The Real Ghostbusters (and yeah, it turns out David Icke *IS* right)

I recently was recommended “The Demonologist” by Gerald Daniel Brittle and finished reading it a few days ago. It is about husband-and-wife demonologist and exorcism team, Ed and Lorraine Warren and was written back in 1980. Ed passed away a few years ago but Lorraine, a very powerful medium and psychic is still with us. They are nothing like the Ghostbusters as portrayed on film. [Update, Lorraine Warren passed away in April, 2019.]

The Conjuring movie series are based on cases that the Warrens have worked on, particularly the films Conjuring 1 and Conjuring 2.

Based on maybe 1 gram of truth.

For over 40 years, the Warrens were called in by priests, clergy and victims alike, for exorcisms, demonic possessions and demonic infestations. Things which were beyond the reach of psychologists, psychiatrists and science. The book is a terrifying but important read. I could only bring myself to read it during daylight hours because it disturbed me too much.

Ed and Lorraine Warren

The rites of exorcism are still a part of the Catholic canon though it is something the Church does not like to discuss too much. As the book explains, while the Catholic Church has dispensed with antiquated teachings around Purgatory and the importance of nuns wearing habits over the years, the rites of exorcism are still around for one reason and one reason only….because they are still needed and it’s based on truth. It may be hard for those of us who have never met or experienced such a thing, in an age of pure science, where we have split the atom, broken the sound barrier, gone to the moon and peered at distant stars and suns. The fact remains that ancient evil still walks this earth.

The Rituale Romanum, the formal rites of exorcism

Case after case in the book, men and women of scientific training who were called in to deal with victims, when finally upon realizing it was in fact nothing scientific at all, but were coming face to face with true evil of a source they could not and probably earlier on, would not understand, finally gave in to the Church. Not that it’s that easy to get the Church involved either. Most priests who are called upon to do exorcisms usually have years and years of top-of-the-line academic training in a variety of disciplines, like anthropology, history, psychology, psychiatry, anatomy, theology and then finally demonology. In fact “The Demonologist” is still used in seminaries around the world. They will rigorously check the victim and the circumstances to make sure it is maybe a psychiatric or psychological case. They actually DON’T want it to be a case of possession. It’s only after they have ruled everything else out, then the dark realization sets in that they are dealing with evil, otherwordly forces.

You need years and years or training and study before you’re even considered spiritually mature, strong and advanced enough to fight and engage with a spirit during an exorcism. Many experienced exorcist priests are usually forever scarred by their encounters, either spiritually, psychologically or even physically. Many of them die at an earlier than normal age.

What I like about Ed and Lorraine’s style is that they are very, very matter-of-fact about things. There’s no woo-woo business going on here with crystal balls, turbaned psychics or seances. They make the distinction between 2 groups of spirits:
i) those of human origin, “ghosts” as we usually know them as, easier to get rid of
ii) those of an inhuman origin, these are demons and they are extremely dangerous, they want nothing less than to see mankind die or destroy themselves, even one by one, because in their books, that means a victory against Source, their number 1 enemy. That may mean driving someone so insanely crazy or pushing someone to the brink that they kill themselves or they kill others.

Lorraine Warren these days, with CPEAR

Reading the book and the list of signs of possession or infestation are items we’ve seen in movies like “The Exorcist”, scratches, disgusting smells in the room, paint and wallpaper suddenly peeling off walls, sudden drops in temperature, objects levitating and flying, drops of blood appearing .

Wallpaper suddenly peeling and vulgar words appearing underneath is one of many other signs of demonic infestation

  • First point: Demons have to be invited in. That may mean Ouija Board (seriously, get rid of them) or young girls casting binding love spells. Just don’t play around with stuff you don’t understand. What shocked me was that many so-called channelers claiming to channel a spirit of someone who died, are usually channelling demons. Demons like to trick people and throw them off, so while someone may claim to be channelling a young girl who died by getting hit by a car, you actually don’t know who or what you’re dealing with. It’s like opening your door and letting anyone in.

  • Second point: They happen in 3’s. Footsteps behind you, knocks on the door and no one is there, loud noises in the house and upon investigation, you find nothing.
  • Third point: Demons may either possess a person or infest a place. The Warrens were called in for the famous Amityville Horror case. They were the ones who determined what was afflicting the house was an inhuman spiritual presence.
Now, this is the part which stopped me in my tracks and made me recall everything which David Icke has been saying for years.

If he’s proven right, A LOT of people will have to eat humble pie

From page 115 (Remember, the book was written in 1980):
Ed speaks of the demonic spirit showing itself only rarely in preternatural form. What does the demonic spirit look like? The question is an uncomfortable one for him to answer.
“Although the spirit can project itself in any form it chooses,” says Ed, “It’s appearance is an abomination, a monstrosity. To see what is really behind the phenomena is not something to be desired. To actually see the demonic is to feel ruin. What shows is something distinctly preternatural in appearance: something real enough as you can see it, but yet something not of this world.”
But what does it ultimately look like?
“Ultimately, ” Ed answers with great reluctance,” it is not human. It is inhuman. It has scales. It looks …like a reptile. That’s it,” he cautions,”I won’t complete the rest of the image.”
They can be defeated. In Ed and Lorraine’s own words.
“Sin, ultimately is spiritual immaturity, and those who are foolish enough to underestimate the value and purpose of life, actually draw the demonic to them…Asserting the positive generates a power of it’s own. Therefore being positive is the best protection against that which is called “evil”. The whole trip of life is to work with and emphasize the positive…People are looking for solutions in this world and the answer isn’t with the occult. It’s to go with the positive flow of nature, because it is good and ensures life, rather than death.”
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18 thoughts on “The Real Ghostbusters (and yeah, it turns out David Icke *IS* right)

  1. kezalu

    An important and informative post. Remember fear is a factor and these demons/entities feed off it. You already know my story and experience with this, although at the time it happened I had no idea what this was. I agree, toss the ouiga board in the bin. You wouldn’t pick up your phone and dial a random number seeking advice from a stranger. So how can you trust some disembodied entity to give you the truth?

    • The book pointed out that psychic and demonic attacks have increased 10-fold in the past 40 years, mostly because occult literature is widely available and any Tom, Dick and Harry can go about casting any sort of spell. There is a pagan/wicca/occult shop in town, and they even sell candles for extracting revenge. What many people fail to realize in that by asking or inviting otherworldly forces to exact revenge or make someone fall in love with you, you now indirectly owe these entities something…and they will never let go of the debt you owe them.

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  3. Hi Earth!

    I’m skeptic on the subject. One of the things that attracted me to Buddhism when I began to learn about it was the strong emphasis on questioning what was presented. I really have no opinion or evidence for or against.

    When I asked my spouse how she felt about demonic possessions she exclaimed ” Love’em! ” and that’s atheist’s for you.



    • Hey Genesis,
      I think this topic makes people extremely uncomfortable for a variety of reasons, mostly because a belief in the supernatural implies a belief in God/Allah/Creator_______ fill in the blank. I also think it makes people itchy because it may actually mean that we’re not in control of things as much as we would like to think we are.
      People’s beliefs are an intensely personal matter and informed by a whole host of factors including upbringing, socialization and experience. What works for you is up to you, same for your spouse. What makes us humans different from other mammals is our free will and our consciousness. We are free to choose.

  4. Hi Earth

    When I read your reply my first thought was ” It doesn’t make me uncomfortable ” but then I remember what my meditation showed me which is ” I am of the west, born into Catholicism and intrinsically of dualistic thought. ” and you are right. My first instinct is to deny such a thing, which further shows my dualist view point.

    1) How does buddhism explain demonic possession, since buddhism says that there is not a soul?

    The same way we explain rebirth: a number of mental and physical processes that collectively form a person or any other sentient being for that matter. A hostile non-physical entity likewise lacks any absolute autonomous soul or self.

    There is much to learn, thank you for leading me towards that forum on my journey.


  5. “As the book explains, while the Catholic Church has dispensed with antiquated teachings around Purgatory”

    What? Really? When did this happen?

    Like Yoga Genesis I’m a skeptic mostly but I do think there are things “out there” that can’t be explained. Probably why I loved The X-Files so much when it was on. On the other hand, based on your review, even though the book sounds fascinating I’m not so sure I want to read it – too scary to think about.

    • I was scared reading it!

      The teachings of Purgatory as a process versus as an actual place were ratified by Pope John Paul II in 1999.

      • Ah that makes sense – I graduated Catholic school in 1994… and promptly stopped paying attention to what the Pope was saying.

  6. searchingforfernando

    I stumbled on this book in 1991, and I consider it the most important book I’ve ever read, and the best money I’ve ever spent. I don’t think I could have made it through the last twenty-two years without it. I have lent out my copy so many times, it’s now in tatters. Many people have told me the same thing you said: they could not read it at night. Some (who I thought needed to read it the most) returned it to me after reading a few pages. They just couldn’t handle it. Later, when I found David Icke, what he had to say about reptilians didn’t come as such a shock because I had heard it from the Warrens years earlier. God Bless them for all the work they have done. They never charged anyone for putting their lives on the line. These folks were (and in Lorraine’s case, are) the real thing, but they never sought out the limelight like the pretenders do. And they were always marginalized by the mainstream media, just as all the genuine people who work for the forces of light are.

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