When Self-hate just becomes Hate

I guess some of you may have already picked this up about me but, I do have a few things which rub me the wrong way like stupidity, obvious dishonesty or evolutionary dumbfuckery of any sort.

This might include (but is not exclusive to) New Age pabulum,

Spiritually and emotionally immature yoga teachers billing themselves as “shamans”,

Instances of gross cultural and religious appropriation,



and being around emotionally constipated Republicans/Conservatives types too long.

One thing which I have noticed about all the aforementioned types is that many of them operate on a level of dishonesty and then expect you to play into their dishonesty with them. That’s also the sign of an abusive personality, that for abuse and dishonesty to continue, you have to almost enter into a silent agreement with the abuser or liar and give them that permission to continue this behavior by staying quiet about it instead of calling them out on it.

Tina Turner had to put with physical and emotional abuse from Ike Turner for years.

Tina Turner had to put up with physical and emotional abuse from Ike Turner for years.

I’m not just talking about cases of shady gurus, sketchy politicians and right-wing pundits.

Right-wing nutjob Anne Coulter and her man-hands

Right-wing nutjob Ann Coulter and her man-hands

It can be found in all corners in life. For instance, the cardinals have started their conclave today to elect a new Pope. One thing the Church has to deal with is this issue of gay marriage and homosexuality in general.

The Church needs to stop going on about how “abnormal” or “unnatural” homosexuals are when the majority of those same members of clergy are homosexuals themselves. I’ve also noticed this as well, that the most anti-gay politicians usually end up being caught cruising for gay sex at public restrooms and the like.

Former US Senator Larry Craig got caught acting, ahem, in an animated manner in a public restroom

Former US Senator Larry Craig got caught acting, ahem, in an “animated way” in a public restroom

There’s a huge element of self-hatred there, people who hate or don’t understand and want to deal with an aspect of themselves then externalize that hatred towards others who may demonstrate the same tendencies and by doing that, hoping that what they don’t feel comfortable with in themselves will also go away. This kind of duplicity and dishonesty is the culprit behind who-knows-how-many problems. People need to start getting real with themselves first, I think.


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6 thoughts on “When Self-hate just becomes Hate

  1. “Evolutionary dumbfuckery” – I love that expression and am going to add it to my dictionary. Roy Cohn of McCarthy communist witch hunt fame is a classic example of a homophobic homosexual. The good news is that he and McCarthy got caught out for their dumbfuckery in the end.

  2. They usually are outed in time. What surprises me is that more people don’t call them out on it quicker, louder and in greater numbers.

  3. Anne Coulter’s hands and Bill O’Reilly’s rants aside, right-wing Conservatives get away with their ideology because they have the money and big business behind them, unlimited resources at their disposal to churn out as much propaganda as they want. The left might have some intellectuals with integrity on their side but they don’t have the resources or cash. And yeah, you’re right about the emotional dishonesty bit as well. That’s part of the lifestyle, make sure everything looks perfect on the surface, don’t pay attention to your own feelings and what you’re instincts are trying to tell you. It’s about becoming as homogeneous as possible to be as profitable as possible. When becoming a visible minority, or a homosexual or a Muslim becomes profitable, watch how quickly the allegiances shift.

    Sounds like you had a narrow escape! Academic types are usually bad news, they’re unusually smart but unfortunately they use those smarts to become professional liars or manipulators. I know, I come from a family of them. There’s hardly one who would know what real integrity is even if it came and bit them in the ass. Dumbfuckery indeed ;-D

    • LB, I think you’re right. I never made the connection between homogeneity and profit. That would explain a lot. It would also explain why some right-wing politicians and pundits are “softening” their stance against the LGBT crowd, given that many gays are highly educated, professional and wealthy and with a lot of disposable income since they don’t have kids. They’re softening their stance, not because it’s the right and decent thing to do but because there’s self-interested economic gains to be made.

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