folks have emailed me personal messages asking about the topic on how do you learn to discern and avoid bad folks (something I mentioned in my intro to the posting on the patient I dealt with in ICU).

 For the record, I’m not any sort of expert. I don’t perform exorcisms and I am not psychic (though having such gifts would be really cool). I just have my instincts and go with my gut feeling.

 Bad spiritual attachments are nothing new. For example, the old Catholic Church used to call them demons and even had an entire branch of study devoted to it called demonology. They have since let it go and do not talk about this much anymore. And while you would be hard pressed to find a Catholic priest willing to talk about exorcism these days, the rites of exorcism are still a part of the Catholic canon. In every diocese, there is one priest who knows how to perform these rites and the only person who has the name of this priest is the archbishop.  Requests have to go through him first.

Scene from “The Exorcist”

 Each tradition and culture has it’s own interpretation of these spirits, but these bad attachments by and large, seem to be human, non-human, separable souls, or discombobulated or disincarnate spirits which have never inhabited a body.  I’m sure you must have heard of stories where people say something along the lines of, “I don’t know what came over me, but something suddenly made me do it,” and the person then goes on to do something horrible which he normally would never do. You can easily Google “demonology” and you’ll get almost half a million hits.

Low-frequency entities on the astral plane

 It doesn’t seem to be a topic of discussion anymore these days except perhaps among ghost-hunters, those in satanic circles or those who practice Black Magick. I personally don’t know since I don’t fraternize with such individuals and don’t frequent these circles. It’s just based on what I pick up from the internet. I think the only other person who speaks of them these days is author Stuart Wilde, only he calls them ghouls.

It’s not as simple as saying, “Oh well, I had a bad attachment and it made me do it.” That’s only half of it. They will figure you out and take advantage of whatever weakness they detect in you. In other words, if you provide a suitable environment for them, it makes it much easier for them to operate. Therefore the burden of responsibility falls on you to not allow them in. Clean your “house” and your issues and they can’t find a hook to hang their hat on.

He made me do it!

 They are known to be tricksters. Very manipulative, very cunning. They have a way of making all the things in your life go wrong or tricking you into making decisions you later regret. They play up on your insecurities (which is why working on your fears is of paramount importance). In the Native sweat lodge, people go into to the lodge in a clockwise direction. The 4 rounds representing the 4 cardinal directions also are done in a  clockwise direction. I have been in lodges where an attachment was finally cut off from a person, like a parasite finally cut off from it’s “host”, the attachment started moving in a counter-clockwise direction and the lodge Elder had to be able to contain it and release it properly. In the hands of someone less competent, the attachment finds someone new, a new host right away.

People are expelling all sorts of negative, toxic psychic energies in healing places like sweat lodges but also in places like hospitals. Some ancient sites, where great evil took place has them too (which is why I refuse to go to Mexico and go near that bad human-sacrifice Aztec mojo). It’s a toxic dump on the astral plane. People just don’t realize it because no one talks about this stuff publicly anymore and more importantly, no one talks about fighting this stuff off. Places like bars, nightclubs, raves, casinos, strip joints, places where you have an excess of sexual energy that has no true love, an excess of gambling, alcohol and drugs, are full of these entities.

Another place worth mentioning, which might surprise some of you, is the yoga studio. Yoga is extremely sexual and the intent on which you practice it is everything. Like I posted earlier on why I left yoga, yoga is increasingly becoming a new pick-up joint/meat market.

Not exactly the cleanest nor healthiest of  environments…

In the last year, I discovered that I too had an attachment. I won’t go into what finally helped me see this realization but suffice to say I had to find a way to get rid of it and am now very careful about who I spend time with and where I go. I found help from but I also had to reflect on what was going on inside of me to have brought this on which I am also working on.

Part of the solution has meant smudging my residence regularly with either cedar, sage or sweetgrass (the 4 holy plants according to the Medicine Wheel, including tobacco). Keeping orgonite around my home everywhere (will write more on orgonite in another post). Keeping the home clean (attachments like dirt and dust). In essence, consecrating my home to the good in this universe. It has also meant consecrating myself and my life.

Holy Hand Grenades!

This means, I don’t go to bars anymore or to clubs (I’m too old anyway), doing exercise regularly, playing with my pug, eating whole foods, no alcohol, no drugs, no flouride, pure water, no refined white sugar or flour, organic fruits, veggies and organic free-range meat, no sexual promiscuity. Getting some fresh cut flowers and plants for the house and keeping cacti near the door and/or windows. Keeping satchets of sea salt crystals around also. Carrying a small one on me. Encircling my house, outside, with a line of plain sea salt crystals (super cheap at your local drugstore in the bath section, the cooking kind is over-priced).  No crappy music (Lady Gaga, Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Top 40 radio—> check out The Vigilant Citizen’s website if you want to know more about this topic). Turning the TV off, going to the the library and taking out inspiring old movies and DVDs and documentaries. Spending more time in nature. Listening to music or read books that uplift me and keep me there. Not neglecting my health, going for acupuncture, massage therapy, whatever I need, getting my yearly check-up. Getting off of FaceBook, taking off my blinders and offloading friends and frenemies who are either emotional vampires or bring me down or seem to be negativity and/or drama magnets.

Spending time with animals or in nature

OK, all of that is the “outside” work, then there is the “inside” work and that means changing thinking patterns and focuses. Again, I can only say what has been helping me, you need to find out what might work for you because what works or resonates with me, may not for you since we’re all different. Constantly reminding myself that it it not just *ME* . When you realize that it’s not just all you, that’s half the battle right there. Being able to identify it and name it and then walk away from it.

 I don’t mean to be a killjoy or to judge anyone but sexual promiscuity is a big one here.Think of all that energy being exchanged. Sex is really the ultimate in terms of energy tranference which is why it is such a big deal to those persons who practice ritualistic magick.

Occult groups have been practicing sex magick for centuries. Not just Tantra in India, but the Dionysian orgiastic cults in Ancient Greece as well.

Now think about someone who is promiscuous in their lifestyle, someone who isn’t into black magick or anything but just really enjoys sex and has many, many partners. There isn’t just a risk of picking up STDs, there is also the risk of picking up attachments from others partners or from those partner’s former partners and so on. The risk grows very quickly the more partners you’ve had and the more partners your former partners have had. Again there is no judgement here, but practically every person I’ve met who had a reputation for having a promiscuous lifestyle, something always seemed off…Either I didn’t feel safe around them or they gave off this sort of neurotic, hyper-kinetic, jumpy, unsettling vibe. Not trustworthy in the least.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov had this to say about attachments and entities on the astral plane:

“Men and women think that the sexual act concerns only them because they perform it in private. Well, they are mistaken. And people who have been able to keep a clear mind during all the excitement have realized that what they were experiencing produced emanations that served to feed entities of the astral world. These entities are so greedy that they were obliged to let them feed themselves at their expense, which meant that they lost a great deal of precious energies. But since they are not capable of analyzing themselves, all these ignoramuses shout: ‘Ah, that was pure ecstasy!’, when in fact other entities were enjoying themselves through them. So long as people continue to live a life based on passions and instincts, they will be robbed by these lower creatures. If they live a life of true love, however, they will become stronger, more beautiful and they, not the others, will be the true winners.”

You’re never completely alone…


“Looking into the Invisible: Intuition, Clairvoyance, Dreams” – Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov , Vol.228 Izvor Collection

“Love and Sexuality, Vol.1” – Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, Complete Works Vol.14

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9 thoughts on “Spiritual Attachments

  1. Warriors and Goddesses

    great insight. I totally understand when you say about being selective on how and whom with you spend your time. I find myself getting so depleted by certain environments (bars, clubs) and people (realising what self indulgent energy vampires they are). The transferance of energies is very unrealised by most.

  2. I think many people don’t want to talk about this because
    a) it is creepy and
    b) it might actually mean in curtailing certain aspects of their hedonistic lifestyle which they just don’t want to give up and will use the usual “you can’t prove these things” argument.
    But if you’re feeling depleted or low in these environments or around certain people, that’s all the proof you need for yourself. Vampires are not entirely mythological creatures. There are people who are energy or psychic vampires which people should be aware of. Most of them have personality disorders like Narcissistic Personality Disorder or are psychopaths or sociopaths. They have serious attachments. Problem is, no one ever talks about this stuff so how are you supposed to know?
    Bars and clubs really bring out the worst in some people, especially those who are either alcoholics or have drug/sex addictions. You then need to question what the addiction really *is*. What/who exactly is benefiting from feeding off these addictions? Is it really you or is it some entity through you which is using you as a host?

    • Aivanhov said that if we could all see the astral plane, we’d be horrified to see what’s really lurking around us.

      It takes an enormous amount of psychic energy to be aware and then fight this stuff off and nothing less that full commitment and dedication. If you’re going to do a half-assed job, don’t expect any change.

      I’m sorry to hear what has befallen on your daughter, but it sounds like you’ve made a huge sacrifice for her sake.

      And you’re completely right about sex. I’m even starting to wonder why all ancient cultures had to bless unions before they take place. I’m not talking about just marriage and being a puritanical Christian or Muslim or Jew, but in the olden days , it was usually some religious or spiritual figure who had the bless and sanction the union of two souls — seen in light of attachments, perhaps it was actually a form of protection? Just a random thought. I mean look at the opposite, with these magical cults. They’re doing the exact same thing, only the “priest” or magician is using a totally different set of incantations and prayers.

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  5. Derek

    Just want to put this out there, not all sex is equal.

    High vibrational loving, heart centered sex produces such high vibrations and intense amounts of light that no negative entitiy could get near those individuals.

    Low vibrational “detached” sex is very different.

    There is a reason why all the great spiritual traditions (Hindus, Taoist, Tibetans, Gnostic Christians etc) have sacred sexual practice and treat sexuality as an entirely spiritual thing.

    • True, but unfortunately way too many people have claimed that the sex and love they were engaged in was high-frequency and altruistic when in reality, their deeper intentions were more hedonistic and selfish. People can say anything they want face to face but ultimately, our deeper intentions can’t ever be truly hidden from the spiritual world.

  6. S. Alexander

    I’m a bit confused…you can unknowingly pick up an attachment simply by being around a negative person or situation? Hmmm…

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