SOLD OUT – David Icke, Oct 27th at Wembley Arena, Streaming live

I wish I could fly over to London for the weekend of October 27th.

In case you haven’t heard, David Icke will be presenting that day at Wembley Arena. No, not some church basement, not some small community center or a local town hall assembly room. Wembley Arena. As in     12 500 seats. The sort of venue where serious rock concerts take place.

He has sold out the venue, I’m nearly positive it will mark the beginning of the mainsteam-ification of conspiracy theory and theorists alike. And I don’t mean the “X-Files” variety either. I hope he sells out if only to flash a giant middle-finger to the establishment and the powers-that-be.

The Outlaw himself, Johnny Cash, flipping the bird.

I’m not going to go over Icke’s story since there are now thousands of YouTube videos which go over it already and in his own words, but his journey to Wembley has been a circuitous one to say the least. Aside from being the laughing stock of England for years and being publicly dismissed as a quack from all sorts of people and groups like the BBC (his former employer), Icke has been proven correct more often than wrong. While his earlier work did jump on the 2012 meme, he has nonetheless evolved in his views and his writings. He’s not just the “Reptilian Guy” anymore.

I remember when Alex Jones trashed Icke for his work around the Reptilians in the beginning. From what I understand, things were cleared up between them and now Icke shows up on Jone’s show almost every other month. Icke’s ideas around elite secret societies, a global cabal, the orchestration of “problems” to instigate manufactured wars (i.e 9-11 was an inside job), one world government, one world army, one world bank, the reduction of human rights and free speech, chemtrails, the dumbing down of the population through food and water as well as TV and radio, have indirectly inspired countless Hollywood films, TV shows like “Ancient Aliens”, books and story lines.

You’d be surprised to know who pays attention to Icke, they include the likes of comedian Louis CK, (until recently )rock band Muse, Russell Brand, British MP George Galloway and Bill Maher. If they actually agree with him is a different matter, I suppose.

I remember first coming across Icke in 1999, when I found his book “The Biggest Secret” at a local New Age bookshop. I didn’t buy the book but flipped through a few chapters and thought that I pretty much agreed with everything there but the Reptilians, at the time. I got more involved with other teachings and books but I always knew who he was after that. When his videos started circulating on the internet , more and more of what he said started making sense to me on a purely intuitive level. The verification came afterwards.

The first time I ever heard of David Icke was after I came across this book.

I think the Icke gravy-train really picked up speed after 9-11. That’s when the world started to really question things “en masse”. The fake war in Iraq, the fake Weapons of Mass Destruction sealed it for many after that and it hasn’t stopped since. There has been a proliferation of conspiracy research in the last 10 years as well as radio shows, TV talk shows, online radio, videos etc. Some of it is really good like Red Ice Radio. Some of it is really bad, but I’ll give them marks for trying. All of them owe a debt to Icke since he is the one to have started the whole thing off.

With the very recent disclosure of the paedophilia and necrophiliac sex habits of England’s own modern day “saint” Jimmy Savile, along with his close ties to the British Establishment (including the Royal Family) and BBC top brass, Icke has proven to be right once again. (For North American readers, Jimmy Savile is the British equivalent of Dick Clark of “American Bandstand” fame.)

I’m pretty sure Wembley Arena will be crawling with plainclothes MI5 agents, taking down names, taking pictures and whatnot given that “conspiracy theorists” are the new terrorists according to the American government. Who cares? I’d still go if I could make it to London,  I sure as hell bought my voucher today so that I can watch and listen through the livesteam. I’m really looking forward to the new information. Hope you guys are too.

Godspeed and good luck David!

Turkish amulet for protection against the evil eye

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2 thoughts on “SOLD OUT – David Icke, Oct 27th at Wembley Arena, Streaming live

  1. I stumbled across Icke’s Headlines not long after 9/11, when I was trying to make sense of what was obviously a scam of colossal proportions. I could relate to his Reptilian “theory” because it made perfect sense on a symbolic or mythological level, but wondered then and still do if it’s literally true. It’s a moot point, though, since I believe we all live in largely mythological worlds anyway. A few years later I was able to buy one of his books – Infinite Love is the Only Reality. A lot of us who discovered him after 9/11 have stuck with him because so much of what he says strikes a chord. Take or leave his more “out there” beliefs, he’s a brave person and much of what he says is hard to dismiss if your mind is open just a crack. I read somewhere that his Headlines pages rank up there just below Google, Amazon and the other highest ranking websites and way above mainstream news sites. That’s encouraging.

    • I don’t know if it’s actually David himself or if he has a webmaster who collects the news items they post daily in the Headlines section of his website, but who ever it is, they do a kick-ass job of it. I think I read somewhere that Icke gets something like 65 000 hits a day on his website, far and away higher than any other New Age/conspiracy website out there.

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