Things are cooking up across the pond….

This Jimmy Savile pedophilia scandal has breached the dams and it just won’t go away now. While his victims are now in the hundreds and coming forward in droves by the day, the net of the scandal seems to be getting wider and wider by the day and implicating more and more people of the British establishment.

Isn’t it curious that the Royal Family has stayed silent during this entire scandal, despite being “close friends” with Jimmy? So much so that he was invited up to Balmoral, the Queen’s summer residence a few times and was the go-between guy when Charles and Diana’s marriage was on the rocks.

How the hell does a vulgar coal miner-turned radio DJ- turned TV personality get be chummy with the likes of Lord Mountbatten, Prince Charles and Prince Phillip?

The venerable BBC are now on their knees. Top BBC brass are now being accused of killing programs which could have exposed Savile sooner and that there may have been “outside intervention” to stop the programs being aired. Some are even saying the Royals may have had something to do with it. BBC staff were also quite aware of Savile’s predilection for very young girls and abusing them in his dressing room in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s but looked the other way. What this is, is institutional enabling of a known sexual predator.
What is also shows is how dirty these charities and hospitals were for allowing this monster to abuse oftentimes, extremely vulnerable kids in half-way houses of kids who were physically unable to defend themselves because of their medical conditions. Why? Because of the millions these institutions benefited which Savile brought with him through his charity fundraisers. It was a deal with the devil. They got the money they wanted while a few kids whom they deemed to be unworthy of protection and negligible were abused. Many are still suffering, decades afterwards.

Savile’s tombstone has been removed.

Savile’s family has removed his tombstone, a wise move in light of the scandal. But it doesn’t stop there. Ben Fellows, a former child actor has maintained that pedophilia and sexual abuse of minors is rampant in the entertainment industry. He’s even said that British Cabinet Minister Ken Clarke fondled him. In recent days, he’s been told to remove his comments, which he refuses to. You can read his rebuttal and his reasons here.

Ben Fellows got it on all sides.

And now a former British Prime Minister has been implicated as well. Almost.
British MP Tom Watson, the one who doggedly pursued the Rupert Murdoch phone hacking scandal has silenced Parliament today by asking: “The evidence file used to convict pedophile Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear evidence of a widespread pedophile ring…One of its members boasts of his links to a senior aide of a former prime minister who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad.”
(That thud you just heard is David Cameron shitting bricks.)

Not having a good week, are you?

For those of you who follow Icke and other conspiracy research websites, this one will not be a hard one to figure out. It’s the late (never married) Edward Heath.

Jimmy Savile and Edward Heath – disgusting dirty old men.

Things are now getting mighty interesting, no? That they should be coming to light especially now is quite remarkable. My guess is that when the fire gets to close to burn, the establishment will orchestrate something to deflect people’s attention away from them, like a bomb attack on Iran  or a false-flag attack on Israel or something. I say don’t take your eyes off the ball, not for a second.

I remember reading an interesting line years ago in Knut Hamsun‘s book, “The Growth of the Soil”: Good things mostly leave no trace, but something always comes of evil.

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8 thoughts on “Things are cooking up across the pond….

  1. kezalu

    This was an almost daily topic when I was in the UK. Every day another person came forward to say they were abused by Savile. I only caught the news briefly as I was travelling, but I always saw something on this. I heard someone comment one morning over the news item that it wasn’t fair to bring these accusations up when the man was dead and unable to answer for himself. But like you say, it just shows how corrupt the industry is that Savile got away with this for so many years and so many children, and yet it’s obvious that it was no secret.

    Over here in Oz we had a former child actor come forward to say she was abused by her on screen father in a popular sitcom. Needless to say we were all shocked by this accusation. When she complained about this man during the production of the show, it was dusted over and she was ignored. Some of the other cast members tried to protect her, but the thing is others higher up were quite aware of this but didn’t want attention brought to it because they had a hit show. This same man is being extradited from London to answer the charges all these years later. It doesn’t help though that this young girl had to go through this when she was too defenceless to do anything about it and that others knew exactly what was going on but chose to let it go. She’s an adult now and can at least stand up for herself, but it wasn’t without risk to her own reputation. Fortunately she has some backing now from others who witnessed it or experienced it as well and are willing to speak up. But it shows you what a sick world we live in. And for the sake of what? We should be protecting our children.

    Good and important post.

    • This is what I don’t understand and constantly makes my brain fart: how can people who on one hand be exceptionally bright and make it to the top tiers of power, privilege or their chosen professional and yet, on the other hand be engaged in this type of behavior? It’s beyond disgusting abusing vulnerable kids sexually. There has to be something missing in the psychic make-up of these individuals.

  2. An important post illustrating the beautiful butterfly effect…

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