Bilderberg 101

For those of you who are out of the conspiracy/Truther movement loop, the hyper-secretive Bilderberg group are meeting this weekend at the Grove Hotel in Watford, England. This group essentially consists of the wealthiest, most powerful and influential businessmen, politicians, presidents-in-waiting, royalty, policy makers, philanthropists and industrialists and all of it is done in secret. It’s not like Davos, Switzerland where they show up publicly and members of the public can join in the conversation. Bilderberg, like Bohemian Grove is strictly off-limits to the public. This is where these globalist assholes decide the agenda for basically the entire world.

Ring of steel going up around the hotel, to keep the riff-raff  public out (photo from

Ring of steel going up around the hotel, to keep the riff-raff public out (photo from

A complete list of those expected to attend this weekend can be found here, but I what I found curious was that there is an unusually high number of Turkish attendees this year and given the happenings in Turkey these days, I doubt that is a coincidence. These things never are.

Also of note, take a very close look at that list. No one from Russia, China, Latin America, Arab countries, Africa or India. Not only is this very Euro-centric and Anglo-Saxon-based, to anyone with a few sparks in their head, the exclusion of certain countries and parts of the world should tell you something right away.


This year, things are a little different though. While in years past, the annual Bilderberg meeting was usually gate crashed by a handful of activists, this year, there will be a full on Bilderberg Fringe Festival (which I’m hoping will also become an annual event) taking place concurrently for the whole weekend. Luke Rudowski of “We Are Change” is there. David Icke and Alex Jones will be speaking and the hilarious Artist Taxi Driver has shown up as well. Now the mainstream media, after NEVER having reported this meeting and cooperating in the media black-out around Bilderberg, have finally thrown their hat in and this includes the grand ole’ BBC.

EU members of parliament and UK politicians have also started to question the secrecy of these meetings and I’m hoping like hell that thousands descend on Watford. Political analyst James Corbett of the Corbett Report recently did a vlog posting on Bilderberg and what he says, I think is spot on, that Bilderberg is just the literal tip of the iceberg. These people makes backroom deals all the time and they don’t need to be in each other’s physical presence to do it. That to just concentrate on this one meeting is a mistake, you need to keep your eye on the ball at all times. It’s not just Bilderberg or Bohemian Grove or Davos or G8 meetings or the Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission or the Club of Rome or Freemasons or Opus Dei. It’s all of this and more. You need to be able to see the bigger picture and try to understand that these participants are basically foot soldiers for a bigger plan.

While Bilderberg is the working meeting for these dark suits, the Formula 1 races is where they party and let loose. While Bilderberg is happening in England, Montreal will be hosting the F1 (which means I disappear for a few days). It’s a festival for vulgarians, where the world’s jet set come to town to party really hard. People like Bernie Ecclestone, Flavio Briatore, Richard Branson, celebrities like the cast of X-men (which is filming in Montreal as we speak), lesser royals like Peter Phillips (who picked up his wife Autumn Kelly here a few years ago where she worked as a hostess), Arab sheikhs, very high end prostitutes and escorts will be filling the restaurants, hotels and streets of Montreal. Restaurants won’t let anyone in unless they reserve a table at $15000/table in advance. The streets become pedestrianized and open terraces are created. Clubs are lined up with girls trying to find an elderly sugar daddy and guys go check out the cars with the hostesses in micro-mini skirts or skimpy bikinis throwing beer everywhere.

The city is awash with scenes like this all weekend long...

The city is awash with scenes like this all weekend long…

...or this. F1 dwarf-boss Bernie Ecclestone and his statuesque, much younger  (now ex-)wife

…or this. F1 dwarf-boss Bernie Ecclestone and his statuesque, much younger (now ex-)wife

VIP parties, private parties at Cirque du Soleil billionaire founder Guy Laliberté‘s private compound in nearby St.Bruno take over the city. I know a girl who did modelling for a while who got invited to Laliberté’s party and basically the compound is locked down completely after midnight until dawn, no one can leave and she has seen full-on orgies take place there with many, many celebrities in attendance. Like something right out of Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”. You can understand why I never stick around with that kind of psychic energy polluting the city.

My own personal feeling is that these elitist types are shitting bricks these days. Too many people have woken up to them and the weight of public consciousness has shifted the scales. The genie is out of the lamp and it ain’t going back in. These sorts of gatherings have their days numbered. Just watch.

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