Magick, Addicts, Vampires and Sex

This is something which has been brewing in my mind for a while now.

If any of you read my “Spiritual Attachments” posting, you’ll see that “Seeker” and I have been having a bit of a dialogue around this topic and as per his suggestion, I do think it merits a posting and further musings. I welcome any and all feedback on this subject.

Before I get started, I would like to make something very clear. There is no judgement here. I’m not going to judge anyone here and I would kindly ask the same in return.

No Judgement zone

I don’t care if you were a former porn star, prostitute, gigolo, rent-boy, celibate nun or monk, happily married or happily single. You’re human, that’s all that matters. These are my thoughts and observations and if they resonate with you, that’s great but if they don’t, that’s cool too. They are not meant to make anyone feel bad, but to just open up a line of inquiry which I haven’t seen anywhere else yet.

Sex is probably the most powerful mode of energy transference there is. Not only because of the powerful emotions and sensations it creates and provokes, but because it can literally create Life. In our sex-saturated culture and media, with artificially and surgically perfected bodies and faces, with half-naked bodies sell everything from lingerie to hamburgers, it’s a quiet fact we often forget.

Paris Hilton selling In’ and Out Burger

Add to this amnesia, the fact that birth control and a woman’s right to choice (very good things in my opinion) have made sex more about recreational pleasure that the formidable force underlying it.

If we accept a multi-dimensional reality which I’ve posted about, then by implication this means that there is also life in those dimensions which, for the moment, most humans can neither see or experience…yet (I am confident we will get there one day). This means that not only do nature spirits and all those things we read about as children exist, but it also means so do their negative counterparts. Like spiritual attachments. It’s Yin and Yang, duality in the Universe. There’s no getting around it.


While good spirits live and feed off of the positive things in this universe, like genuine Love, Mother Nature, Goodness, Kindness, Warmth, Justice, Truth, Sincerity and Generosity, negative entities live off of fear, blood lust, vengeance, lust, power hunger, control, obsessions with either sex, a person or a thing (i.e materialism). The biggest difference between the two is this: one is about getting out of yourself and benefiting others which also ends up benefiting you down the line, the other is only about the self and self gratification of an ego or identity which is temporary, fleeting and in many cases, contrived, at best.

The long hard road

One route is harder and looks like the long way to happiness but ends up being more real and permanent. The other is the short-cut to a happiness which very often doesn’t stick around for very long and usually comes with nasty side-effects. Or a high price.

Men and women, because of the way we are made up, have both an animalistic side and a more spiritual, evolved side. And it is the interplay of these many, many forces which is basically what determines some of the choices we make with our free will and where we go and end up.  What choices a person makes is usually informed by the information they have and how aware they are of themselves at any one moment in time. This is why the dictate of “Know Thyself” was engraved over the oracle at Delphi in ancient Greece.

“Struggle of the Two Natures in Man” by George Grey Bernard

I’m grossly generalizing but most people seem to be comatose or sleeping. Are you eating because you’re very hungry, are you eating because you’re bored or are you eating because you’ve having a hard time in life right now and food is the only thing giving you comfort? How honest are you being with yourself? Are you sleeping with this person because there is an other-worldly connection between the two of you or because he’s super hot and all the other girls want him and you feel like a queen because he’s chosen you?  Or is it because you’re feeling very excited and need to blow off the steam with someone, anyone?

What’s really going down here?

Sex magick, or the use of sex to obtain privileges and advantages via supernatural means, whether it’s blessings, money, luck, power, choose whatever you want, has been around for a very long time. It is nothing new. In Bengal, the Tantric teachings evolved around 500 to 1200 BCE. Ancient Greece had the Dionysian orgiastic cults. The Romans had their Bacchanals. The Celtic pagans had their rites of Beltane and would hook up in the fields to fertilize and bless the land for the summer

Tantric Stautue from Indian Temple, Khajuraho

Tantra, in the West has largely been perceived as basically a series of funky sex positions like in the Kama Sutra which you did in order to receive favor from the gods. However it is far more than that. Tantra, and in particular the Vamamarga teachings, in actuality means the “Left- Handed Attainment” path. It was and is the fastest route to Enlightenment but also the most dangerous one, which is why the teachings were with only a handful of teachers and could only be transmitted orally from teacher to student (not at nude couples seminars in Hawaii). To deviate even an inch off the path was to court certain madness, even death.

Tantra involves a lot more than this.

That’s how dangerous Tantric teachings are. It’s not just sex and orgies. It basically means training the mind so that you go beyond duality and labelling things as “good” or “evil”. This including practices like meditating on corpses, necrophilia, cannibalism (African shaman and David Icke’s mentor, Zulu Shaman Grandfather Credo Mutwa had to eat a human hand before he was given the teachings and initiated into the mysteries) or meditating at charnel grounds. The intention behind WHY you do these things is everything. Are you doing it to obtain real wisdom, like Odin in ancient Nordic myth who gave up his eye in order to obtain wisdom,  or do you just want power?

David Icke and Credo Mutwa

This is the stuff of nightmare, and black occultists and magicians like Aleister Crowley were among the first to re-introduce it to the West in the modern era under the aegis of his Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Satanists like Anton LaVey followed soon afterwards. I don’t need to go into where it’s at today. There are plenty of news stories nowadays of pedophile rings being uncovered, children being serviced and then killed. Just last week Thai authorities arrested a man who had gold plated fetuses and babies which he was going to sell to some occult group .

Aleister Crowley: Would you practice magick with him?

Anton LaVey: Seriously people? Why?

Sean Stone (as in Oliver’s son) basically confirmed that Hollywood is full of these groups, doing these things a la “Eyes Wide Shut” for material gains in a recent interview on Alex Jones’ show. Child stars, Corey Feldman and Allison Arngrim  (“Nelly” of “Little House on the Prairie” fame)  have admitted that the entertainment industry is full of pedophiles and the kids are being used to service some VERY powerful and well-known names in Tinseltown.

Sex to get goodies is one thing. Sex for pleasure is another.
The media and business use sex to sell. Do it and you’ll feel good. It will solve all your problems. You will be happy. Have as much sex as you want, be so physically beautiful so that many people will want to have sex with you and you will be loved, rich and happy beyond your wildest dreams. It’s not surprising that 8 year olds are now becoming sexually active since that’s the only message they are getting, that sex is the only way to be liked, accepted or loved. Sex is everywhere. A few clicks away. At the supermarket. At the club. At the bar. All over the Internet. On TV.

Burger King ads

There are also some VERY powerful economic forces at work to keep people hooked onto sex as a form or recreational pleasure and source of hedonistic activity. The multi-billion dollar fitness, plastic surgery, diet, on-line dating, match-making services, 1-800 sex phone lines, the sex industry, cosmetics, fashion, media industries  are all based on the myth of beauty, and that beauty will get you sex and love, guaranteed. Follow the money trail and you’ll see that these industries prey on our deepest and most primal fears of ending up alone, unwanted and unloved. They don’t want you to question another way of looking at things, that true beauty and true love comes from inside.

What many people don’t realize are the spiritual side effects of this kind of random and recreational sex.Like attachments. I mean SERIOUS spiritual attachments. These kinds of entities are attracted to dark forces like lust, animalism, control and violence or fear. Occult rituals use sex to invite these entities in. It works on the reptilian mid-brain, the basal ganglia, the least evolved part of the brain. Sex and violence are both stimulated here. It stimulates it and gets you addicted. People who have sex addictions usually have some kind of attachment around them, goading these individuals on to get more sex, but it doesn’t feed or satisfy the human being, all it’s doing is feeding the entity and leaves the “host’ empty and depleted. If you want the harshest look at this on screen, I suggest watching the film “Shame” with Michael Fassbender. While he also craves sex, he also hates himself for being it’s slave and having it control him and his life, like any sort of addict will tell you.

Are you sure you’re really hooking up with that person you think you’re hooking up with or is it something else completely?

I am not defending formal religious entities like churches or patriarchal systems of controlling women or their bodies. In fact I dislike all of them. However when you see that in many cultures around the world, even indigenous ones, there was always a blessing from an Elder or some sort of spiritual authority before a couple came together. I realize that this practice eventually degenerated and became a mechanism of controlling women, but leaving that historical, economic and sexist baggage aside for a second, in view of attachments, I’m starting to perhaps think these blessings were a form of psychic protection.

OK, enough of the bad stuff.

Sex as an expression of love is probably the most beautiful, soul quenching and emotionally satisfying thing we humans can probably experience. Done right, it can take both of you beyond the moon. It’s the secret hope we all have that this person will be the one, the one who will get us there. There is nothing more poetic and comfortable than the embrace of someone who we truly love and loves you back. Nothing can replace the soft whisper, the gentle sigh, the hearing of the heartbeat of the one you cherish. It doesn’t just degenerate into technique and positions and super orgasms. It becomes Pure Spirit and energy. It’s filled with light. It’s easy. A small glance becomes a love letter. A kiss leaves you in wonder for days. An embrace feels like shelter. It changes your vision. The world becomes an easier place to live in. It elevates you and you both become stronger. It affirms both of you, peacefully.

Sri Aurobindo, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Mikhael Aivanhov have all stated that humans are still evolving, that if you accept the theory of evolution than *this* is not the end state, that we will continue to change and evolve and that the next stage of evolution will be a spiritual one. (I’m about to enter some serious woo-woo territory so before I proceed, please read the rest and see how it makes you FEEL as opposed to what you may THINK).

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Aivanhov goes even further to say that there will come a time when we will leave the animal parts of ourselves completely behind in the dust and become pure spirit, and that the physical act of creation will be behind us and we will come to the point where we will be able to create with our voices, in song. We’ll be able to sing children, worlds and stories into existence. Just like Aslan did in the C.S Lewis Narnia book, “The Magician’s Nephew” or how the Australian Aborigines believe in the Songlines and the Dreamwold.

Aslan sings Narnia into Being.

To me, it’s a beautiful thought but we still have a very, very long way to go.

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5 thoughts on “Magick, Addicts, Vampires and Sex

  1. Thanks Seeker!
    Well judging from the sudden drop in hits to my blog, I think I probably have offended some people with this. No matter, I’m posting this information freely in the hopes that some people may see it and use it to help themselves.

    Women are much more receptive than men, it’s true. Men are initiators and women are receivers, even the way we’re built physically shows this. While men project outwards, women take in, gestate and then give birth. Whether it’s babies or ideas. And I think that’s why so many Elders and prophecies point to the importance of the role of women in the future (again, not at the expense of men). It will be women who will define the new era precisely because of their power to create and give birth and influence.
    And I don’t think the majority of women realize how truly powerful they are in this and still fall for the old way of doing things and patriarchal control. This power needs to be unleashed.

  2. simian

    For some reason I only came across this post last week in my ‘reader’. I didn’t realise it was published in May 2012. I scanned it quite quickly and left, waiting a few days to see what sort of response the article generated. When I searched for it in your recent articles I couldn’t find it. I even thought the article had appeared on another site. It left such an impression on me I can back, took a chance and did a word search on ‘sex’. Bingo!

    I’m not surprised at the lack of response. It’s not an easy subject to deal with. It’s probably too close to home for most people. Personally I think it’s a brilliant subject. I have been absolutely fascinated by human sexuality ever since I read Desmond Morris’ ‘Naked Ape’ aged 12. I’ve been following this subject seriously for over twenty years. I wrote an extended thesis on sexual fetishism for my BA. There wasn’t a single tutor in the college that wanted me as their responsibility. I have been plagued by a fantasy for several years about writing a book on the subject of metaphysical sex. However it is an enormous responsibility, not to be taken lightly, getting it wrong could lead a lot of people astray.

    Have you thought of pursuing this subject further?

    • Hey Simian,
      i’m not surprised you couldn’t get a tutor on the subject, this subject matter, particularly personal sexuality hits people square in the face. If people started to question their own motives for doing it, it forces them to examine themselves too closely which people just don’t want to do.
      I’ve read over and over again particularly within the works of Aivanhov and Aurobindo that if we could all see the astral realm, people would be terrified to know what their actions are really producing. I’ve talked to some religious figures like Catholic exorcists and their position is that is that there’s really nothing wrong with sex by itself, but if you start playing around with stuff you don’t fully understand, you don’t know what you might be inadvertently kicking up.

      • simian

        I’ve got a fairly good idea, and one doesn’t need to be indulging oneself sexually either. I had a curious experience during a psychic reading that parallels your writings. I think it is important for everyone to know that this stuff is ‘real’ and that there is something you can do about it. And this blog is a good place to start. One last thing, don’t be afraid!

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