The Goddess has hit the streets

Sophia, Isis, Shekinah, Durga, Kali, Shakti, Pallas Athena, whatever you want to call Her, She has come out officially and She’s walking the streets with thousands of protesters and activists.

Let me explain.
For a week now, I have taken to the streets to join the student protests, clanging pots and pans and joining the very large and peaceful group as we wind our way along the city streets. This past week alone 400 000 of us walked strong. Over 1000 people got arrested. In French, it’s being called “Les Manifestations des Casseroles” (meaning: The Pots and Pan Protest).

Long story short: The Quebec government is mandating tuition hikes to post-secondary education, something which goes against the grain of leftist Quebec where education is deemed a basic human right by most as opposed to a priviledge. The students have been protesting for over a 100 days, stopping traffic, blocking bridges and bringing downtown Montreal to a standstill. The Quebec leadership had enough and introduced Bill 78, a super-draconian law which they call an “emergency law” which severely penalized legitimate and peaceful protest. Now, the professors, the legal establishment and people who didn’t care about the students, have joined them. It is, in essence, an attack on the middle class and also an attack on basic democratic rights. Today it’s education and free speech. Tomorrow could mean Martial Law. Trade unions are joining, but perhaps most beautiful of all, your average Joe and Jane, of all colors, ages and shapes have also joined.

I won’t talk about the politics too much, there’s plenty of print about that already since it is a news item which the international press has picked up. What I will describe instead is the energy in the crowds, walking the streets, watching the reactions of bystanders and why I think the Goddess’ energy is there.

Capitalism, by it’s very nature, places an emphasis on the individual economic unit. You need to look out for number one, everyone else be damned because that’s the only way to get ahead. It’s a meritocracy. You either end up as a part of the managerial class or the working class. In it’s purest form, it is detrimental to people and communities. It leads to people feeling atomised, alienated and isolated. It does not foster a sense of community or create a sense of emotional attachment.

Walking the streets with strangers this past week, in solidarity, melted all those illusions, because that’s exactly what they are, ILLusions. I discovered a sense of connection with these complete strangers. Everyone marching and drumming their pots in unison. Couples, families, little kids, older men and women, guys with their dogs, groups of girls, everyone was out. It did not feel threatening even though cops and riot police are everywhere. It actually felt joyful and dare I say, even fun. There was a sense of festivity almost, with the clanging pots, vuvuzelas and drums. Everyone was smiling.

You’d look up and see people, kids, old immobile senior citizens coming out onto their balconies and hitting their pots in solidarity. Cars would stop and honk in support. I ran into 2 friends who saw me in the demonstration from their apartments and it was all hugs and laughter.

You’d walk by a very expensive eatery or club or restaurant and you could see the clear discomfort sprayed across the faces of the patrons as they watched us from the terrace or through the windows. Some would just pretend to not see us. I think subconsciously the bourgeosie know their days are numbered and large demonstrations unnerve them. I also think deep down inside, they know they are benefitting from a political and economic system which does not equally benefit so many others and there is some guilt and shame there as well. In normal day to day life, you can look the other way and just squish those feelings but when it slaps you in the face, then what? The fear of being outnumbered is finally sinking in for many, I feel.

To me, all these are indications that Sophia is amongst us now. She operates from the heart and that was all I saw and felt in the crowds. Everyone realizes that we’re all in this together, that those walls we use to separate ourselves from others were created, and are now collapsing. The longest, most difficult journey we can make in our lives is the one from the mind to the heart. You can take the short cut and finally get real with yourself and everyone around you or you can take the long route and keep fooling yourself with these illusions about money, prestige, comfort, entitlement and labels. All I can say is take the short cut and join the party like the rest of us. It’s a lot of fun.

If you want to see the Goddess or feel her presence, take to the streets. She’s there.

On another musical note:


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3 thoughts on “The Goddess has hit the streets

  1. kezalu

    Hugs from Sydney Australia 🙂

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