Fortitude doesn’t come in a leather purse on Black Friday

Stuart Wilde wrote a fantastic piece a few days ago on his blog on emotional and spiritual fortitude:

As you go quietly amid the waste and you are still and you release your fear of death, a huge shift takes place, but one other thing has to happen for you to acquire real fortitude, real silent power. You have to give up on your desire for foppish things, the act of striving and wanting things of little value that cause you to lean forward etherically, all of which destroy the integrity of your power. The man or woman that wants nothing from life is in control of self, they have no yearning or needs that they can’t easily and quietly fulfill for themselves, so their stand in Zen way at one and at peace with themselves and with all things.

Once you have settled your mind into a quiet acceptance, a reconciliation that says you are happy with what you have and your circumstances right now (even if they are not a good as they could be), and once you are not struggling with circumstances, then a celestial calm descends upon you and that calm will intensify as time progresses. But you have to stand straight etherically and not get sucked into situations that are untenable or emotionally fraught.

 – Stuart Wilde

What Stuie is writing about here is about mature acceptance and letting go of things to allow the Universe do it’s own thing, that elusive quality which seems to belong to the realm of wise men and women, a quality which has increasingly become as endangered as the Bengal tiger in our day and age.

Attachment is a real bitch and very often striving to want certain things means that the second you get it, you generally don’t want it anymore or end up ignoring it.

Who hasn’t lusted after someone and years later, in hindsight you realized it would have been a disaster to hook up with them?

I wonder how many ladies from the 1950’s freaked out when Rock Hudson came out and eventually died from AIDS.

What girl hasn’t bugged her mom for a certain doll or dress and the moment she gets it, all it does is gather dust sitting in her closet?

Cabbage Patch Kids – remember these?

How many people struggle their whole lives to buy a house with a backyard and driveway and never end up enjoying their property? How many empty swimming pools gurgle away idly in suburban backyards?

How many holiday homes sit empty during long summer weekends? How many marriages are there which are the products of intense physical infatuation or obsession but end up becoming relationships of convenience where the partners end up taking each other for granted or worse?

The late Playboy bunny Dorothy Stratten and her pimp/husband/manager Paul Snider who murdered her.


Remember that TV show from the early 1980’s called “Fantasy Island”? People would go to this strange island to have their fantasies fulfilled to only realize in the end that the fantasy was far more preferable to the reality of the situation. “May all your wishes be granted” was considered to be a curse in ancient China and for good reason. It displays an acute and deep understanding of human nature, of how fickle and changeable it is and how transient it’s interests are.

Even as a kid, I thought this was one creepy show…

Sometimes when I day dream, I think about what I’d do if I suddenly won the mega millions lottery and was freed from work and could pursue a life of leisure. I’d probably buy a wicked cool apartment in Paris, probably in the 16th arrondissment or Montmartre, with a rooftop garden,  

I could get used to this…

a simple summer cottage in either Stromboli, Patmos or Malta surrounded by lemon and blood orange trees and bougainvillea bushes, near a beach where I can go snorkeling or diving everyday,

That works.


…probably go back to school and do graduate work at some fabulous ancient European university like the SorbonneHeidelberg or Bologna in disciplines which are interesting in themselves  like film studies, religious studies or comparative literature and go on crazy road trips to explore this amazing planet, like getting a sturdy Land Rover with a travel partner and go driving from Amsterdam to India or from Alaska to Argentina or from Istanbul to Vladivostok and take our sweet time doing it.

Who wants to travel overland in this across Central Asia?…

Maybe learn a few more languages, learn to play the piano,  learn to dance the tango, take sailing lessons. A few pugs, yoga and Pilates everyday, maybe a plus-one who could pass for Michael Fassbender’s twin (he can stick around as long as he doesn’t bother me too much).

…with him?

 I’d probably end up giving most of it away or set up a few walk-in clinics built for little girls in places where little girls are having a particularly hard time.

I know, it sounds pretentious but I also know that probably within 3-5 years, I’d be bored stiff and looking around for something else to do. It’s easy to see why the kids of the uber-wealthy and famous usually end up as basket-cases. When you never have to worry about wanting something and things are there for the taking, you’ re naturally going to look for the next big thrill to take away the boredom. Like any serious traveler will tell you, it’s the journey itself which counts, the destination is what keeps you going. The wishing is the best part.

On a more practical level, today is Black Friday. The day where you see the worst in human beings as their inner materialist demon comes out to play. It’s far worse in the States where people go straight from Thanksgiving dinner and head out to Walmart or the mall to huddle in line-ups the whole night long in order to stampede through the store the next  morning and stock up on stuff they don’t really need with money they don’t really have.  It has unfortunately spilled over into Canada.

Dude slept outside a Bestbuy in his tent.

I’ve been on the market looking for a decent, but  stylish winter coat, one that I can wear a few years and one of my favorite stores, m0851 are having their sample sale this weekend. This is a very high-end retailer and a place which I shop at sparingly, but to their credit , all their stuff is made in Canada and not China, the quality is amazing and their leather goods last for years and with their simple but streamlined designs, don’t go out of fashion quickly. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to at least go and have a look. If I found something, great, if I didn’t, so what?

Big mistake.


Doors opened at 9am, I was there at 8:30am and the line-up already went around the block. By the time I got in, it was pandemonium everywhere. There is seriously nothing worse that being jostled and trying to find your way through a store with hundreds of crazed women of all ages, pushing and shoving their way through in order to get a leather bag or wallet. At one point, I just stood at the side and watched people closely. People would take pictures on their iphone and wait for responses from friends to buy or not. I saw one woman with at least 10 giant leather bags hanging from her. People would be checking themselves out in the mirror and buying the most inappropriate styles. No clue. It was a vulgarfest. People looked ugly.

You have to give up on your desire for foppish things, the act of striving and wanting things of little value that cause you to lean forward etherically, all of which destroy the integrity of your power.

Without even rummaging or pushing anyone, I found  a perfect coat, hanging in a lonely corner, paid and left. Sometimes all you need to do is put out into the Universe what you really need and then let it go on automatic pilot. Life is a lot easier and far more pleasant when you do stand straight up, and let things come to you instead of you chasing after it all the time. And that could apply to a coat, a house, a lover or your dreams.


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5 thoughts on “Fortitude doesn’t come in a leather purse on Black Friday

  1. Linda-Sama

    thanks for this. I’ve shared both yours and SW’s posts on my FB page. I must say I have never heard of SW and have been pouring over his site!

    • Thanks Linda, Stuie has been around forever, I think way back when, he also used to give talks with Deepak and Wayne Dyer but has long since parted ways with them.

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  3. searchingforfernando

    I consider fortitude, compassion and humility the three ultimate human virtues. The teachings of the New Testament pretty much boils down to these three things. Courage + tenacity + patience = fortitude.

    The flip-side of Christmas mobs fighting over foreign made trinkets, are the sweatshops like the two that just were consumed by flames in Bangladesh. What a sick way to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I quit secular Christmas back in the 1980’s (exchanging gifts, Christmas tree, etc.) when I realized that I was just doing these things because I had been conditioned to do so (a poor reason to do anything), and I was not getting any joy from it. Now Christmas is solely a religious celebration for me, and I try to be out of the United States for the entire month of December if I can afford it. I love Christmas in Mexico with the fireworks and dancing to live music in front of the church after midnight mass. The further south of the border you go, the less ‘American Chritmas’ has penetrated.

  4. This video was done by a Marine vet who is trying to open a few eyes, I think it shows up everything about what’s wrong with Black Friday, some of the comments are pretty spot on as well.

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