The Lynchpins which could bring the House of Cards down

lynchpin – a central cohesive source of support and stability

I’ll be upfront, I think Julian Assange is one attractive hottie who actually has his brain and his heart in the right place.

Bad boy Julian Assange

Bad boy Julian Assange

His geeky background in mathematics and eventually, hacking is not uncommon among the computer set. But what I find interesting about him is that he used those skills to become quite a formidable  code breaker. By founding Wikileaks,  and allowing government and military personnel anonymously deposit sensitive information and documents, Assange has routinely outed the underbelly of power the world over, from Kenya to Pakistan and most importantly, the United States of America.

Glamazon: Argentina’s President Cristina Kirchner, Hilary Clinton questioned her mental capacity in one Wikileaks diplomatic cables which went public

It was the courage and the conscience of Private Bradley Manning which led to Wikileaks getting their hands on that infamous video of an American Apache helicopter openly shooting and killing innocent civilians and injuring children. They were not “terrorists” as many American military hicks seem to automatically think of anyone with a darker complexion and with bit of facial hair and an Arabic sounding name. They were actually reporters from the Reuters News Agency. This video alone caused outrage the world over, including back at home and energized the anti-war movement.

The Emperor hates to be told that he has no clothes on.  If it’s actually proven that he has no clothes on, he will go ballistic.

Action by the United States was swift and sweeping. Bradley Manning has been wasting away in a military prison for nearly 2 years now, borderline tortured, kept naked in a freezing prison cell, forbidden to speak to anyone and in solitary confinement and until recently, under regular suicide watch. While his trial is still ongoing and under extreme secrecy, if he is found guilty of “aiding the enemy”, he faces the death penalty.

Assange, has always been a bit of a bad boy.  With his prematurely white hair, youthful face, sartorial style, intelligence, subversive line of work and bad ass attitude, Assange cuts a striking figure, it’s easy to see why the ladies are attracted to him (Hell, I’d date him if I could).

Dude wears a suit and scarf very well, methinks.

He had his way with a few ladies in Sweden, it was consensual sex, someone forgot the condom, two ladies found out that Julian had played both within a span of 3 or 4 days, some feelings got hurt, all hell broke loose. He was charged with rape.

Anna Ardin, one of Assange’s accusers, has recently started to backtrack

He was arrested in Britain and for 500 days had an electronic device attached to him to monitor all his activities. He went down to Occupy London a few times, he even got his own show on RT which included some fantastic interviews with people like the leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, Noam Chomsky and Tariq Ali, Imran Khan and Slavoj Žižek . The British intelligentsia and journalists positively loathed him.

Assange was forced to take off his Anonymous mask at Occupy London

The British establishment are a very jealous and selfish lot.  Here was this brash Aussie who came in out of nowhere, was not a member of the old boys public school/Ox-bridge network  and got the scoop of a lifetime and made all of them look  like the insipid, spineless courtiers to power that they all are.

An apt representation of most British and American mainstream journalists

When the British courts found him guilty (and anyone with even a pea-brain can realize that all this had to do with American pressure and politicking) he was to be extradited to Sweden to face these trumped-up charges of rape. Of course, that’s just the excuse for the Americans to get their hands on him and put him in the same hole as Bradley Manning. Republican politicians have openly called for his execution. Assange took refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, the one country which has offered him political asylum.  And now it looks like London’s Foreign Office  is looking to invoke a rare, and little known law to revoke the diplomatic status of Ecuador’s embassy to get Assange and it is causing quite the international diplomatic dogfight.

The story does not end here. Assange’s fate is the true wild card.

His is widely respected and even revered in the hacking community for some of his earlier code breaking work.  The majority of the truly inspired hackers in the world hang out at 4chang’s /b/ board and when Amazon, Mastercard, Visa and Paypal refused to process donations to Wikileaks anymore, it was these talented hackers who virtually brought their respective websites and operations to a complete standstill. Any harm to Assange is a call to arms to hackers the world over.

many of the hackers at Anonymous are completely behind Assange.

Julian is no fool. With his background in mathematics, probability and game theory, he came up with a Plan B, a Plan C all the way through to Z in case of his eventual imprisonment and even death (deliberate, accidental, staged, planned or otherwise). He has said that if even a single hair on his head is harmed, he will release the final code to over 100 000 hackers all over the world, a so-called Poison Pill file, the final code which will release even more secretive and damning information which Wikileaks has been sitting on and the information is apparently so explosive and so dangerous, that it,  in essence will be enough to bring down governments, military and multinational corporations. It will name names. It will point fingers directly. It will give incontestable proof.

Bye-bye house of cards

If that code goes out, the real shit will hit the fan and the whole house of cards will fall.  Which is why Assange to some degree is still alive; the CIA could have easily gotten rid of him a long time ago if they really wanted to.

Love him or hate him, Assange is the lynchpin to power the Elites wished never existed and who they wish they could do away with easily. Since neither is going to happen now, they are all now walking on eggshells and the world knows it.

Walking on eggshells can’t be a nice feeling, can it?

And that’s a good thing 🙂

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4 thoughts on “The Lynchpins which could bring the House of Cards down

  1. kezalu

    I think it’s embarassing that our own Australian Government are doing nothing to assist Julian Assange. They are just dusting their hands off the problem as though it doesn’t matter to us at all. Then again, they can’t seem to handle the issue of asylum seekers looking for refuge here either.

    • It’s not just Australia, out of the entire world community only tiny Ecuador came up to bat for Assange, not even Switzerland or other so-called neutral countries. It seems the biggest bully in the schoolyard, the US, has marked him and everyone is running away from the bully.

  2. I always wondered why Assange was still alive and now I know. To be honest I thought he was working for the PTB at first but as this rumbles on its becoming clearer he’s not. Fair play to the man he must have nerves of steel and balls made out of granite.

    • A lot of people in the conspiracy research world think Wikileaks and Assange were some sort of front for the PTB, it’s that secret file which is keeping Assange alive and I know Anonymous are watching this case extremely closely. I would never want to mess with those guys.

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