The Boomerang is getting faster

Apologies Shifters, for the lack of blogging in this past month. Many things on my plate, like the illness of my pug, being in the throes of life changes which are being orchestrated by me and battling higher ups on the employment hierarchy. Between all of that, not much energy or time left over to blog and post my musings.

Puggy is ill.

Puggy is ill.

However, a few quick observations:

1) The shift has gone mainstream.
When “Saturday Night Live” start lampooning the power of the Israeli lobby over American foreign policy, then you know the truth has definitely gone mainstream and it’s no longer a “conspiracy theory” among radical activists.
The clip below was supposed to air on long-running comedy show Saturday Night Live but due to intense pressure from bosses at NBC, it wasn’t aired but instead was released online. (I’m almost positive Professors Chomsky and Finkelstein had a very good chuckle over this.)

2) Bad-boy comedian Russell Brand has now become the de-facto spokesperson to troubled youth on the power of spirituality, and in his case, using yoga to improve our lives and improve the world. He’s been a yoga enthusiast for quite a while now. I love this interview because Russell, for all his loopiness and bad boy persona, actually comes across as a very humane and decent fellow. There’s even a mention of Ickey in it. In case some of you don’t know Russell interviewed David Icke years ago on his radio show and more recently on his show, “BrandX”. If I have to take advice from any New Age figure, I’ll take Russell Brand any day over these vacuous yogalebrities types like Kelly Morris or Sean Corne.

Meta-physician Stuart Wilde usually writes over at his blog, that there exists a mirror-world to this one which he calls the Aluna and very often the visions he sees in the Aluna take place long before we see it manifested in our 3D world and reality.  I suppose what Stuie calls the Aluna can just as easily be interpreted as the astral world or the world of impressions in the language of Plato. The past several months many of his postings have to do with seeing old edifices crumble down or vanish completely or the arrival of the gods, weapons in hand and ready for battle.


More than several websites have said that it will be 2013 when the real shift will not only be felt but seen by millions.  I think the New World Order and their associated cabals and secret societies are behind in their schedules. They aren’t as sure-footed as they used to be and there seems to be an unseen and undetected force at work right now. I say all the better, all any of us can do is keep our noses clean, remain vigilant, stay truthful to ourselves and treat others the way we would want to be treated ourselves. The path of the boomerang has just gotten shorter.


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7 thoughts on “The Boomerang is getting faster

  1. Great article, I read it in my E-mail. I will re-read it and look through the links once I FIND the time. Thanks for this post it has helped me in some way, but I don’t know how… I am going through the ascension process so please bare with me. Hugs! Smiles!

  2. Oh yes, and it seems it has gone mainstream! 😀

  3. Oh and one more thing. A Guy by the name of Bobby Hemmitt speaks a loads on this topic.

  4. I hope your Puggy’s feeling better by now and gets well soon.

  5. simian

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Rocking post EER. I don’t like it I love it!

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