When The Dark Night of the Soul becomes a week, month, year or decade

I just finished reading Roseanne Harvey’s very honest blog post over at “It’s all Yoga Baby” on her experiences with depression lately and yoga, working or not working as the case may be.

I can relate completely.
I too have suffered from depression, mostly the situational variety (when enough bad things happen to you, that it puts you into a funk). I tried counselling, yoga, acupuncture and fish oils (I’m against meds) which were all short-term fixes but the underlying sense of ennui remains.

We've all had that feeling of not wanting to get out of bed, at some point or other.

We’ve all had that feeling of not wanting to get out of bed, at some point or other.

I do think there is something inherently evil and dehumanizing about capitalistic societies. Chris Hedges, Derrick Jensen and before them, Karl Marx, said it right, that capitalism is a radical philosophy in that it is nothing more than the eventual commodification of all human life and all aspects of the natural world. In order to live in that market economy system, you have to join it and become a part of that machine. That machine has specific rules and even has it’s own language and philosophy.

From Pink Floyd's "The Wall"

From Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”

Like Roseanne, I too am in the midst of over-hauling my CV and the kinds of verbs and adjectives you can use are quite specific. It’s the language of the technocrat, it’s the language of “The Big Sell” and you’re the item up for sale. Only now, they couch it terms, of “marketability” or “adding value”.

A pretty apt description, methinks...

A pretty apt description, methinks…

As bad as job-hunting can be, whether you are currently employed, unemployed or under-employed, as bad as depression can be, whether that it is situational, clinical or chronic, I do think there is another factor at work here underneath the “itchiness” of late which seems to be affecting quite a number of people.

In my posting about the age of gurus being over, I had included this article from Wayne H. Purdin.

From page 32-33 of that article:
Thus, while the planetary energy spike may cause cataclysm, it will also transform our consciousness. The reason why was discovered by Dr. Valerie Hunt, Professor Emeritus of Physiological Sciences at UCLA. Hunt established the relation between electromagnetic field strength and consciousness and behavior in experiments using a shielded room, called the MU Room, in which the levels of electromagnetic energy, magnetism, and particle charges were manipulated. Dr. Hunt placed subjects in the MU Room and removed virtually every trace of electromagnetism. Hunt observed that the interaction between subjects increased. Subjects complained of tiredness, confused thinking, and they began to cry. Their nervous and endocrine systems reacted as though they were in peril. They lost their sense of boundaries, and their sense of body image disappeared. When the electromagnetic field was restored, all returned to normal. When it was increased beyond normal levels, the subjects’ thinking became clear and they reported an expansion in consciousness. (Hunt, 1996)

Get ready folks, because I do think that electromagnetism levels are going to skyrocket sooner than we think.This is just the darkest part of the night before dawn.


No, it’s not the Mayan calendar ending and asteroids hitting us, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and the Planet Niburu making a surprise appearance. It’s not the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelations. It’s not Pee-Wee Herman going back on TV to host a new “Gong Show”.

Heaven forbid...

Heaven forbid…

We’re about to leave the Kali Yuga and I mean that literally. I’m going to leave it to wiser minds than my own to explain this particularly Hermetic astrologer Santos Bonacci. This is probably the best video I’ve seen on the shift of the ages and what 2012 is really about. It’s a long watch, but I promise, it’s worth it.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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7 thoughts on “When The Dark Night of the Soul becomes a week, month, year or decade

  1. This was an extremely powerful presentation. Your lead-in to the video was powerful, as well. I thank deeply for sharing.!!!!

  2. Lovely post… I wrote something similar – maybe you read it already


  3. @ searchingforfernando; thank you for reading part of my article and for your response but my article isn’t really based around the end of the Mayan count but more on the mainstream media hype that has been generated by it. I also talk about this in another article called the return of Bolon Yokta Kuh in which I say you are very unlikely to find a Mayan elder calling it the end of the world bur rather recognizing it as an age changing event. It’s the same with the American Indians and other indigenous people around the world. My sine of the times article focuses on the end of the Hindu Kali Yuga where my primary argument is based on a misrepresentation of a sine wave that is used to explain which age we move into – many commentators are saying we move into the bronze age whereas I think it is a Golden Age. It also questions why this event, which happens every 24,000 years has had no coverage whatsoever when we celebrated the passing of a mere 2000 yrs at the millennium. This is a significant event. In my humble opinion.

    I do say in my article that no one can really be sure what is going to happen only that change is going to come. I do allude to the fact that it’s likely to be a natural conscious shift (in some capacity that people can’t see) rather than anything else. This is based on the the fact that each age has it’s own vibrational resonance. It’s kind of like jumping out of a freezing cold swimming pool and into a hot spa. If it turns nasty it’s most likely being done so by hidden agendas rather than natural events unfolding.

    I do absolutely agree with you that no one can pinpoint an exact date or day because the cross over takes place every 24,000 years (which is a very very long time) and the transition is likely to have a beginning and end date that is very grey around the edges. What I do understand and please correct me if I am wrong is that between the 19th and 22nd the sun aligns with the galactic dark rift and then appears to rise directly into it from the 22nd. The Egyptians called the dark rift the underworld, so metaphorically speaking the sun rises into the underworld on the 22nd. I think this is very significant.

    I have a feeling that the transition will run until 2016 but I could be wrong…

  4. This movement that we comprehend as miniscule at our level is taking place at galactic levels which is magnitudes bigger than us. Energy travels at light speed (probably much faster) so any energy changes on a galactic scale will pulse through the galaxy relatively quicker than things appear to physically move for us way down here. If we are moving towards a field of Golden energy during this transit 38 yrs is like a drop of water in the ocean because the closer we get to this field the more its influence will increase exponentially – this is why the planets in the solar system have been steadily heating up, they are picking up “charge”, they are charging up, increasing their frequency strength at least. Global warming is not exclusive to Earth. Mars’ ice caps have been melting for years.


    It’s my understanding that a cycle doesn’t end – that the loop starts again which in itself could symbolize the start of an even bigger count, wheels within wheels…

  5. In fact, I think the worst will happen probably within the next five years. we just won’t know until the time comes. People keep coming up with dates, and then nothing happens. I remember, way back on March 15th 1982, (long before I knew anything about astrology) there was supposed to be a “conjuction heralding the end of the world”. That was back in my salad days, and I remember being mildly concerned at the time. New Agers and Fundimentalist Christians are just two sides of the same coin. Many (but not all) think they can live self-absorbed, materialistic lives, and when the shit hits the fan, Ascension/The Rapture will sweep them away to safety. They’ll find out soon enough how wrong they are.

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