Most “channelers” are channels to nowhere

“A lot of men and women have chosen the profession of clairvoyant or medium because they were incapable of doing anything else! They live just anyhow, they exercise no self-discipline, and they call themselves clairvoyants! And this is what so many people do: on the strengths of a couple of lucky presentiments or one or two premonitory dreams, they set themselves up as clairvoyants or channelers. I don’t deny they may have a smattering of psychic gifts and faculties but they certainly have an abundance of cunning and impudence. They have understood that human beings need to be reassured and flattered and they tell them what they want to hear.

Sometimes in fact, they see nothing at all but as they don’t want to disappoint a client or lose their reputation – or simply, because they don’t want to lose money – they fob people off with vague answers calculated not to compromise themselves in any way. Not many clairvoyants or channelers are sufficiently honest to tell you, ” I’m sorry, I can’t tell you anything today because I can’t see anything, you’ll have to come back another day.” Oh no! They would rather pretend to see something. If their dazzling prophecies fail to materialize, they go to him and ask why. “Oh, it has simply been delayed a little because of the position of the stars”, says the clairvoyant or channeler, reassuringly.”But it is coming. Be patient!” Don’t these clairvoyants and channelers realize that they run the risk of misleading people? Don’t they realize what a responsibility that is? Why do they do it? Is it for money? Or prestige? Whatever the reason. they would do well to realize that the Invisible World does not like being used for selfish purposes and that it will punish them for doing so.
There are people who are naturally mediumistic – they pick up energy currents, images and messages in the invisible. Many envy them their gift, not suspecting how much risk is entailed if these people merely transmit messages without questioning the origin and nature of what they have picked up. Are these communications authentic? Do they really come from the world of light? These are questions that need to be asked.
Those who possess mediumistic abilities – and more or less everyone has some, which they can develop – must do some real inner work to become clearer in themselves and purer. Only then will these so-called extrasensory abilities be useful to them and to others. Until they do so, they will be no more than a kind of channel or pipe allowing both clean and dirty water to pass through indiscriminately. But the day they become conscious mediums, they will be like the branches of a tree, which know how to transform the sap they receive in order for leaves, flowers and fruit to appear.”
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, ‘Looking into the Invisible, Intuition, Clairvoyance and Dreams”
I realize that is a very lengthy quote but it brings up a subject which many solo spiritual investigators, wanderers and healers are well advised to keep on their radar screen at all times. The world, the internet, you name it, is full of characters described as above. Even a cursory browse on the internet will land you on some page or other with this person claiming to channel this spirit or other.

Jane Roberts who claimed to channel “Seth”. I wouldn’t take advice from her, would you?

I think of Ashtar Command or Galactic Federation of Light and what utter garbage they seem to spew everyday. Check out their YouTube channels if you want a laugh sometime. It seems that every other day a new set of energies has been released and that the cavalry is about to break out of the clouds any second now and yet what happens?  Nothing. Zilch, Nada. Nil. The list is almost endless at this point, JZ Knight channeling Ramtha, Jane Roberts and the Seth books (which Linda Goodman incidentally maintained was a cover for Set–> Osiris’ brother who killed him), Book of Urantia, A Course in Miracles, Neale Donald Walsch and his conversations with “God”.

The Galactic Federation of Light (aka Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek loser wannabes)

I remember when the internet was first starting to take off in the mid-1990s, there was a website called where there seemed to be a high concentration of channelers for this Galactic Federation of Light (someone has been watching too much Star Trek, methinks…). The website is long gone but what I do remember was how utterly airy-fairy most of the stuff was. None of it seemed grounded in reality. Or helpful in any meaningful and pragmatic way.
I admit, when I didn’t know any better, I visited a psychic or two. I had even been fooled by persons claiming to be Elders, but once bitten, twice shy. I now look as the messenger very closely. If their life is in the gutter, then chances are the Holy Ghost won’t be visiting them anytime soon. It’s the Law of Correspondence. The purer the soul, the higher and purer the spirit it attracts. (Granted, there are some truly good people out there who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own but because of the manipulations of others and didn’t know any better. There are exceptions to every rule.) I came across one channeler in Derry, New Hampshire, a woman who considers herself an Elder, a “Grandmother” with a disruptive, alcoholic cross-dressing spouse, kids who have spent time in jail and yet she insists that she is  channeling powerful medicine men and Elders who have crossed over.  She also has a co-hort who is passing herself off as a “wisdom-keeper”, someone with history of alcoholism, rape, a reputation on the reservation which is far from clean and  “spiritual” (mostly because everyone on the rez knows her and her reputation too well) and who once told me over the phone that she could shapeshift into a Thunder Being and would only “work” with you if you donated no less than $80 a go , for up to 10 “sessions” to work with her. Give her less than that and she won’t even return your calls.
Some advice, take it or leave it:
1) When someone claims to be channeling Cleopatra or Genghis Khan or some other significant historical character, run for the hills.
2) When someone is telling you the truth, it may hurt. Real channelers, like real friends, just won’t tell you what you want to hear. They will tell you the good and the bad.
3) The angels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Sandalphon and Metatron are very busy in maintaining the order of the Cosmos, looking after Chronos and Kairos. They don’t have time to recommend to you through a medium on whether that drunken guy you met at a bar Saturday night will be the father of your children.
4) Go with your gut. If you feel (not what you think) what someone is telling you is completely off or you get a weird feeling, then chances are something IS wrong. Develop your intuition on your own and learn to trust it. We’ve all got these abilities in us, it’s like anything else, practice, practice, practice.
5) Is it grounded in reality and more to the point, is it truly useful, helpful and beneficial to you?

Not visiting your neighborhood anytime soon.

While I don’t doubt there are some people out there with a genuine gift, the more evolved ones usually work on a basis of selflessness and service, not selfishness and self-interest. It’s time, I think, people began to adjust their vision a bit more.
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15 thoughts on “Most “channelers” are channels to nowhere

  1. mediascala

    Excellent post! You’ve hit the nail on the head with the galactic federation of lies.

  2. searchingforfernando

    As a (non-charging) astrologer for the past twenty-two years, I can tell you that the above goes for astrologers as well. I have never met a charging astrologer that was worth a dime, because they WILL NOT tell you anything “bad”. Who wants to pay to hear bad news? And these charging astrologers and “clairvoyants” never seem to be interested to learn if their “predictions” came to pass. When I do a reading, I always contact the person later to find out if I was right. How are you going to learn if you don’t want to hear any feed-back? If you do confront these folks with their failures, they become very hostile and defensive.

    • SFF, it’s funny you mention how you don’t charge for readings. Famed astrologer Linda Goodman didn’t charge for her readings either, she felt it was wrong to do that. Instead, she felt people should make their livelihood from something else (in her case it was her books and publishing career), and had a strict money-and-genuine-spirituality-don’t-mix approach to life.
      I have encountered the same thing with yoga, that the best yoga instructors are generally the ones who make their livelihood doing something else and teach yoga as a hobby or passion on the side.

  3. I once knew a young woman who worked as a “psychic palm reader” in a metaphysical bookshop. She was a lovely girl who really believed she was psychic. I took her to an event one evening. On the way home, we got lost. She said, “My spirit guides are telling us to turn left,” so I turned left. After driving for a little while, we can across a petrol station and got directions from them. After passing the street where we’d turned left, I realised that had we turned right, we would have gone straight to the freeway. Still, she was confident that her spirit guides had given her the best advice.

    I wonder how many of her clients took left turns on her advice instead of right turns. Did they all find a “petrol station” to get them back on the right track or are they still continuing down the wrong road?

    • Exactly.
      I think that’s the biggest problem is that many of these fakes, rather than admit or take ownership and responsibility of when they were wrong, they create another outlandish “vision” to explain away the first vision or reading or whatever and then hope that you will leave them alone.

      What really raises my ire is when sincere seekers who don’t know any better get hurt somehow because they acted out on these false claims, visions, readings etc. like for example investing in a bad company and losing all their money, pursuing a love interest to only find out that the person in question is violent or has a criminal past. When these things happen, these channelers seem to magically disappear or are suddenly “too busy” to take your calls or say that the spirits suddenly “told” them to not give you readings anymore or that this is your karma or some other bullshit reason to duck their own responsibility. While it’s all smiles and shiney eyes when you gave them the benefit of the doubt, it’s suddenly shut doors and heads stuck in the sand when you want to take them to task.

      Like I said in my post, I know there are genuine people out there who have genuine gifts and abilities minding their own business, I’m not discounting them, the problem is the high volume of fakes, charlatans and snake-oil salesmen who have flooded the scene and give everyone else a bad name.

  4. S. Alexander

    I like (tremendously) what Rustin Cohle had to say (that) “…If a person is ‘decent’ in their life only because of the expectation of Divine Rewards, then brother, that person is full of it.
    And I’ll add that the very first lesson I learned in my journeys was that Interfering with another’s FREE WILL (Power of Suggestion, etc.) is the basis of all black magic. Period.

  5. Pheonix

    Finally someone with the courage to stand up and speak out against the glittered candy coated bs… I’m an empath and an intuitive and I think a lot of these idiots out there don’t understand that higher dimensional beings have no intrest in the exploits of lower level dimensionals lol but hey, ignorance of the obvious must be the going rate in a clueless society.. On a more serious note.. It gets me upset that I spend 98% of my time trying to guide people just like the rest of us who are actually doing the actual work out here in the boggy muddled mess we call life on this planet in this society (if one could call it that) and while we do this, others spew all thier garbage.. I swear I wish the universe sometimes would just put those people in thier place.. Cause when it comes to tending to the actual work out there .. There is no payment for it.. Its extremely time consuming with no pay, no vacations .. Sometimes it can go 48 workdays.. We don’t get time and a half on top of it, we have to struggle making a realistic income on top of it.. Some of us juggle many things on top of what it is we do.. Its not all notoriety and “Gee I wrote a few books cuz hey, I discovered a publisher and a talent scout or hey, I know someone who hosts a talk show”.. It drives me nuts these idiots just dont bother doing anything even remotely productive.. No just the counterproductive mess of chop suey.. With no fortune cookie I may add LOL

  6. Another thing you might add is, the Truth is NOT for sale.
    True channellers do NOT need financial support from their listeners.
    In order for their thoughts to be clear and uncluttered from worry, is to be financially independent and successful.

    I will NEVER pay anyone for Spiritual advice.
    It is against all logic in my mind.
    The Truth is Free and will set you Free, without charge.
    It is our own commitment to do our inner work to connect with our Spiritual Higher Selves and to Creator Source Energy that is the True cost towards our own Enlightenment.


  7. Great post. I completely agree with your observations!

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  9. chillin

    so….then…….who are the fakes and more importantly who are the REAL CHANNELERS on utube that we can listen too and feel safe about?
    Matt Kahn?
    Cosmic Awareness?
    Channeling Erik?
    Channeling Roxy?
    Marsha M. channeling the pleadians? She actually says “Don’t believe anyone, now even me!” ahahaha

    • I personally don’t pay any attention to anyone you listed here. In general I don’t pay any attention to channelers because you really don’t know what kind of an entity is speaking through them. Anyone can say that they are channeling Jesus, Mary and Joseph or some king from the Arcturian star system but if there’s money involved, a paypal button and a youtube channel, I’d say watch your step.
      While I do think there are a handful of advanced souls who have had encounters with benevolent, spiritual entities (check out my blog posts on Alma Rumball, Robert Ogilvie Crombie and Daskalos), what was common among all of them is that they kept a low profile, worked in complete humility and their endgoal wasn’t money nor fame but the spiritual work itself, which is not easy. I’d say it is a model we should all follow.

  10. Joe

    I find it quite hilarious that so many here think that real psychic or mediums should not charge for readings. Why not? Should they not be allowed to make a living off of their natural gift? (I’m only referring to the real ones with ability, not the fakes.) Try telling your family doctor that you shouldn’t have to pay them, that they should be doing it as a service only. Or tell anyone else that you buy a service from that you shouldn’t have to pay. Yet only the psychics get “money condemned”. I’ve had good readings from psychics and bad readings. Some people are truly connected to other energies. But just because someone has “abilities”, does not mean that they are necessarily positive energetically. Even a great psychic can still have bad intentions, but that is a separate issue from receiving money.

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