Why the Ascension process can sometimes feel like you’re on the “Island of Misfit Toys”

The Misfit Toys

I don’t know what it’ s like in your neck of the woods, but the second Halloween is over, malls and stores start putting up their Christmas stuff up already and the malls are filled with the muzak versions of “Frosty the Snowman” playing on the PA system. (I personally wish the industrialized West would follow the lead of Sweden, where anything Christmas-related is illegal in public spaces until December 1st. Three weeks is more than enough time to get your Christmas shopping done and put up your decorations, I think.)

Shopping in malls with thousands of other stressed shoppers can be hellish.

Being non-Christian, Christmas as a kid basically always meant that school was off for a week or two, extra time at the hill tobogganing,

the Christmas gift exchange and of course, the holiday cartoons.

Nowadays, it means dinners with extended family and having to sit through and listen to conversations revolving around real estate prices, private school for the kids, pregnancies, investments, home renovations and the last episode of Dr.Phil. In other words, I have nothing to say or add nor have any interest whatsoever. I’m bored and start watching the clock to see when I can leave without looking too rude.

I wanna go home!

It’s not just Christmas or Thanksgiving. It’s every time you’re in a group of people when everyone starts talking about stuff you just can’t relate to anymore, even with friends. After talking about this with a few, close friends. It seems that there is a group of us who are deliberately withdrawing. Many websites are talking about how part of this Ascension process is about realizing how much you’ve changed, how your old patterns and old relationships no longer work, how you can’t relate to your old friends and family anymore.

Going in a different direction…

Now, sometimes that process really sucks, it’s a lonely and isolating feeling to realize that you no longer fit in the group anymore.

One friend likened it to a veil lifting and some of us are starting to see things differently and detecting people’s motives behind the words very easily. That means instinctively pulling away from some people because it gets harder as she put it, “to live the bullshit beside the bullshitters anymore”. And just with some people, old hobbies, old interests, don’t resonate like they used to. Her theory is that the world contains many of us feeling the pull and becoming unable to function in the current “normal” society.

Remember the Bird Fish, a toy bird who swims instead of flies or the misfit cowboy who rode an ostrich instead of a horse or Trainer, a train with square wheels on its caboose? It can feel like you’re one of the toys from the Island of Misfit Toys, from that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer claymation Rankin/Bass holiday special.

Maybe it is part of the whole 2012 thingamajiggy, I don’t know. I’m posting this to possibly see how widespread this is, let me know. Thoughts?

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9 thoughts on “Why the Ascension process can sometimes feel like you’re on the “Island of Misfit Toys”

  1. D Brown

    Yes, totally resonate with all the above: I have seemingly detached from Christmas. Last year didn’t buy any presents and opted out of the traditional, family Christmas dinner… and it felt good, even liberating, not to be part of the Yuletide madness.

    Time spent with family and old or lifelong friends just doesn’t feel good anymore. I either feel like I’m acting from a script, just saying things to appease or comply (which just feels wrong, wrong, wrong), or I’m constantly standing my corner and I don’t really have the will or inclination to do it anymore… Square peg round hole!

  2. Linda-Sama

    welcome to my world. and it’s been like that for years. thanks so much for this!

  3. I feel the same way on certain points, especially when I get around with people that I haven’t seen for 15-20 years. I think I have really narrowed down the people, groups I want to keep close to myself for the last 10 years, but some keep coming up. Maybe a completion needs to be addressed or there’s some unfinished business going on there, I don’t know. With some though, I’m at a point of total rejection. Otherwise that Rageasaurus you were talking about keeps bugging me continuously. With others, I still have some tolerance and something to share – I think. But when I reach to my gut and see with the inner eye that something feels off, I let go. Right now I feel I’m moving towards the Dragon’s Head, my North Node so to speak, but that’s just a part of it. The rest is a matter of evolving or just being fixated on the same stuff for decades or a lifetime.

  4. “… this Ascension process is about realizing how much you’ve changed, how your old patterns and old relationships no longer work, how you can’t relate to your old friends and family anymore”

    I wish I could find a small island off the coast where I could meet like minded people. This dissolving of everything I thought I knew is without doubt the strangest white knuckle ride I have ever experienced…

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  6. Totally relate to this. My awakening began last year, and on some days I feel like an alien wandering around this planet. I can’t talk about my experiences with anyone I know because they don’t seem to have a clue what I’m talking about. It’s very isolating and ends up making me feel even more lonely and upset when people don’t have a clue how to respond to half of what I say. I also feel like I can more easily pick up on the negative energy and emotions of others, which makes me want to avoid them. Waking up while the majority continue sleeping is a strange experience for sure.

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