The Sky is Falling…sort of

I think the Ascension-process chickens have finally come home to roost.

Like Henny Penny, the sky seems to be falling for many folks these days.

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but it would seem every second friend of mine these days has now gone on extended sick leave or is having some sort of a nervous breakdown. One friend, a fine gal who is a die-hard atheist, who often disagrees with me on my interests in spiritual matters, finally had all her feelings which she ignored or suppressed for 20 years, come raging back. She’s now going through an emotional breakdown, is ditching her job and her apartment and making last minute plans to return to her family overseas. Another friend has finally committed herself to psychotherapy after years of meaningless sexual hook-ups via online dating sites. It’s not the fact that they have issues, I think we all do, but I find the fact that so many people are undergoing these dramatic releases at about the same time to be mighty interesting.

Imagine three tree-planters at the foot of a hill. Each has a bag of saplings off all sorts, birch, pine, maple, apple and ash.
Planter A decides to plant birch first, here and there, going up the hill until reaching the top. Then returns to the bottom and starts on the pine and repeats the process for each type of tree.

Tree planting is very laborious work.

Planter B decides to take their time and plants each sapling on a rotating basis, first birch, then pine, then maybe apple, then ash etc taking a slower route to the top but by the time he gets to the top, he’s totally done.

Cool dude, Johnny Appleseed

Planter C decides that planting trees is a fruitless endeavor and that the astrological climate these days is good to eat, drink and be merry. Besides, that’s what everyone else is doing so why not join in?

Ibiza party-goers, an apt representation of people who are clueless.

Suddenly there’s a flash flood, and days of constant rain. The sides of the hills with trees remain sturdy and strong. The roots of the saplings have taken hold and help to keep the ground firm.

Roots are always going to keep the ground strong.

The side of the hill with no trees gets a complete soaking, the ground softens up and a mudslide develops, sweeping away the homes in the valley below.

This is NOT what you want to see happening in your life.

Life problems are like those strong rains which threaten to sweep away everything in it’s wake. Dealing with your issues is like planting trees up that hill, it makes you stronger for when the rains do come. You can either do it slowly or quickly. Go too quickly like Planter A, and then you realize there’s still more to do. Go slowly and constantly like Planter B and realize that when it’s done, it’s truly done. There is ALWAYS a cost for whatever trauma or drama we go through. We humans are a tripartite of components, physical, emotional, spiritual, and whether you want to admit it or not, the three are intimately tied and bound up with one another and it surprises me to no end that this isn’t hammered into our heads as a part of our upbringing and education.

It would seem that these are the days when things are being revealed and coming up to the surface. It’s like the river Vistula in Warsaw, Poland. It’s presently at it’s lowest level in over 200 years, which is now exposing all sorts of interesting artifacts and relics from ages past, which under normal circumstances would be covered by water.

I don’t think it has anything to do with December 21, 2012. David Icke, Inelia Benz and Stuart Wilde are now all saying that it’s part of a larger pattern of shifting which will continue towards 2016-17 and beyond.

I think it’s all meant to shake people out of their lethargy and finally get real with themselves so that they can then start to get real with everyone else around them. When the entire planet finally wakes up like this, that’s exactly when the real catalyst for change will happen, no sooner, no later.

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