Change? Umm…not quite

Tomorrow is 9-11.

11 years to that fateful day when all hell broke loose and the Neo-conservative  hounds were unleashed on the world. I’ll be very upfront here, I’m one of the “conspiracy-weirdos” who do think 911 was an inside job. To me, it’s just a question of time before some crucial piece of undeniable evidence falls into place and the whole bloody thing is called out on and exposed for the world to see. Just like some nasty, hard-core, triple X sex video involving George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice proving they had something going on right underneath everyone’s noses. I can’t wait for *that* day.

11 years on and no one seems any wiser and we look like we’re about to repeat history again for the umpteenth time. Just replace the “Q” with the “N” in Ira_ and you’ll see what I mean. Our fucktard Prime Minister Stephen Harper has officially cut off all diplomatic relations with Iran, closing our embassy in Tehran and kicking out Iranian diplomats out of Canada.

Birds of a jerky feather, flocking together.

This got me thinking about the real nature of “change”. Do people really change? I personally don’t think they do unless they have no other choice and are forced to, like a smoker who suddenly develops emphysema, or a drinker who loses her liver or a domestic rapist who  gets  his member cut off. I know that sounds a bit harsh and by no means do I advocate these mechanisms of “change” but I have to wonder about human beings sometimes.

Would this picture make a smoker change their habits?

We’re creatures of habit, we actually don’t like to change things too much. Next to divorce, changing jobs and changing marital status are listed as the biggest stressors in life. Who hasn’t seen their friends complain about a particular idiot boyfriend or girlfriend who breaks up with them to only see these same friends date another specimen of the exact same variety, over and over again? And complain about that new person, over and over again? No interior work whatsoever in between. Or what about friends and neighbors who complain that they hate their back yard or their jobs yet when you give them some concrete suggestions which might make them happier, suddenly there’s a rationalization why things aren’t *that* bad after all and that they will manage. And a few weeks later, the complaints start up again? I’ve learned to listen with only one ear now. People who really want to change themselves and their lives for the better, don’t talk about it, they go out there and do it.

I suppose the same can be said of governments, only with money and power involved, the intentions get much more sinister and the motives are driven by self-interest.  Look at the push for biotech and the rush to map out the genome of practically every living thing on this planet. The popular press and politicians make it sound like if we can just do that, we’ll have medical discoveries literally at our fingertips and cures will be found within months for a whole plethora of illnesses. Sounds benevolent and grandiose and amazing, right? Hardly.

The push for the Human Genome is not for entirely altruistic and benevolent reasons.

The push for any sort of technological development, particularly in the West, has always been motivated by military defense and profit. That includes the internet which came out of military technology. That the internet could have all these uses for the public was a secondary and tertiary thought. If this paper by the ultra-conservative Project for the New American Century is anything to go by, the push to  map out the human genome is a push to develop weapons which attack specific genotypes to militarily control, kill or use those population groups. That’s all investing into biotech companies  will lead to.  And people keep doing it so they can keep making money and a mute, comfortable public stays quiet and hardly puts up a  fight. Where’s the change there?

I hate Neocons.

11 years on and the world looks like it is about to repeat themselves all over again and I don’t think humanity learned anything at all. Change is hard and difficult, I’ll admit that. If there was one thing that yoga did teach me is that holding some uncomfortable poses/asanas showed me where I was weak and inflexible in my body and it was hard and difficult to change those bits and pieces. It still is. But it also taught me that change is much easier to manage when I direct it rather than wait around for someone else to direct or impose that change on me. It becomes much more powerful still when I can see the changes in me reflected in the group and circumstances around me as well.

It still hurts when I do this pose, especially the balancing version.

Wake up, people. It’s all nice and dandy  when you say that you want to be the change that you want to see. It’s another thing entirely when there’s a clock timing all of us  somewhere.

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