Part III: 11:11:11, Linda Goodman and a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on

Los Angeles – The Ceremony

The hill is now off limits to the public but even then, 2 days earlier when I went on a reconnaissance mission at night to scope it out, I noticed two tents near the base and homeless people living there. I didn’t see anyone come out but I could hear coughing. LA is also a police state, police helicopters buzzing overhead constantly. It’s not so bad at night because you can duck into the bushes but during the day, forget it, anyone can see you. The hill itself is strangely shaped and extremely steep, I had to walk around the base to the back and climb up another hill before I could get up that hill. The view from the top is beautiful; all of LA is laid out in front of you.

View of LA from Mulholland drive overlook

In the very early hours of 11:11:11, I left the hotel at 2:30am. Since that particular hill is now private property and being picked up by the LAPD is not my idea of fun, I went to the hill behind the cross since it is connected to it and did the ceremony there. I prayed for a long time and I burned sage, cedar and sweet grass, offered tobacco (the 4 holy plants according to the Native medicine wheel)and left a food offering of raisin cakes, pomegranates, beer and grapes (items holy to Osiris). I was done by 4am.

Initially I thought I would stay until 11:11am but after the sun rose it was clear, it would not be safe for me to stay there in broad daylight. So I stayed until 7am and watched the sun come up slowly over the Hollywood Hills. The whole time I stayed, I continued to meditate and pray, for men to be whole again finally, for Twins to find each other, for love to finally guide this earth, and especially this city since this city influences so much on this earth. No bolt of lightening came and hit me or aliens or anything, but I did feel something very peaceful come over me. I felt a shift and it’s been with me ever since, I’m finding that’s very hard for me to stay angry these days. I left and went back to my room, showered and slept the rest of the morning, right through 11:11am.

Later that day, I saw a poster which advertised that the 13 Crystal Skulls were in Los Angeles that same day. I went and saw them and realized they were not only holding information but transmitting it also and re-absorbing new information from those they were coming into contact with. Again more coincidences.

Walking along Hollywood Boulevard and walking by the Egyptian Theatre, I saw that there would be a screening of “Wings of Desire” and “Far Away, so Close” with uber-director extraordinaire Wim Wenders in attendance. Both films are about Twins. (Avoid at all costs, the Hollywood American “remake” called “City of Angels” with Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage, it’s a piece of garbage in contrast to Wender’s poetic original.)

That night I drove out to Santa Monica and ended up chatting with Wenders and asked him about it and basically got him to admit as much. It’s a sign. Wenders is no sloutch either. He’s won the Palme D’or at the Cannes Film Festival and is considered one of the best living directors in the world.

Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre

Mural at Egyptian Theatre

Entrance into Egyptian Theatre

Palme D’Or winner, multiple Academy Award nominee, former philosophy student, uber-film director, Wim Wenders.

What followed was one of the most sublime and surreal evenings of my life. Wenders was taking questions from the audience in between the two films but the moderator only allowed like 3 questions. Wenders then suggested an intermission so that people could go to the loo or buy popcorn or whatever before the next film started. So during the intermission a few people approached Wenders directly to ask him questions, like I did. Wenders has the air of a foppish, absent minded but kindly professor about him with a very dry sense of humour. He was very patient with everyone around him but most of the questions/comments were of the “I love your work, can I have a picture with you?” variety. Finally I got my turn:

Me: I love this film for a variety of reasons, but to me it mostly speaks of duality and dual elements coming together to form Unity and at the heart of it, it’s really a love story
Black and White vs. Color
East vs. West
Masculine vs. Feminine
Spiritual vs. Material
The Observed vs the Observer
Faith vs. Reason
The mythologist Joseph Campbell once said that the search for true love is really a search for the missing half and it goes back to Plato’s Symposium and has been replicated over and over again in myth, song, books and film. You had mentioned earlier when you started filming this work, in some ways it was the blind leading the blind and you didn’t have any clear idea of where you wanted to go with this….do you think in some way those ideas informed your work?

Wenders: (looooong silence, looks off into space, then looks at me directly)…you know…I never really thought of it in that way until you just put it the way you did….probably not consciously but now in hindsight, most definitely subconsciously. …I had read Plato’s Symposium when I was a philosophy student and I was also deeply influenced by the poet Rilke’s work…. So yes I’m sure of it now.

Some girl in the line: (in a snarky voice) What poet?

Me: (looking at her) Rainier Maria Rilke. (girl looks confused) (I look back at Wenders, he’s smiling and gives me a small wink, we both realize she doesn’t get it. Wenders asked for my name. I gave it and he stood up out of his chair and shook my hand. We end up chatting away for awhile)

The cosmos had confirmed that I had done the right thing.I did my job.

Post-script: Recently I found out pornographic film production may stop completely in Los Angeles. The mayor has signed a new law forcing porn stars to wear protection for HIV prevention and now that film industry is threatening to leave the San Fernando Valley and relocate to Las Vegas.

That ceremony happened on November 11, 2011. Nine months of gestation, nine months of waiting will bring us to July 11, 2012. Already revolutionary ideas and movements have sprung up around the world, not long after I had the first dream and more since that ceremony took place with those 14 medicines for all of Osiris’ 14 pieces.

As I write tis post, the Venus transit is taking place overhead, the last one until 2117. As some astrologers have pointed out, this transit is about purging the old. Incineration of the old ideas and old programs. The old egocentric, immature, hedonistic, puerile version of love, the old cliches of love, the old ideas of coupledom and that the new and higher octaves of love need to come into play. Love based on community, love based on selflessness, love based on service, love based on sacrifice, the love of growth and true equality.

I am not so arrogant as to think that my dreams or actions and ceremony might have shifted something etherically in the cosmos and therefore all these changes are happening the world over. I still cannot block out the words of Grandfather Martin, that magic happens with ceremony, when the intention is right and when we realize we need to step aside or help facilitate the Universe do it’s thing with small gestures like pure prayer, meditation and ceremony.  Those relics, those medicines and those prayers and blessings which went into them have a job to do. To anyone who reads these posts in their entirety, I only ask if you can also put out your prayers and wishes out to those artifacts, to allow them to continue to do their job for all of us.

Part 1 – From the beginning

Part II- The build-up

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12 thoughts on “Part III: 11:11:11, Linda Goodman and a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on

  1. searchingforfernando

    I really enjoyed this three part series. I have been intensely interested in the subject of twin souls for the last 22 years. After much study on the subject, I stumbled on an aspect in synastry (the study of how one natal chart links to another) that indicates twin souls. It is very rare, in fact I have only ever seen it once, in all the chart comparisons I’ve done. You are the only other person I’ve heard of who undertakes these types of spiritual missions. I know from experience that it’s damn hard to get the mission completed before one attracts a crowd wondering what the f*** you’re doing, or have a cop start questioning you. You seem to be one of the few people who understands that these are sacred undertakings that need to be done solo to have the impact intended. Thank you for undertaking this mission.

    On 11-11-11 I made a thirty mile walking pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother. I left my home at 2:30 am and reached my destination at 10:30 am, where I lit the candle I had carried with me. I spent those eight hours praying for everyone I could think of who need help.

    • SFF, Thank you for your pilgrimage as well. I’m sure there are hundreds if not thousands of souls out there who are also doing ceremony and spiritual missions off the radar screen, not looking for publicity, not looking for donations, not looking for anything else except completing the task which they have been assigned to do. The old Greeks and ancient Hebrews said that the gods communicated to us in our dreams, it’s really up to us to be attuned enough and follow the breadcrumbs.
      Some people are called to places of religious and spiritual significance, like the Camino in Spain or Assisi in Italy. Some people are drawn to ancient pre-historical sites like Silustani, Peru or Avebury, England. The point is, there is no formula and each person’s journey will be as individual as they are.

      A bit off topic but this is another reason why I don’t respect people like Drunvalo Melchizedek or that annoying airhead Lilou Mace. They operate on this basis of “Please give me a donation or subscribe to my private feed which has useless information so that I can travel to these amazing places and meet these people to interview and then I can post it on my website or youtube channel so you can see what amazing stuff I did with YOUR money since you’re not spiritually advanced yet to go out and do it yourself, but I am. But if you keep paying me, maybe some information here will eventually hit you and then you’ll get it. Don’t look inside, look at me”

    • In the spirit of sharing could you please go into detail about this natal chart synastry?

  2. searchingforfernando

    Seeker: I subscribe to Rudolf Steiner’s belief in the intrinsic ability of thinking to reach truth, so I’ll give you the puzzle pieces and you can figure it out. Find the thing in a natal chart that defines the native’s perfect ideal, their mirror image (it’s not a planet). If in BOTH charts this thing conjucts the Venus in the other chart (same sign and within one degree or less), this is the mark of twin souls. And if this thing AND Venus happen to be conjucting this link between charts (which is only possible twice in a nine year period) when the two people meet, especially if Venus is making a station, then you can’t get more confirmation than that. Remember,Venus symbolises the unifying principle in which two units come together to form a more perfect whole.

    Earth Energy Reader: I’ve felt for a long time that many others were going on these missions, I’ve just not encountered any up until now. Following a breadcrumb trail is an apt analogy, and it’s a difficult trail to follow.It involves the ability to interpret your dreams, the ability to recognize when you’ve taken a wrong turn in the maze and correct it, and the ability to persevere in spite of relentless attacks by the forces of evil, who will surely know what you’re doing and try everything possible to stop you. It requires wisdom and fortitude. It’s difficult precisely to ensure that the right person performs the mission. Those who can’t follow the breadcrumb trail would not be able to bring the proper energy to the ceremony anyway. By the way, I’ve been to Avebury and Silbury Hill and the energy is most beautiful and peaceful.

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  6. karen olivera

    I admire your writing about LG. Her books were a spiritual primer for me as well. It is sad to look at “lindaland”, and I wrote to Musaios regarding her death, and NUMEROUS other topics from 1994-1999. I had always wanted to visit Cripple Creek, thank you for saving me the trip. It would have been heartbreaking.

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  10. Courtney

    It’s been a while since this was posted-I hope you will be able to read this comment. I recently found myself in Cripple Creek. I actually bought a home just across the street from Linda’s house on Hayden. There was no intention or conscious awareness behind this, but in the last year or so of living in the area, I have been nudged more than once by the muse-I have a strong feeling it might be Linda-with sudden insights and connections for the basis of a story. This place is quite fascinating with its rich history and intense energy. There are too many details of synchronicity to lay out here about my journey to this place-but the question always arises “how in the hell did you end up in cripple creek!?” Well….one answer is that I followed my twin flame! my soulmate and I reconnected in Los Angeles in 2006-we originally met at age 11 and we were each other’s first sweethearts (he’s an Aquarius, and according to LG-as I was just reading before I came across this blog- an Aquarian Man always remembers his first love ;). After his family moved to Colorado when we were 15, It took several years for us to find each other again-completely by “happenstance”. We have now been together for almost 11 years and have kids-we moved here to be closer to his parents and…well, apparently I have some calling to write up here. IN the first couple of months of living here, I found myself following serendipity to the discovery of LG- I had heard her name, but never read any of her books. I certainly had no idea she lived here. I was at the library one day and just happened to pick up her book “Star Signs” (why? I don’t know! I liked the cover!). And opened it to the center of the book-where I read a sentence in the middle of the page that said something like “It was when I was living at 10,000 feet elevation in Cripple Creek Colorado…” And went on to say something about spirit communication and paranormal experiences. let me be clear: I was not looking for this book, I had no awareness of LG, no previous knowledge of her living in the town I had just moved to-I didn’t even have any plan to go to the library that day! I was driving back from the Springs and something told me to stop at the library in Woodland Park on the way home-I DIDNT EVEN HAVE A LIBRARY CARD! I went on to check out and read the book and learned a bit about the local history, which inspired me to take a tour of the local museums. Let me tell you-this place has some SERIOUS stories!! And I’m an aspiring writer! So, I’m listening. JUst like when Something told me to look up LG On Pinterest tonight. And here we are. is it coincidence that my birthday is also 11/22? Haha. Anyway….I love this post, I wish there was more to read. I may go across the street and sit in the little courtyard in front of LG’s house one day with my notebook and see if she has anything to share.

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