The Tide has Turned

It looks like the mainstream media have finally decided to pay attention to conspiracy theory wackos. I’ve already written about the Jimmy Savile scandal which is continuing to rock the UK, down to the very roots of The Establishment, and like some kind of mutant octopus, the tentacles seem to be reaching wider and wider and involving more and more politicians, past and present. I’ve also written about how researchers like David Icke, Michael Tsarion and Chris Everard have been saying for years how widespread child sexual abuse is among the upper echelons of society but they were always dismissed as crazy conspiracy theorists.

Turning of the Tide

Now it looks like the public are waking up and have decided to give the middle finger to the mainstream media outlets. Since last week’s Wembley event, traffic has substantially increased to websites like Icke’s, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Drudge Report and Coast to Coast. The mainstream media are finally paying attention to the fact that the general public aren’t paying attention to them anymore (read: less circulation, less $) but are listening to the likes of Icke et al. The UK’s “Express” and the Huffington Post recently ran articles citing Icke in non-negative, less dismissive even half-civil terms.

Clips of the Wembley event are now showing up on YouTube if anyone is interested to watch. I watched the entire event and while most of the information wasn’t anything new, there was more information regarding theories around the Earth’s second sun, which Gnostic and the ancient Egyptians maintained we had (Icke calls it the Saturn matrix) and the cataclysms which affected mankind afterwards, like the separation of twin souls and the loss of our psychic and spiritual powers. One thing I did detect very strongly during the Wembley event was Icke’s exasperation and frustration for more people to wake up. Personally, I get it. It’s about the transference of power and control from a privileged few into the hands of all and that when the power balance shifts, *that’s* the exact moment that something truly transformational can take place.

Chris Hedges has pointed out in several of his interviews that when he was covering the fall of the Communist block countries in the late 1980’s, it was once the police and security apparatus of the state like the STASI of East Germany, switched sides and sided with the people that a communist dictator like Erich Honecker could only stay in power for a mere week before he was booted out. The same thing happened to Nicolae Ceaușescu in Romania. I’m going to go further than that; I think that once the security and intelligence apparatus, the media, and the judicial system switch sides to side with the citizenry en masse, then it becomes a tsunami which cannot be held back.

Professor Noam Chomsky rightly pointed out that the civil rights movement was not just Martin Luther King Jr. but rather men and women whose names we will never know who were constantly working all the time who helped to bring about the civil right movement. Likewise, for all conspiracy theory sympathizers, UFO enthusiasts, neighborhood eccentrics, quirky alones, New Agers, anarchists, yogis, spiritualists, nonconformists, free-thinkers, vegans, teetotalers, ayahuasca users, post-modern hippies, dreamers, inventors, astrologers, numerologists, Sufis, Gnostic, alchemists, Reiki healers, naturopaths, homeopaths, shamans and shamans in training, DON’T STOP, not even for a second. Keep pushing.

It’s showtime.

In a recent interview, Icke said that he will be decreasing his travels and public lectures outside the UK substantially from now on (at 21:20- 24:00). I can’t say I blame him, he’s now 60 years old and he’s paid his dues, he’s earned his right to stay at home and enjoy his family and the fruits of his labors. To David himself, I’d say this: don’t get flustered about all people not waking up. We’re at that point now that people have to make their choices and that window will not stay open for long, they either will want to get with the program or they don’t, they’re either ready for it or they’re not, they can continue living under this false peace and false illusion or decide to break out of it. Those who are ready will show themselves up.

These sorts of openings never last for very long. (“Window to Another World” by Hayley Knowles)

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2 thoughts on “The Tide has Turned

  1. searchingforfernando

    Like David Icke, I also “woke-up” in 1990. I have great admiration and respect for him, and I’ve been purchasing his books for years. I wish I could have been at Wembley. However, I believe David is incorrect in that a mass awakening of humanity will disintegrate the NWO. This thing we are living through was never supposed to be a “mass awakening”. In the not too distant future, when the NWO is finally vanquished and the Golden Age begins, the vast majority of souls on earth right now, will no longer be in their physical bodies. Meanwhile, “the awakening” will continue as it has for years, a trickle of souls at a time, although that stream has become enlarged in the past few years. All have a chance to make it into the Golden Age, IF one is willing to do the hard, personal work on themselves that it requires. No-one is going to save your ass. There will be no (invented) Rapture, no rescue by UFOs or ‘The Masters’, no rescue by ‘mass awakening’.

    December 12th 2012 is NOT the end date for the Mayan Calendar. My husband is a Mayan from Guatemala. In 2008 we traveled to Chichicastenango (ground-zero for the Mayan religion) and spoke with Mayan curanderos (shamen). Even they no longer know when the end date is, but it is soon. The Mayan Calendar has never been properly translated into the Gregorian Calendar, and probably never will be.The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA, invented that date as the end date for the Mayan Calendar way back in the 1970’s, and has been seeding it into popular culture ever since. Which begs the question: why would they do that? We will find out soon enough.

  2. Jose Arguelles was the one who started off the Dec.21, 2012 meme in California, I think it started off with the Harmonic Convergence on Mount Shasta back in 1987 with a 25 year lead-up to 2012. I understand many of the Mayan Elders are pretty pissed off these days and how the whole thing has been hijacked and misinterpreted.

    My own feeling is that we all have our individual work to do. There is no cavalry coming to the rescue, I also doubt what a lot of New Agers say about us suddenly transforming into crystal bodies or rainbow bodies. It maybe a transformation in perception for all I know. I just don’t see things continuing as they are for the next 20, 50, 100 years. Something’s gotta give.

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