It’s all about Timing

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them – Ephesians 5:11

So I guess, everyone in the world now knows what is happening in Montreal.

It started with student protests which have spread like wildfire across this country and around the world. The sound of pots and pans banging can be heard nightly in the neighborhoods of Montreal. While the corporate-sponsored media and their “commentators” cry foul, the majority of working class and middle class Quebecois are in solidarity with the students.

But it’s not about students fees anymore. That was the match which ignited the whole thing.

And now this weekend, the much-anticipated F1 rolls into Montreal.

I’m almost positive that grown men who spend inordinate amounts of money to do nothing else than watch a bunch cars go around a track and hang out with underage girls in thong bikinis, have “lost Hot Wheels or Tonka Truck” issues…

The talented crew of hackers over at Anonymous have specifically targeted the F1 for several reasons.

Numero uno: F1 bosses Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore went ahead with the F1 in Bahrain despite massive public outcry to NOT go ahead with it given the amount of bloodshed on the streets there. Normal Bahrainis have been protesting against their corrupt sheikhs and emirs and the human rights abuses they suffer daily but can’t do fuck-all given that these sheikhs and emirs are the very enablers who allow the Americans to keep their third largest naval fleet anchored in Bahrain. The sheikhs can be paid off and have the F1 come to town and hang out with anorexic models and high-end call girls instead while they wallow in their champagne dreams and caviar wishes, right?

Bernie Ecclestone and his much taller and younger ex-model-wife.

Flavio Briatore and Naomi Campbell

Flavio “au naturel”. Ladies, WTF are you thinking?????

Number Two: Anonymous have sided with the students in a huge way. They have hacked into the F1 site and have been able to keep it down consistently. Buyer Beware. Anyone who buys a race ticket online and submits their credit card information is exposing themselves to Anonymous and they will mess your online finances royally. These guys don’t joke around. They were able to track down a cop who pepper-sprayed protesters at last fall’s Occupy Wall Street,gathering, based on a blurry snap-snot of him and found out his name, his home address, social security number, names of his kids and his wife, which bank he used and literally went into his accounts, depleted everything and screwed up all his information at all the utilities companies he had service contracts with. It got so bad, this cop had a nervous breakdown and had to go on long-term disability leave.

Massive protests against the F1 are planned this weekend and they have targeted any and all gatherings which are not open to the public. It should be very amusing to watch the protesters and their accompanying cacophony of pots and pans stroll along St.Laurent Boulevard and the downtown core where billionaires like Richard Branson and Guy Laliberte, their entourages, their hanger-ons and dozens of high class escorts stay holed up in posh restaurants who have a minimum $500 bottle-opening fee in order to just book a table for that weekend only.

St.Laurent Street on Friday and Saturday nights is going to be insane.

That’s just the F1, but another darker, more sinister note has also hit Montreal and it ain’t a coincidence it happened at this particular time either.

No doubt many of you must have heard of the Body Parts Killer?

The Body Parts Killer

29 year old Luka Rocco Magnotta, a sometime transgender/model/porn-star with quite the checkered past which included killing kittens, videotaping the killings and then posting them online at various gore sites. I won’t go into what he did or has done since there are thousands of articles online about this sicko. This one is a pretty good article which gives you an overview of the story.

He was finally arrested in Berlin a few days ago at an internet cafe. He’s a narcissist and like all narcissists can’t get enough about reading about himself. Apparently he would go to this internet cafe to read all the news items online about himself when an employee recognized him and flagged down a passing police car. He’s now awaiting extradition to Canada and says he is “fearful of his own safety in the German prison”. (Good I say. There is still some honor left among thieves. Pedophiles and animal torturers are usually the ones who get beaten up or even killed within the prison by other inmates very quickly which is why they are locked up far from others.)

(His victim Jun Lin, a Concordia University student worked at a convenience store that I had gone into several times. While I don’t recall being served by him, it’s still an unsettling feeling that someone who I might have been served by, had to die in such a grisly and public way.)

The victim

A few things I would like to draw attention to.
1) Timing.
The student protests, fighting for the good for all, a rare Venusian transit, a gathering of the international elite to “play” and a ritualistic killing all taking place at around the same time, in the same city.

Lunar changes

2) Ritualistic Killing
Hacking of body parts and cannibalism were involved. ‘Nuff said.

3) Please do the math folks.
I know many people don’t like to look at truths which might creep them out but something has come alive in Montreal in recent months and weeks and no doubt the forces of darkness gave been attracted to the light.
Nothing is coincidence. Nothing. Even Chaos Theory suggests a connection between apparent random events.

Chaos Theory

I’m asking all persons who read this blog, who may not even believe in this stuff to please open your eyes and minds a little wider and ask a few more penetrating questions when you are around “the beautiful people” or when you hear about these types of killings.
What else is happening in your area?
Big celebrations? Gathering of “important” people”?
What’s happening on the natural calendar (i.e equinox, solstice, full moon, eclipse etc.)?
Watch them closely. Don’t pay any attention to what they look like. This Luka person proves that appearances can be very deceiving. Watch what they SAY and DO. What’s your gut trying to tell you when you are in that environment? Don’t listen to the brain-chatter. How are you feeling?

London is going to be a psychic toxic dump this summer. Between the Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics, watch for weird things taking place off the radar screen.

In the age of plastic surgery, detecting the Devil has gotten a lot harder, that’s for sure….

Think with your heart and feel with your mind.

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2 thoughts on “It’s all about Timing

  1. Darkness always has its tell take signature. It’s impossible to truly mask when your sight is accurate true and guided. You’ll catch flare ups in people not suspected and be able to quench them.

    As it says good fruits good trees. Bad fruits bad trees. The pretty fruit masquerading as bad still “stinks” up close and lights up the third eye.

    Also lol f1 guy!!!!!! You made my day!!!!!I’d rather be celibate forever and a eunuch then end up there. Really if I were a lady no sum of money would make me come close to anything like that.

    Jesus Christ what is wrong with these men.

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