APB Alert: All Points Bulletin to all light workers, solo spiritual seekers and earth healers

Two weekends ago, I left Montreal and the stupid F1 madness and accompanying vulgarian circus and went to Toronto instead to attend a sweat lodge, conducted by a good friend, a Sun Dancer, who will shortly be leaving Turtle Island (North America) and taking the teachings of the lodge with him to Albion (the Druidic name for Britain) as he starts a new phase of his journey to build a community there around the lodge teachings.

The thing with sweat lodges, the Native teachings always say to watch the 4 days and 4 nights after doing a lodge, to watch your dreams, animal medicines which show up in the form of animals which may cross your path since they carry messages, to monitor your intuition and so forth. It’s always an interesting and introspective time. Since the lodge, I’ve been visited by an eagle, a skunk and a frog and have been dutifully looking up the meanings of those medicines and totems and how they apply to me specifically.  It’s different for each person and it’s different each time you do a lodge (If any of you are interested to know more about Animal Medicines and totems, Ted Andrew’s book “Animal Speak” as well as Jamie Sams “Medicine Cards” are a good beginning. There are also lots of resources online.)



In the last few days, as I have been observing the craziness which has been happening in London with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the upcoming ZION Olympics, I can’t help but side with the many conspiracy theorists around the world, that *something* off is going to go down in London this summer.

Official London 2012 Olympics logo – do you see the word ZION in it?

Some people are saying a false-flag alien invasion (Spock, where are you when we need you?) , others are saying that some sort of fake terrorist thing will happen, hurting many. I don’t know. All I get is a dark feeling when I think about London this summer. What I also find interesting is that apparently many tourists have also picked up on the negative Olympic vibe. Tourists bookings into the UK this summer have gone down because many people don’t want to be around the Olympics craziness.

Why: While thinking about all this, it sort of came to me that while there are many, bad people in this world doing horrific rituals to gain worldly power and influence, things that you and I would never engage in because it makes our stomach turn, I can’t help but think about that chapter in the Bible when Jesus went out to the desert and the devil tempted him with the glory, honor and beauty of the world (literally) and said all this could be his if he just bowed down to Satan and JC’s response was that he wasn’t interested and literally took the piss out of the devil.

Bohemian Grove

I think it’s time we ALL take the piss out of this devil energy. I am asking that everyone who reads this blog, to please pass on this message to others, we need to start doing ceremonies of our own to counter the negative energy released in those evil rituals. We only work with light, we only give good medicines back to the earth. Whether it means offering medicines or a sacrifice we are joyfully and lovingly willing to part with (no killing, no harm, it means giving up maybe something which means a lot to you, an item, a habit but you imbue it with prayer and blessings.).

Even 1 person doing ceremony is better than nothing.

Where: Scope out your local area, find a place which you know has a concentration of either good or bad power there (i.e City of London, Wall Street, local megachurch, posh area with homes of the rich and famous, ancient stone circle, site of ruins etc.) It could be anywhere, it could be a glade, a forest, a remote part of the beach, a park, even a small green space. Figure out where you’ll do this first. Target where you think these negative things are happening. Look at maps, walk around and then feel the energy of the place and then decide.

City of London : This place has to seriously be cleaned out.

What: Then you need to start to meditate on what medicines you want to offer back to the earth in defense against this harm which is being released continuously. A good place where I started was the Native medicine wheel.

The Native medicine wheel, many versions out there and what the 4 directions represent

The 4 colors, the 4 races, the 4 directions, the 4 elements, the 4 holy plants associated with each direction. Your medicine mix could be these plus whatever else comes to you like Thunderbeing Ash (wood from a tree hit by lightening), grains or herbs holy to your tribe or people or ancestors.

Feathers and the medicine associated with that bird are considered holy items to Natives.

Then you need to meditate on items you want to give back to the earth, crystals, rocks, feathers etc. All these things have to individually be prayed over and blessed, that’s when they become potent and most importantly, with LOVE, that is the one “ingredient” which the dark side can’t fight against. They just can’t deal with it because they don’t have any and they try to make you fearful and crazy so you don’t have any either. It’s a ruse. See it for what it is. Keep your medicines in cloth or leather bags only. Never plastic or metal coverings or containers.

Medicine pouch, keep your medicines separate.

Who: Then you need to figure out who you’ll do this with . You can do this alone or if you find a person or two who is on the exact same wavelength that you are on, even better. Be careful who you want to share this ceremony with. Better to keep it under wraps and tell no one. The less people who know, the better. Plus you don’t want people who don’t believe in this stuff affecting you with their negativity. Secrecy is a power in itself.

Find a spot where you can be left alone or undetected.

When: Look at a farmer’s almanac and astrological ephemeris. Check out the phases of the moon. Are there any upcoming solar eclipses, lunar eclipses or strange or positive astrological configurations taking place soon? What is the significance of them? Figure out what resonates with you and time yourself accordingly.

A good ephemeris is a great place to figure out your timing.

How: You’ve figured out your medicines, your ceremonial partners, your location and the time you’ll do your ceremony. It’s the big day. What do you do? First of all you always have to keep in mind that THIS  IS NOT ABOUT YOU. This is not about personal gain, becoming famous, getting that new job or getting that girl you want or winning the lottery. That’s what the Dark side does. Anything related to sensual or egocentric, individual gratification is related to devil energy. Don’t go there.

White magick is about helping EVERYONE, no exceptions.

When we do ceremony it’s about healing for the community (and that can mean your family, your neighborhood, your school or the world) and that eventually peters down to us as individuals. When you pray or meditate, it is for everyone. The ceremony is to benefit everyone.
Keep a shovel and flashlight on you (if you’re doing this at night or at dawn). You offer tobacco to the land first and ask the land’s permission to do this ceremony. Lay down the tobacco.
Go to the spot or spots you already chose, find where the land is soft enough to dig. Encircle the area you will be working in with salt. This will protect you from attachments and elementals. Once you have put down the circle, you stay inside of it and don’t leave until after you’ve finished your ceremony. The circle cannot be broken.

Salt circles protect you.

Dig where you need to dig and then sit with the medicines a long, long time, pray with them, pray and mediate on what you want to help achieve with this ceremony. Put the medicine mix into the ground, then put the item into the ground, pray the whole time you are doing this. Cover it up with the earth so that it looks normal again and undisturbed so that no one can guess there is something there. Go to the next spot and repeat if necessary.
If I had the time and the money, I’d go all over the world to do this but I can’t so I’m putting this out there in the hopes that some like-minded individuals can do this, where ever they are. I can see from my stats page that I have readers from all over the world visiting this blog so feel free to translate this page, share it with your friends and get out there and do it. Trust me. the more you do this kind of stuff, the more trans-formative your life becomes in a  good way.

A thousand points of light around the world

Message to David Icke and Stuart Wilde:
Gentlemen, I know you’re both visiting my blog. I’m gratified and very happy and humbled that such great writers and visionaries like the both of you have decided to visit my small corner of the internet. These are just suggestions of course, I’m just sharing with you what “came” to me.
David: I got the impression that you need to go to the Cirque de Gavarnie in the French Pyrenees and do ceremony there, ideally in August sometime and then the Seven Rila lakes in Bulgaria. Both are Gnostic areas (Pyrenees–> Cathars, Bulgaria—>Bogomils),

Cirque de Gavarnie, a very, very high-frequency power point on earth.

Seven Rila Lakes in Bulgaria, each lake is shaped like an organ in the body which corresponds to a specific chakra

Stuart:  got the impression that you need to go to Malta and do something at the Hypogeum of Paola, then on to the Isle of Iona in Scotland.

The megalithic underground temple in Malta, the Hypogeum

Isle of Iona, another extremely powerful site on the earth grid.

Someone needs to go to Göbekli Tepe in Turkey. That’s ground zero.

Gobekli Tepe is now the oldest known human made site on earth, going back 12 000 years BCE. It was a ceremonial site which was then deliberately buried up and was only rediscovered recently.

Good luck to everyone who decides to accept their “mission” 🙂

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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16 thoughts on “APB Alert: All Points Bulletin to all light workers, solo spiritual seekers and earth healers

  1. kezalu

    I think ceremonies done in the singular are more potent than group gatherings. In a group,to me, the energies are spread out, smaller energies emerge because everyone is linked and are less inclined to give their all, and also are generally guided by one paricular person. Also there is the risk that some in the group might not be true light workers, might have serious attachments, and this might disrupt proceedings. The single ceremony with a good heart and good intentions can achieve a great deal, but I would suggest the person doing this keep it completely secret, and as you say don’t advertise it or seek approval or some sort of following, or self image of grandeur – but be sincere and private. I suspect there are already many many people doing this sort of thing anyway. You don’t hear about it because it’s good work going on behind the scenes to counteract the awful, evil things and ceremonies that are happening on this planet. Like the power of prayer – I think it is more beneficial in a private capacity, contained within the person who is saying the prayer ; rather than all these mass prayer things, which again you have to suppose everyone is on the same page, in the right frame of mind, and that negative energies aren’t lurking about bouncing from one person to the next. That’s my take on it.

  2. I agree that smaller is usually better and more powerful. With too many people, the energy and focus has a tendency to become diffused and unfocused especially if there happens to a “leader” in which case they have a tendency to overshadow everything and dominate other voices and energies. And you’re quite correct about attachments. When you have these sorts of gatherings with hundreds or thousands of people, it alright if it’s something like a rock concert, but when you’re doing delicate, spiritual work and dealing with forces and energies from a far more subtle plane and need to be using 100% full energy and full concentration, it doesn’t work. Too many distractions and then there is the risk of losing sight of the goal.
    Better to go it alone, maybe in some circumstances with a friend or two,max. That’s it. You can hide better when there’s fewer of you, you get more done and raise less suspicion.

  3. searchingforfernando

    I agree with Kezalu and there’s another reason to work alone. If what you’re doing has merit you will be relentlessly attacked. You may not know until the chips are down that your partner(s) lack the fortitude required.

    In June of 1991 there was a wonderful conjuction of Jupiter, Mars and Venus in the sign of Leo. For several weeks it was very bright and beautiful in the evening sky. Because this conjuction was right on top of my ascendant, I knew it indicated something important for me. The entire month I was obsessed with walking in a certain area on the east side of the Deschutes River about 30 miles south of where it empties into the Columbia. This is an area with no roads, between where a landslide had taken out a railroad track and where a gravel road coming up from the south ends. I approached this area first from the north.On my third trip I found the place where the landslide was, but the debris was so heavy I could not go around it. I made one last try to reach the area I wanted to walk in, approaching from the south (I had no idea at the time why it was so important for me to get to this spot).I and a hiking companion drove on a gravel river rafter’s access road until it ended, and set off on foot.

    After several hours walking in the hot desert Sun, my friend felt sick and said he would sit and wait until I came back. I continued on and eventually came to a BLM barbed wire fence. I was too tired to climb over the fence without hurting myself, so I began to walk back the way I came. Then something compelled me to turn around, go back to the fence, and squeeze under the bottom wire, which was very difficult. Shortly after this, a crow began flying low over me and cawing. I looked to my right and saw a coyote nearby. This really surprised me because I have seen many coyotes in my life, but never before or since have I seen one sauntering along at a walk. I looked down at my feet and saw an Indian spear point sticking halfway out of the sand. It was made of white quartz with reddish-orange veins running through it. I looked to the north and I saw in the distance the landslide that had blocked my entrance to this area when I had approached from the north. My friend was very surprised when I returned with the spear point, and we hiked back to my car in high spirits.

    A few days later I took the spear point around to see a friend who had given me many accurate psychic tidbits in the past. He already knew something important had happened to me. He had a vision of five spiritual beings singing and drumming in celebration. They were banging on a drum with a golden Sun symbol with read and orange rays (the Sun is the ruler of Leo). He said they had taken animal form to lead me to an item I could use for protection (we also saw a skunk and a deer before we left the river). For a year I carried the spear point at all times as if it were the relic of a saint. Then one day I got careless and left it in a bag on the seat of my car while I walked in a park. When I returned to my car the window was smashed and the bag gone. I learned a valuable lesson that day, a lesson that was to serve me well in the years to come. The forces of evil know very well where these kinds of relics are, and if you let your guard down for even a moment, they will impress upon someone resonating at a low frequency to destroy or steal the item. Twice since that day in JUne I have recognized spirit beings appearing in an animal form, and I’m sure there were many times when it happened and I never noticed.

    I realize this is pretty long for a comment, but I thought perhaps by telling this story it might inspire others to look beneath the surface events in their lives to discover the deeper meaning. I understand that James Redfield has a workbook for those who want a formulaic approach to spiritual experiences, but it does not work that way. You don’t need a workbook or a teacher. All you need to do is pay attention to your dreams and the signs that are all around you, if you will slow down and look. If you become confused, pray for a specific sign for clarity. I also suggest learning some basic astrology by reading. No astrologer knows your life better than you do. You are in a better position (hopefully) to understand how you will respond to transiting planets. When I was first learning astrology I went to two astrologers to get some answers. Years later after I had learned my craft, I realized that almost everything they told me was rubbish.

    • SFF, no worries on writing long replies, we’re here to share and learn.
      Thanks for posting your story, following up on “missions” of this sort or doing ceremony to help in the further positive evolution of this planet are highly, highly personal and unique experiences, as unique as we are and to follow some formulaic approach, like you explained, along the lines of James Redfield, Doreen Virtue or any of dozens of New Age writers out there is only guaranteeing a contrived and synthetic experience for oneself, at best. It’s like the stupid formula which the government and corporations would like us all to believe:
      go to school + get a job + buy a car + get married + buy a house + have kids+ save up for retirement+ don’t question anything, just do it + get old and die = guaranteed happiness. Yet you just have to look around you and see that this “formula” is having just the opposite affect instead, and making people miserable and enslaved.
      Same thing with spiritual matters. There’s no guide-book, except that if you really do decide to work for the light, the good guys, Source,etc, it will involve sacrifice, it will involve strange detours and walking down very unfamiliar paths, often times alone with nothing to guide you but your heart and your intuition. You’ll never make any money and the spirititual path is a far more difficult road than the materialistic one and it will ask you for your patience, strength and faith at all times. Let’s face it, that’s asking too much out of 99.9999999999% of humanity when most people are just struggling to survive or are too distracted by following the life formula. They don’t teach you this way of looking at the world in school and neither do your parents or friends. Oftentimes, we won’t even be around to see the rewards of our work, but I do think with this acceleration of time and this quickening that many people are experiencing , that is changing things very rapidly. Karma becomes more instant. The path of the boomerang is shortening and shortening.

  4. It looks like you’ve been gifted with Feather Teachings, and it’s “sticking” until you pick up on it.
    According to Native belief, feathers are very holy items, if you look at it, the spine runs down the middle and the feather is usually equal on both sides. This is about male and female and the teachings about their duality. Yin and Yang. Black and white. Up and down.
    You might want to look into finding out what kind of bird that feather comes from (crow, raven, eagle, duck etc?) and then look up the medicine which that bird represents. Ted Andrew’s book is a good resource to start with. Then it’s up to you to find out and put the jigsaw puzzle together and find what this means for you. No one else can do that.

  5. Some lovely information you have shared here. Thank you. Refreshing and deeply energetic… at least that is the vibe I get. Happy days 🙂

  6. Hi. I have had more time since last night to work through your post and have a couple of questions that I would like to ask about these meditation sessions and the types of medicines to offer in defense of dark forces, prayers and blessings. How does one find out what medicines are associated with personal items, and what content prayers and blessings should have? Is this something we can make up or is this something I could find with my ancestors – I have Cherokee heritage but have never explored this before…

  7. Narjess

    I’m in Montreal too, I’d love to meet up for this kind of things.

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  12. erik

    hi there,
    I find your post an excellent suggestion to follow.
    That´s something clear to me for long: connect and do the white magic.
    For real you don´t need anything than time to access stillness, prayer, dedication, love and intent.
    It is quite helpful to know some basic shamanic techniques to work with.
    That will provide you direct revelation about what to do and where and how and you will need no book anymore to find out what the animals are all about. you meet them, you ask them, they tell you!
    I sure can follow the thought of working alone and most of the time this was true for me, but I came to know that, at least for me, it was merely a question of selfesteem more than complications with others.
    A single human can have quite an impact with actions out of focused intent.
    The truth is that with every human more the result will exponentially be greater IF there is total clarity between the people who do the ceremony, if the intent and energy is held through the process and if the intent is pure.
    Thank you for the push forward. there are a couple of things to do and situations arise which demand actions beyond physicality.
    We will be successful if we are in line with the best of all there is and every living being.
    Make sure you stay covered in the process. People tend to burn witches.
    And make even more sure to have lots of fun!

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  14. Muriel

    This brought tears to my eyes. I have been Doing this in a much less disciplined form. I’m happy to find others who feel the same duty as I do to this beautiful earth. Something is to happen in San Antonio Tx, people from all over have been arriving here including myself. Thank you for our blog I have found very much useful information on it and it’s like the blog I always wish Id sit down and write. Peace love and light. Thank you!

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