And Kali has started Her Dance


The goddess Kali in the Hindu pantheon of gods is a terrifying figure. With hands soaked by the blood of her victims, matted hair, blood-shot eyes, a girdle made of human limbs and a chain of human heads, brandishing a scimitar, her black visage distorted in a perpetual, furious scream, tongue out in constant blood-thirst, she momentarily stops her dance of rage and destruction by resting her feet on the corpse of her consort the Lord Shiva.

To just merely label Kali as the goddess of death and destruction is a little simplistic. In actuality Kali, represents many, many different things, depending on which school of thought you read or belong to within Hinduism. Some see her as the goddess of Time and Change. Sometimes the death and destruction that she leaves in her wake are actually opportunities for growth and renewal after the fact. Some see her as the annihilator of evil forces, a slayer of demons, while other devotees insist she is the master of the 5 elements and supreme mistress of the universe.

I bring Kali up because given what is happening in the world these days, I can’t help but feel that the old ways are going out faster than anticipated. With unprecedented protests happening in Brazil, Turkey, the closing of the recent G8 talks in Belfast, I’m almost getting a strong sense of déjà vu, of witnessing the last days of the Roman Empire, that while Rome burned, the emperor Nero sang and played his lyre oblivious to everything and everyone around him.

Nero, too caught up in his megalomania to notice that Rome was burning.

Nero, too caught up in his megalomania to notice that Rome was burning.

The masses are awake, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Everyone has had it. They have for a while now, but people were able to get by if they kept their mouth shut and head down as they gradually suffer more and more indignities propagated by the system. This stupid neo-liberal agenda which politicians, banksters, CEOs, and right-wing pundits and professors have been ramming down everyone’s throat for years now has hit it’s ideological dead-end and I’m fairly certain they know it too. The GMO-foods which makes people sick, the asinine entertainment industry, the professional sports industry and useless news channels with talking heads blathering on nothing ad nauseum for hours, all of it designed to keep the masses dumbed down and distracted.

People do desperate things when they realize the jig is up, like animals caught in a trap and can’t find a way out. Governments are no different. The state-system apparatus and the people who uphold that system knows it’s seeing the end of it’s time, that’s why they have to take desperate measures and grasp at straws by listening in on people’s phone calls, read their text messages and emails.

Grasping at Straws

As frightening the spectre of Kali is, I’m actually feeling very hopeful these days. I think the end of an era is at hand. While barbarians overtook Rome when it fell, I don’t think that will happen this time, too many decent, intelligent people are pissed off. In their unending greed and thirst for control and power, the 1%’ers pushed more than they can handle and in doing so, got the majority against them including the majority of their servants. It reminds me of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” where the pigs eventually learned to walk on hindquarters like their human masters and then started to live in the house and eventually just stayed shut inside, failing to understand or see how the rest of the farm and what the animals in the barn were up to.

The Natives are restless folks. Don’t ever forget that. And don’t forget that’s also a good thing.
The hand of Kali never falters.


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