Reading People and Places on Multiple Channels

jonbenet ramsey family photo

Jon Benet Ramsey and her family

Have you ever had the experience when you met someone, talked to someone or even just by looking at a photo of someone that even though on the surface, everything looks normal, legit and not particularly remarkable, you can’t shake the feeling that there is something else going on as well, underneath the surface, behind the scenes, out of view, that there is something you can’t quite put your finger on logically, but a nagging feeling that won’t leave you alone that something is “off”?

Lady Barbara Judge. With legit credentials up the wazoo, when you look at this person, do you feel any warmth at all or do feel like a cold draft suddenly went down your neck?

Lady Barbara Judge. With legit credentials up the wazoo, when you look at this person, do you feel any warmth at all or do feel like a cold draft suddenly went down your neck?

I always get that feeling when I interact with or watch straight-laced, conservative types or when I walk around cookie-cutter suburban subdivision developments, identical houses, with identical lawns. Everything is a little “too” perfect. Like Twin Peaks.

Creepy as hell, if you ask me

Creepy as hell, if you ask me

Scratch the surface a little and all manner of stuff suddenly comes running out of the woodwork. Films which really hits on this suburban duplicity are Todd Solondz‘s works, particularly “Happiness”.

One of the most twisted, hilarious and gut wrenching films I've ever sen.

One of the most twisted, hilarious and gut wrenching films I’ve ever seen.

It sounds worse than it really it, but Solondz manages to showcase the darker side of suburban America with topics like pedophilia and suburban neuroses with equal measures of heart-breaking tragedy, hilarity and even cheesy songs by Air Supply. I find Solondz to be a strange paradox in Hollywood terms, he’s the director no one will ever talk about in the mainstream press or within industry trade papers, yet he has a fanatical cult following including A-list Hollywood stars who sign up in droves to star in his films with substantial pay-cuts. Not because they want to be in his movie, but because the material is that interesting, that original and that challenging. In other words, stuff the studios will never touch.

John Goodman in "Storytelling". Other people who have starred in Solondz's films include Ellen Barkin, Christopher Walken, Mia Farrow and Selma Blair.

John Goodman and Julie Haggerty in “Storytelling”. Other people who have starred in Solondz’s films include Ellen Barkin, Christopher Walken, Mia Farrow and Selma Blair.

I remember I had one university professor in particular, the very mold of the upright family man, respected academic, quite popular on campus too, droves of girls were and still are after him. Every time I was around him, I couldn’t get past the feeling that there was a slimy layer of filth around him…somewhere. He never said anything bad, he never did anything sleazy and in fact if you were to look at his photos and his website, everything looks legit and in order. But for whatever reason, whenever I was in his presence, I always felt like there was some kind of psychic vampirism going on and taking place on some level and that there was much more going on underneath the surface which I couldn’t see. A strong sense of duplicity. I always felt terribly weakened afterwards, never good.

As far as I’m concerned, all psychic vampires need a good, swift kick in the pants

As far as I’m concerned, all psychic vampires need a good, swift kick in the pants

I recently had a reading with well-known UK-based psychic who I shall call C.C which was beyond fantastic. C.C works closely with David Icke and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot fame and this was one reading which had me in tears. I’ve had enough readings in my life to know when someone is just making garbage up or if someone is the real deal and C.C within the first 2 minutes floored me with what she picked up about me.


My reading with C.C made me think about all the snake-oil salesmen out there, the delusional channelers, the fake psychics, the lame tarot card readers, plastic shamans, who claim to read the ethers. This cartoon from cult TV show “Home Movies” pretty much sums up most of my feelings and impressions about these types of personalities:

Many books and motivational speakers say that we all have these talents, even if they are dormant for 99.99% of the population out there. I’m certainly not psychic but I’ve had my share of sudden lightning flashes of intuition which zig-zagged out of nowhere, where I can be hyper-intuitive about people who are close to me or those I decide to zero-in on.


I’m also ultra-sensitive when it comes to reading the energy of a particular place or landscape, a skill which was taught to me by my first teacher in Cappadocia (and in hindsight, probably the best place on earth to learn such skills). I normally don’t consult tarot cards or deal with runes and such. I do however use the Sabian Symbols Oracle card system, a system which has it’s origins in ancient Mesopotamia and Babylon but has been interpreted with modern day symbols and visuals. The story of how they came to be is rather fascinating if anyone is interested.

This book is fantastic

This book is fantastic

My point is that “reading” can take place outside of a book. It’s about the feeling in your gut. It’s about observing and recording your feelings and impressions when you interact with a person or place, before, during and after. It’s about looking past the obvious towards the periphery. It’s about reading between the lines and listening to what’s NOT said. It’s about observing your nerves and watching which direction they twitch in. Sometimes, things magically come together and BINGO! That flash of intuition appears, a sudden and complete knowing, no doubt, just a sure sense of certainty. And that’s when you really come into contact with your own soul, something which every human being deserves.


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8 thoughts on “Reading People and Places on Multiple Channels

  1. Linda-Sama

    a huge yes. yup, me too. 😉 it’s why so much stuff in the New Yoga World makes me real itchy…. 😉

  2. I think most of that “new” yoga scene is 95% bullshit anyway, I mean they’ve become cliches of themselves at this point.
    I think what scares me more are those monsters in plain view, only they don’t look like monsters but rather like “outstanding” citizens of the community. The person, place or thing which has forced itself and molded itself into some mediocre version of “normalcy”. That’s the thing to watch out for.

  3. Eve

    Oh this is a wonderful piece. Love your writing so much! And btw, Happiness is one of my favorite films. At the time I didn’t know anyone who appreciated it to the level I did. It made people squirm, which I understand, but still, it hit the spot for me.

    • Thank You Eve, I saw Solondz’s previous film “Welcome to the Dollhouse” which I thought showed how awful junior high in suburbia can be in a very accurate way, but funny as hell also. I remember walking into the cinema to go see “Happiness” and the crowd from the last showing were walking out and one dude was muttering to his girlfriend that it was the most depressing movie he had ever seen. You have to be in a certain state of mind to appreciate Solondz’s sense of humor and if you are it can be wickedly funny. If you can, watch “Storytelling” and “Palindromes” where Solondz really takes the piss out of celebrity culture and fundamentalist Christians respectively.
      Another Hollywood director who has a similar sense of humor and also very good at showing up middle America’s duplicity is Alexander Payne, particularly in “Citizen Ruth” and “Election”.

  4. Eve

    Thanks EER, for the lovely new icon. 🙂 Yes, I thought Dollhouse was very funny too. I really appreciate Solondz’s work for sure. Will be checking back again soon!

  5. Susi

    People often pay too much attention to “the facts” instead of watching their feelings closely. If your gut instinct and your feelings are making you feel a certain way, there’s probably a reason for that and that’s when you need to pay attention.

    • Hi Susi,
      This is what I mean. Sometimes there are people who are doing bad things but the essence of that person is actually very benevolent. They are good people who happen to be doing bad things for whatever reason (childhood issues, unresolved anger etc.), like what I posted about Nikki Sixx for example. I think Russell Brand also falls under this category. Then there are people who, on the surface and to all appearances, are doing good things, but are rotten to the core, just dirty, like some yoga instructors floating around and that asshole professor I wrote about. Corporate CEOs, socialites, could also fall under this category as well as certain members of royal families around the world. They may be giving extensively to charities and what not, but you don’t want to examine their lives too closely and risk finding out stuff you wish you never knew.

  6. Penny

    There is someone I know who would be a dead ringer for Lady Barbara Judge. She is in a class of mine. I find myself looking at her just to see if I can find physical evidence of what I feel when I interact with her. I have been able to read places better than people though. And it saved me from something very dark once last year.

    Thank you for your writings. I just stumbled upon it last night but I feel like you have articulated things that I have had inklings about over the past year or so. So thank you.

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