What type of Spiritual Volunteer are you and Mayan Calendar Hiatus

This video by noted past-life regression therapist Dolores Cannon interested me so much that I actually went out and bought the book “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth“…
I normally don’t buy New Age-y type of books. I can only stomach so much talk about crystalline rivers flowing out of my crown chakra or imaging purple angel wings hovering over me before I start wondering when I can leave and go get a burger somewhere, but this interview stopped me cold because the description of the characteristics was so spot-on in describing me at certain moments, that I had a double-take.
Cannon basically says, based on material from her hundreds of clients in deep hypnotherapy, that UFO’s and the like only started to appear shortly after the development of the atomic bomb. This was due to the fact that human beings literally had something now which could destroy themselves AND the Earth and that “observers” started to appear to make sure we don’t get into too much mischief. Star Trek’s Prime Directive applies here, they could not interfere because of our free will, so no external interference, but they decided instead an internal interference was possible. So “spiritual volunteers” decided to incarnate into Earth to be the beacons of change.
These volunteers came in 3 waves:
First Wave (born after WWII -1960’s)
– keep saying that they don’t want to be here, they don’t like it here
– don’t understand the violence
– usually very gentle-natured
– don’t understand strong emotions like hate, anger or fear, it frightens them
– often have good families, good jobs yet try to commit suicide because they don’t want to be here in this world
– want to go “home” but don’t know where home is and therefore confused
– often feel lost and that they don’t belong here, feel out of place
– usually don’t want to marry or have children (means the unnecessary accumulation of karma)
– trailblazers and the first wave who had to cut the path first to make it easier for those who follow
Hippies and boomers definitely fall within the first wave

Hippies and boomers definitely fall within the first wave

Second Wave (born in the 1970’s-80’s)
– the antennae, the generators, the channels of positive energy
– usually don’t want to marry or have children
– often feel lost and have a hard time figuring out their life mission
– mission is to just *BE* present for others
– their presence is usually enough to offset negative situations
– bring positive energy wherever they go, effortlessly
– because of their sensitivity to energy, are often reclusive and keep to themselves
– don’t like to be around people usually, crowds, clubs, parties
– want to do their job and leave ASAP
– usually loners but happy
– usually like to work from home
– in actuality they need to be the ones out there despite their reclusive nature
If you grew up watching "The Hardy Boys" or "Nancy Drew" chances are you belond to the second wave.

If you grew up watching “The Hardy Boys” or “Nancy Drew” chances are you belong to the second wave.

Third Wave (born from 1990’s to present)
– the new children, includes the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow kids
– their energy is different, often know a lot without any formal training or learning
– usually very concerned about issues like pollution, the environment, additives to our food and water, chemtrails and synthetic elements in our world
– usually become activists or become aware of these issues at a very young age
The rabble-rowsers of tomorrow

The rabble-rowsers of tomorrow

The book by itself is not a bad read, most of it is material which are based on Dolores’ various hypnotherapy sessions and it does get woo-woo in some parts but it would seem with 3 weeks to go and in the home stretch of the Mayan calendar ending, the next few weeks will be highly, highly charged times for genuine spiritual work.
A few blogs are going on hiatus until after December 21st, I don’t think I’ll be on hiatus, I will post if something tickles my fancy but I have decided to play hooky from work that Friday and have booked a tree-house cabin in the woods that weekend.
These sure are interesting times….
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10 thoughts on “What type of Spiritual Volunteer are you and Mayan Calendar Hiatus

  1. kezalu

    I don’t know where I fit in this. Maybe I don’t fit at all. Story of my life. I can’t even make it into the list of the “non-fitters.”

  2. simian

    I agree with kezalu. I don’t know anyone who I could say conforms to these categories. I would like to know how much of an impact free-will and intent, influence the traits and manifestations of the waves of volunteers. I recognise we all originate from soul groups and follow a group purpose, but based on my understanding of the scope of consciousness and potentiality, it bothers me that Dolores Cannon’s interpretation may be a little too prescriptive. Thought provoking article though, thanks for posting.

    • Simian, I think categories by definition, are based on generalities. On an individual basis, of course there will be wild divergences which categories fail to take into account. There are elements from each group I can identify with, in much the same way that there are some elements and characteristics from each zodiac sign I can identify with but it doesn’t change the fact I am only one sign in particular. I think Cannon’s book more than anything else, actually calms people down who felt like outsiders most of there life.

  3. simian

    Yes, you make a good point, Canon’s book would help allay fears of alienation and it helps to have a better understanding of one’s purpose for being ‘alive. Does Canon’s sample indicate a trend among people who are more Self-aware and searching for more meaning in life, or is the trend more general?

    The video clip reminded me a lot of Barbara Marciniak’s ‘Bringers of the Dawn’ and ‘Earth’?

    By the way, what is the significance of the hiatus on the other sites?

    • Cannon’s book is based on material she got out of her various clients around the world who were in deep, deep hypnosis. It’s not stuff she channeled or “received”. When I watched her other videos she makes a crucial point between shallow hypnosis, where people can easily makes things up or be open to auto-suggestion and deep, deep hypnosis, where you’ve gone deeper than the subconscious and into Jung’s Super-consciousness. Again, written in very generalized terms.

      I don’t know what’s going on with other sites going on hiatus, maybe people need some time-out to go inward during these charged times? That would make sense to me.
      I’ve been listening to Clif High’s webbot readings to see what he’s getting and it would seem that he’s getting a break-point around December 21st or so as well, and not a lot of readings for afterwards. Your guess is as good as mine as to what’s really happening here 🙂

  4. :D

    I feel like earth is a learning ground for most of these volunteers (myself includecd). You can’t be an advanced being and fear emotions like anger and hatred, maybe we are here to learn how to embrace our fears as a next step in your evolution. I see many “lightworkers” and “advanced starseeds from another planet” judging others and fearing darkness instead of trying to understand it and seeing is a being part of the “dance”. Even though I have felt like getting off the planet and have considered suicide many times, I feel like my purpose is to learn how to find joy by healing myself and growing. Even though we feel like we need to help others , we need to focus on ourselves first and actually enjoy our lives or else how can we have a positive impact on others? We are not stopping a nuclear war from happening, humanity will do what it is meant to do, we can’t stop them, but thankfully they have eternity to learn.

  5. Anasta$ia

    I definitly think i belong to second waves
    But how can i make sure ?
    I care to know after being weird in my entire life

    • Dolores Cannon has tons of videos on youtube and she wrote many books on the topic as well. I’d suggest having a look there yourself and see what resonates with you.

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  7. Rosemarie

    I’m also a 2nd waver who responded to “The Call”.
    Hasn’t been easy and have had many WTF was I thinking moments since my awakening in 2012, but here I am …. an active participant during The Greatest Show On Earth …
    & ready or not I believe it’s showtime !! May Love Prevail xo

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