Part I: 11:11:11, Linda Goodman and a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on

Jack and Jill

Went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water

Jack fell down and broke his crown

And Jill came tumbling after

It has been a very strange, exciting and exhilarating past few days and weeks in Montreal as I watch people taking to the streets in record numbers, old structures crumbling before our very eyes, old assumptions flying out the window, total strangers talking to each other like old friends. Like “Alice in Wonderland”, the world has turned inside out, upside down in the most fantastic way.

Aquarius, the 11th sign in the zodiac is the Water Bearer, pouring out the waters of knowledge and wisdom out to humanity from his urn and doesn’t care who gets wet, rich or poor, male or female, young or old. The much heralded Age of Aquarius is setting up her tent poles outside before she sets up shop. It’s official: we are now headed into uncharted territory and anything and everything can and most likely, will happen.

People who want to maintain the status quo and who benefit the most from the current system, are completely terrified and are doing their best to kill these citizen-directed protests movements. Not only in Quebec, but the Occupy movement worldwide and the protests against a neo-liberal monetary agenda in places like Greece, Spain and Ireland. The world population is spilling out into the streets and it’s wonderful, a sign that people are still alive and can think and feel and are willing to fight back peacefully if need be for what they think is right and just. For far too long, people have remained silent, hiding in their cubicles. Head down, mouth shut.

Bang those pots, Brother!

Most of this started in large part to the Arab Spring last year in January 2011, where Tunisians and Egyptians were able to oust dictators who displayed nothing but contempt for their citizens for far too long. It was an inspiring video in Egypt which went viral by a petite Egyptian girl named Asma Mahfouz which finally broke the camel’s back and sent the populace of Cairo into Tahrir Square. What happened in Tunisia and Egypt had a domino effect and inspired the rest of the planet. So, it would seem that ancient civilization of Egypt is still the vanguard. Things have a tendency to start in Egypt and then peter down to the rest of the world, and that includes civilizations and now revolutions.

I had an astrological reading last year with Ellias Lonsdale, who practices star genesis astrology, a form of astrology which takes the entire cosmos into account, not just the planets. He said while the civilization we have now has it’s roots and anchors in the European Renaissance, the culture of the future will have it’s roots in ancient Egypt.

“Asia – Pyramid” by British visionary artist, Roger Dean

In January 2011, shortly before the the Arab Spring went into bloom, I had an ongoing email conversation with my best email/internet pen pal and soul sister on the other side of the world. We were discussing what we would do about November 11, 2011, the big 11:11:11 date which many forward thinkers have been talking about for years now. (If you don’t know about 11:11:11, Google it, there are tons of interpretations and meanings out there). For the two of us, 11 represents the energy of Twin souls, like Isis and Osiris. I had a vague idea of maybe taking the day off from work and doing a ceremony honoring the date and time somewhere out in the countryside in nature, far from the city, in an energetically “clean” spot but not much else. (Remember this spot, because I will come back here).

We became friends back in 1997 because of the works of the late astrologer Linda Goodman (LG), having influenced both of us greatly. Considered by many, the mother of the New Age movement, her books “Star Signs’, “Sun Signs” and “Love Signs” were the only astrological books to top the New York Times Best Seller’s list and continue to sell well nearly 40 years later. A jet-set, bicoastal astrologer, LG did charts for her many friends and acquaintances which also included actors Steve McQueen, Ally McGraw, President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy. In her later years before she died in 1995, channeled a lot of information regarding Twins, the 14 missing pieces of Osiris, the unification of Twins, and it came out in her magnum opus, “Gooberz”. Some of it was hinted at in her other book “Star Signs”. Gooberz was channeled in 1970 and was not published until 1989.

Linda Goodman

“Gooberz” is not a normal book. It is an experience, and as you read it, it becomes a part of your story, or you become a part of it. (Remeber Sebastian reading the book in “The Neverending Story” and becoming a part of it? Same thing.) It is a very strange book with a life of it’s own, the verses are layered with coded meaning and each time you read it, you’ll discover something. Every person who reads Gooberz has an individual experience of it. This is not for those who are not ready for it or whose beliefs are lukewarm. The book goes into the whole Osiris/Isis myth, the 14 pieces, Twin Souls vs. Twin Selves vs. Twin Flames and also, the mystery of Soul Pieces.

LG’s life is a novel in itself.  Most of it is still unclear, with stories she deliberately planted (including falsifying her real birth date and swearing her father into secrecy because she felt a persona’s natal chart was a powerful instrument to decode someone and in the wrong hands could do much harm). Stories of her missing daughter, her alleged familial connection to President Abraham Lincoln (she even got President Ronald Reagan to listen to her), articles on her in “People” magazine, her strange encounters with gurus and wise men, her tumultuous relationship with her Twin Soul, Robert A. Brewer as portrayed in “Gooberz” all add to the mystery. There’s even an entire website devoted to LG and her work, trying to separate truth from fiction. (Personally, I can’t stand that site. Between the New Age-speak, the pink layout, people who somehow think that sitting on a purple plate automatically makes you Enlightened (never mind the Buddhist monks who devote their entire lives towards that endeavor) , people who do nothing but speak in hearts, smiley faces and high-fiving each other all the time, and people all “claiming” LG, I feel nauseous there).

Linda, at home in Cripple Creek in 1991

Adding to the confusion and mystique, since LG passed over in 1995, her estate has been a mess, with far too many parties trying to claim a piece of the Linda Goodman pie. The ones who got completely left out are her 4 children. Hanger-ons, parasites, people claiming to have known her, people claiming to have LG’s blessing to continue LG’s work using her name, unscrupulous publishing corporate types. The list of who wants the LG brand and name attached to their own goes on and on and on forever now.
People’s enthusiasm for LG’s work is understandable. This blogpost gives you an idea as to why LG’s words resonated with millions around the world.

On a more personal note, LG’s books were my spiritual primers, and proved to be excellent foundations which led me toward heavier material and formed the basis of my understanding of what I learned later on, around the world.

Linda and the Cross at Cahuenga in LA

The myth of Osiris and Isis weighed heavily on LG and she was convinced that Osiris’s missing 14th piece, that his phallus is actually buried in a chamber deep inside a hill in Los Angeles, underneath the Cross of Cahuenga, right next to 101 Freeway. You can read about it here:

It separates Hollywood to the south, from the San Fernando Valley to the north. I also examined the hill and the area around the cross on Google Earth. That hill and cross is literally the dividing line between Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley . This is the funny part, we know what Hollywood is all about, but what I find interesting is that the San Fernando Valley is literally ground zero for pornographic film production for the global market; it’s the hub for it.

The Cross at Cahuenga, set up among the Hollywood Hills.

And here’s the key (I think), here you have the best and the worst of human sexuality concentrated in two places, literally on both sides of that hill. One side, the Hollywood side, makes films which may at times show us and inspire us with the best that true, selfless love can heal, show or teach us and not necessarily in a romantic context. Think of films like “The English Patient”, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, “The Shawshank Redemption” etc. On the other side of the hill, you have the San Fernando Valley , which shows us love and sexuality in its most depraved and basest form.

Last January, near the beginning, I was having a hard time and decided to make some prayer tobacco ties. I did not think about how many but just focused on making them with intent and prayer. I ended up with 14 (please note this number for later) I went out by the riverside and tied these tobacco ties to trees and such near the water so that the Spirits would see them. A few days after that, the protests in Egypt started.

Tobacco prayer ties, the 4 colors represent the 4 colors on the Medicine Wheel, the 4 directions, the 4 elements, the 4 races

A few days later, I was chatting with my friend about what we would do for 11:11:11.
That night I had a dream that maybe we were to put 14 artifacts into the ground, to represent the 14 cut pieces of Osiris, for 11:11:11 to “heal” Osiris near that hill in Hollywood, to aid all Twins to find each as quickly as possible at this stage of Earth’s history. That if we put Osiris “back together again” on an etheric level, isn’t that a beginning and maybe may go a long way towards the real putting back together and healing?

I had a mind to bury the 14 pieces somewhere near that hill, along with a bit of cornmeal (Osiris and the flooding of the Nile are associated with corn) and tobacco (the holy plant for the Natives) and 12 other medicines (14 pieces, 14 medicines). In terms of timing, I had an idea that the morning of 11/11/11, that we would go out at dawn and do the burying, so that it would be in place for the 11:11am activation.

The more I thought about it , it became like a jigsaw puzzle which came together. According to the myths, Isis could only find 13 pieces since the 14th piece was eaten by fish in the Nile (hence why Egyptian priests were forbidden from eating fish) and how she had an Immaculate Conception of her own (she’s a goddess after all, maybe the lesson here is that if love is true and pure enough then miracles can happen).

It’s also funny how Hollywood and actors and actresses have taken the role of modern day gods and goddesses, that’s not a coincidence either. We may not talk about or worship Zeus and Hera, or Osiris and Isis or Odin and Freya anymore, but instead focus on Angelina and Brad or Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton  or any number of Hollywood couples. It’s Hollywood which has captured the world imagination and attention the way the old deities used to. They’ve taken that role now. Wouldn’t something like that only be possible if the relic of an ancient god is just close enough to influence that development?

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton


In “Gooberz” LG makes numerous references to the 14 cut pieces of Osiris, and that when the 14 pieces are put back together again, this will help more and more Twins find each other which will then go a long way towards the further enlightenment of this planet and the upcoming earth changes. Long story short, LG was convinced that Osiris’s 14th pieces was buried in a hill in Hollywood, underneath the Hollywood cross. She spent a lot of time and money investigating that hill with geologists and the like yet after she died, all those reports suddenly vanished.

The connections to it and Hollywood ad the film industry isn’t a coincidence as well as some of the others I mentioned. I did find out bad bay Errol Flynn was also a resident of Mulholland Drive once upon a time as was Dennis Hopper. I meditated on it a bit more and it makes sense now. Think about these men for a second: like Errol Flynn, Marlon Brando, Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper, all legendary lotharios, but all men in general in the film industry, all living on Mulholland Drive which is literally next to that Hollywood Hill with the Cross.

Hollywood lotharios, Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson, back in the day.

Usually it’s about sex, power and money and there’s usually an addiction to one or all and usually at a huge abuse or cost to women. People who are constantly seeking either attention or self-affirmation through sex are usually making up for a huge inadequacy in themselves, they are compensating for something that is lacking and the only way they know how to make up for it is by pursuing sex, power etc.,some piece in them is missing or broken.

Mulholland Drive aka bad Boy drive, the longest road in LA starts at the Cross and snakes through the Hollywood Hills for miles and miles. Best free tour of LA.

Perhaps it’s not so much Osiris’ “real” phallus here (or maybe it is) – but in order for balance to be restored for twins, between the sexes, for respect and integrity to come back in the interactions between men and women, for sex to be restored back to something sacred between two people who love and respect one another, the Cosmic Phallus or the Spiritual Phallus or however you want to look at it, has to be restored on the spiritual level before it can be manifested physically? Thinking out loud.

The cross was initially put up to honor Christine Wetherill Stevenson, a decendant of one of the Mayflower families, who built the Ford Theater . She was also a practicing Theosophist. Not very much is known about her but she seemed to run in very strange circles.

Part II will highlight the ceremony and what actually went down.

Part III is what happened afterwards.

Stay tuned….

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12 thoughts on “Part I: 11:11:11, Linda Goodman and a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on

  1. Nothing would make me happier than to see majority of men wake up, stop chasing women as objects and notches on a post. Society, media, etc has them snowed into an overly alpha animal mindset. Some think they enjoy it and the evil do.

    If The initiators would 180 and the snowed receivers would follow suit, to attract said initiators. Initiate, or lead….. Receive or follow.

    You are on to something! Stay grounded!

    • Susan

      agreed. im not even sure yet whats wrong with men in general.. to be this way…cant buy anymore the excuse.. theyre brainwashed by media… ? its too sinister especially how they react when you tell them that…they seem to want to hurt women? (even after you say no to any verbal harassment etc) they act slighted.. so some other damage has happened to them….or theyre foreign…especially when they think “all” women would be the “same” its such a major disorder

  2. Bonsai

    Oh! I just found this blog after googling Linda Goodman and Twins. I totally hear you on the “official site” many people over the years left either because they were saying the truth and the mods there and their little “knowflakes” didn’t wanna hear it or the people there , like you said are hacking Linda’s name and now “brand”.
    How amazing that this inspiration came to you. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures!
    Keep kicking ass, sista!

  3. Hi Bonsai,
    There have been a few Linda Goodman chatboards and websites over the years. Some have come and gone, others are still around. I don’t visit any of them, half of the people there sound like they’re some elf on a wicked acid trip talking, like it’s all about leprachauns, purple angels and weird spelling, and lots of smiley faces,clapping icons and stars and hearts, like a poster some 1st grader would make. Not a one of them have made the connection that all these tools are exactly that, tools, to lead you back to yourself and get real, and not ends in themselves which they seem to think it is.

    This is what I mean about New Agers, that if you drink this goji juice, do that coffee cleanse, use this purple plate, invoke this angel or whatever, that suddenly you’re Enlightened and are some kind of God or Goddess and yet, you can still continue lying and act like a asshole, still hang out at the mall buying up crap you don’t need, still continue along your old destructive patterns and cycles and then expect the forces of the Universe will be at your command. Not once is there any interior work mentioned and the need to dig deep inside yourself, observe your history and patterns, family , friends etc and start to really self-reflect and make those changes you need to make in order to live more fully, and with more integrity to yourself, first and foremost.

    While I respect LG immensely, she and her books helped open the eyes of millions and helped in the spiritual evolution of this planet through popular culture, I also think she dropped the ball by not stressing the interior work as much as the exterior methods.

  4. E.E.R, who were you on LL? You stated you were there at one time..? The LINK you posted from Your friend in spirit…do you know that person? If so, tell her she is missed.

    • NBS, I was never posting on the LindaLand site and so was never registered officially. I’d visit from time to time, read what people wrote but so much of it was bunk or very juvenile so I stopped looking altogether years ago. I don’t know anyone personally who posts there either. The few friends I do have who share my interest in LG’s work are also on the same page as me.
      I was on the old Crystal Bush site before it went bust, but again, my interactions there were limited, when they started selling stuff with endorsements by Catherine Oxenberg, that was the straw which finally broke the camel’s back and that’s when I left for good and decided to go find stuff out on my own.

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  7. Julah

    Linda Goodman’s literature altered my life and my thinking. Once I read her literature it was like stepping through a door into something bigger and greater and there’s no going back. It was like a sort of remembering of things I’d already known. The funny thing is, seven years before I read Star Signs (when I was fourteen) I use to draw backwards spirals with a star at the beginning and a ball at the end. I didn’t know why and didn’t know what it meant at the time but I just always drew that same spiral symbol on notepads on books or pieces of paper at random.
    When I was fourteen Star Signs had not yet been published.

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