Skeletons in the closet…(or the parking lot)

Richard III, then and now

Richard III, then and now

If you have not already heard the story, the skeletal remains of England’s Richard III have been found and verified, after 500 years of mystery. Yes, he’s the same Richard III, from Shakespeare’s play, the hunchbacked king who allegedly murdered the two princes in order to grab the throne for himself and then demanded a horse for his kingdom on the battlefield right before he died.

Sir Ian McKellan, played Richard III brilliantly set against a Nazi-like background.

Sir Ian McKellan (aka Gandalf or Magneto), played Richard III brilliantly set against a Nazi-like background.

Normally, my interest is next to nil when it comes to royal families and the sort.  Sorry, but I don’t have a lot of respect for them. Most of them were (or are) inbred degenerates who were usually married off to either siblings or first cousins in order to strategically keep power and wealth within certain families and dynasties, not unlike the CEO’s, presidents and prime ministers of today who send off their kids to specific schools for the exact same purpose.
Sir Laurence Olivier as Richard III

Sir Laurence Olivier as Richard III

Richard III has been portrayed and vilified as the misshapen  evil king and while I have no doubt he was probably no innocent at all, to his credit he did a few noteworthy things. Namely instituted what later became known as the Court of Requests, a court to which poor people who could not afford legal representation could apply for their grievances to be heard (today it would be called Legal Aid). He also introduced bail to protect suspected felons from imprisonment before trial and to protect their property from seizure during that time. He also banned restrictions on the printing and sale of books and he ordered the translation of the written Laws and Statutes from the traditional French into English. In other words, he was for Freedom of the Press. I’ll give him points there.
Errol Flynn as the Earl of Essex - Dude, don't hook up with her, you'll regret it!

Errol Flynn as the Earl of Essex – Dude, don’t hook up with her, you’ll regret it!

Much of his evil reputation was created by the Tudors, the dynasty which took over Britain after he was killed (Not that they are much to write home about either; Elizabeth the First took a bath once a year, even with all those wigs and white powder make-up and lack of dental hygiene. Imagine!) and the propagandist for the Tudors was Shakespeare who knew which side of the bread was buttered and curried favor for them. (I did not know this but it would seem that the English Bard had major interests in the slave trade which I only recently found out after watching this.)
l tor: Robert F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, if you're into conspiracies, here's a handful for you.

L to R: Robert F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, if you’re into conspiracies, here’s a handful for you.

What’s my point?
This story does interest me because it really shows how sometimes the truth of any matter just has a strange way of resurfacing, even centuries after the fact. With an entire generation growing up watching shows like CSI, breakthroughs in DNA analysis, (so for my fellow conspiracy buffs, hang in there, there is still hope about finding out who shot JFK, who killed Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Hoffa and the mystery of Tom Thompson), I have a feeling that a lot more will be coming out of the woodwork in coming years and setting the historical record straight.
Genghis Khan monument in Mongolia - dude is still deeply revered there.

Genghis Khan monument in Mongolia – The Great Khan of Asia is still deeply revered there.

Already, there are claims that apparently the long-forgotten burial mound of Genghis Khan has been found (to prevent looting, he left orders that the entire funeral party were to be killed upon their return to camp, thus sealing the secrecy of the location), the Jimmy Saville incident is now proving to be the stray thread in the carpet which is unraveling the British establishment even more with each passing day, the Catholic Church will probably be wiped out within the next 25 years because of all the sex scandals and the financial wormhole that has created, First Nations are speaking up more and more about the trauma they lived through, stuff that was held in secret for generations. That dripping sink is no longer just a drip. It’s starting to really trickle. I’m just waiting for the deluge.
Cool dude.

Cool dude. And super smart and nice.

I remember about 8 years ago, I attended a lecture to hear Dr. Norman Finkelstein speak. He was talking about the Israel/Palestine issue and like David, for years he’s been fighting the Goliath of the American and Israel lobby and their various, highly tentacled interests. He said something which has always remained with me: Truth and Justice may be slow-moving and heavy weapons to wield, but they are the most powerful weapons to wield. Nothing can stop you if you use them correctly.
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