Lady Justice has become crippled


“Human justice judges only actions, but divine justice also judges thoughts, feelings and intentions. If you have consciously given someone bad advice, if you have encouraged them to rebel or driven them to despair, what court on earth will condemn such behaviour? None, for materially, objectively, there is nothing to reproach you for. If your victim goes before the judge and says, ‘See what despair this person caused me’, the judge will reply that provision is not made in law for such a case and that nothing can be done for them. Knowing there is no court to punish wicked thoughts, feelings or intentions or deceitful words, many people are clever enough to be impeccable in their actions and not get caught! There are thousands of ways of doing harm without offending in the eyes of human justice. But no one escapes divine justice.”

-Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Justice was not served yesterday when Private Chelsea/Bradley Manning got sentenced to 35 years of imprisonment. Like the rest of the world, I have to shake my head in disgust at what’s happened. A conscientious objector releases the truth of the American occupation in Iraq and will lose the best years of her life in some prison cell while war criminals and the masterminds behind a war which has in effect destroyed an entire country and killed millions for absolutely no reason walk off scott-free, living their days on their ranch, painting deviant art of themselves in the washroom and hiding in the wilds of Wyoming or Idaho.
From what I understand, Manning’s case will now go to the court of appeals and there may be a chance of a reduction in the length of his sentence. Manning may even get parole after 7 years. Even then, even 1 more day in prison is 1 day too much. In a more just world and in an uncorrupted judicial system, the roles should be reversed. Mark my words, Manning is a martyr and will become a symbol of justice gone wrong, like another long-time innocent prisoner, Mumia Abu Jamal.
The upside is that Manning’s case, like Edward Snowden, has now brought unprecedented attention to the inner workings of government and how truly violent and diabolical the state-system really is. People really see what’s happening now. Not just a handful of marginal concerned and committed activists but everyone. She’s not my cup of tea, but yesterday Lady Gaga tweeted her support for Manning and it made headlines over on the dumbing-down entertainment channel E! Online. Out of curiosity, I had a look at the running comments there and it was sufficient proof that the people who don’t want to see, won’t. People who are dumb enough to make channels like E! Online the centerpiece of their existence  are also dumb and blind to the truth of their surroundings.  

It reminded me of one of the last chapters in C.S Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, in “The Last Battle” when the dwarfs after realizing that the fake Aslan was an imposter and instead of joining the fight against the Calormenes  with good King Tirian, continued acting strangely, sitting in a tight circle, not looking around or noticing anyone around them. As it turns out, they believe they are in a dark stable and act accordingly. After many attempts to show the dwarfs that they were, in fact, in the great outdoors with flowers and grass and birds had failed. Without warning, the real Aslan suddenly appears before them. Lucy begs Aslan to do something about the dwarfs, but even Aslan is unable to bring their vision to them. He says that their prison is in their own minds and that their fear of being “taken in” keeps them from being taken out.

Some of Pauline Baynes' illustrations for C.S Lewis' "The Last Battle".

Some of Pauline Baynes’ illustrations for C.S Lewis’ “The Last Battle”.

As for divine justice, or karma, I have to believe there has to be some, somewhere out there. Hindus and pagan/Wicca types believe in The Rule of Three, that any action we take, any intention we set  and put out there into the Universe comes back to us threefold (which is why revenge spells are a really bad idea to begin with, the best you can do is ask for divine justice or karma and then let it be). If that’s the case, I do not envy those souls behind this fabricated “War on Terror”.
They’re gonna get it.
In time.
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4 thoughts on “Lady Justice has become crippled

  1. I sat down to write my reply an hour ago, but got sidetracked by that superb article about Laura Poitras in the NY Times you linked to. The fact that it was written in the NY Times reminded me of some YouTube videos I’ve been following about attempts by people to get their questions about 9/11 answered on CSPAN. At first, the questions were all blatantly deflected or derided. More recently, though, the presenters have said the viewers were being directed by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth to call in and they even posted a picture of the website. One congressman or senator said, “While I don’t believe there’s a word of truth to these conspiracy theories, I have many friends who are asking the same questions” (or something to that effect – that’s not verbatim).

    What’s the connection? I think even mainstream American politicians and media are starting to wake up a little and in subtle ways drawing attention to alternative media sources. Then there are people like Alice Walker, who made the news when she came out in support of David Icke. She may have been ridiculed, but the news reached thousands if not millions of people who probably haven’t even heard of him before.

    Glad your “hiatus” is over. You post tons of wonderful stuff here.

    • Hey Rob,
      Didn’t Zbigniew Brzezinski make a statement a few years ago, something to the effect that mass culture has changed, that too many people have access to information now so it’s harder to “control” people? I find it funny that the internet and digital technology came out of the military and it then turns around to be used to expose these same knuckleheads. This genie has left the bottle and there’s no going back now and it’s causing the political, economic and social elite to freak out, they can’t do things like they used to in privacy anymore.
      This wellspring of questioning events like 9-11, the death of Princess Diana, UFOs, the War on Terror, all these manufactured wars, all the bullshit, it’s coming from the little guy at the bottom, only there are more little guys than controllers and TPTB don’t know what to do anymore.

      With David Icke about the kick off his new TV and radio channels, “The People’s Voice” in the fall, I have a feeling, things are going to be pushed up a notch. No one watches CNN or FOX anymore, everyone is on Reddit, RT or online reading first-hand accounts from people on the ground. Alice Walker is just the tip of the ice-berg. There are many Hollywood insiders who follow Icke’s work closely and they’ve asked to meet David on numerous occaisions only they won’t publicly admit it and come out with their support because it could “hurt their careers”. I don’t blame Icke in the least for telling these celebutards to screw off since they could be using their celebrity in a good way to expose what’s really happening. Instead, they’re too busy worried about their own comfort and own personal aggrandizement. It’s a real shame.

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