When Brands fail

I think he’s smelling his own bullshit here…

Nike, and just about all of his sponsors have dropped him like a hot potato since all this doping business has been busted.
I’m not surprised in the least. I never liked him to begin with and couldn’t stand his arrogance. While everyone went crazy a couple of years ago grabbing up his ugly yellow bracelet for his Livestong Charity, the Europeans have always despised him. To them, it was the worst-kept secret that he was doping up and all this fanfare of him surviving cancer and winning multiple Tour de France races was nothing more than a giant show.

The lesson here boys and girls, is that you should never fall for hype.

It wasn’t just his arrogance which turned me off from Day 1. I think it says a lot about a guy who leaves his wife and 3 kids who stuck by his side while he went through his cancer and then ditched them  on the eve of his celebritydom to go date songstress Sheryl Crow. He then ditched Sheryl Crow when her breast cancer was diagnosed. It was so obvious this guy was and is a status whore. So Armstrong is now going through what happened to Tiger Woods a few years ago after his excessive cheating and marital infidelities came out.

Lance and Sheryl with that bracelet again.

I don’t understand why people become so shocked when the true colors of celebutards and public figures are revealed. Many of them are dirt-bags to begin with and have very seedy private lives. That’s why they have a tiny army of publicists, high-powered lawyers, fashion stylists, plastic surgeons, personal trainers, voice coaches and public relations firms as well as force their nannies, maids, drivers, personal security guards and even former lovers to sign very litigious and penalizing non-disclosure contracts with very strict secrecy clauses. I think it was the British photographer Cecil Beaton who once said that daylight must never fall on magic. His point being that the illusion of glamour and magic must be maintained at all costs and the public should never know what the reality is behind the illusion.

Do you really think someone who is healthy should have hands as veiny and skeletal as these?

No need to list the media moguls, sports stars, movie stars, politicians who have all fallen from grace in recent years. There will be much more to come, I’m sure. Even a quick visit to Perez Hilton’s gossip blog will satiate anyone’s curiosity. I do think it says something about us as a society and possibly, a civilization which believes so much and relies so much on illusions, image and…hype. I think what it boils down to is a temporary suspension of critical thinking to believe a myth, an idea etc. The pressure for us to fall for it is everywhere, it assaults us daily and from all directions. Whether it’s for trying to steal your vote, get your hard-earned cash or fall for a certain ideology.
It even tries to get you, the private citizen, to engage in it yourself. Recently I joined LinkedIn  the professional career networking version of FaceBook. Job-searching and networking are all about “branding yourself” now. You have to create a brand for yourself in order to market yourself to potential “buyers” (i.e clients or employers). Going through LinkedIn is now like going through a human version of the Sears catalogue. You don’t see the human being anymore, but just a list of superlative adjectives describing skill sets like “Excellent Problem Solver” or “Effective Negotiator”. The whole thing seems dehumanizing, contrived and somehow…sad.
In my humble opinion, I think all these things are doomed to fail eventually. All that really matters in the end is the truth.
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2 thoughts on “When Brands fail

  1. You’re right on many accounts and at the end of the day I think the main problem is our naive expectations of others, which we also take on ourselves, and the refusal to acknowledge that we all have the CAPACITY to be big fat jerks. I have never been a fan of Armstrong, but I find the whole media circus redundant. Strip his titles, boot him from his endorsements and foundation and move on. Why do we dwell so much on people’s misery and failings? We are all are wildly fallible and while I wouldn’t care to be friends with someone like this, what he/she/they do in their personal life is none of my business. The gossip mongering and media attention given to all this tripe is boring. False prophets are everywhere so live your life, tune inwards, be the best person you can be, get up and keep moving when you fall and be assertive along the way.

    • I’m with Professor Chomsky when he said that things like the entertainment industry, professional sports, gossip rags are basically all distractions to keep people occupied with these meaningless things so they are too distracted to focus on things that really *do* matter and impact on our quality of life, like civil rights, freedom of speech, freedom of press, our own spiritual and intellectual development etc. That’s why there’s a corrosion of our rights in many areas while at the same time a proliferation of useless cable channels, I’m sure. Timothy Leary got it when he said “turn on, tune in, and drop out”

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