A World of Conscience


When I landed in the republic of conscience
it was so noiseless when the engines stopped
I could hear a curlew high above the runway.
At immigration, the clerk was an old man
who produced a wallet from his homespun coat
and showed me a photograph of my grandfather.
The woman in customs asked me to declare
the words of our traditional cures and charms
to heal dumbness and avert the evil eye.
No porters. No interpreter. No taxi.
You carried your own burden and very soon
your symptoms of creeping privilege disappeared.
Fog is a dreaded omen there but lightning
spells universal good and parents hang
swaddled infants in trees during thunderstorms.
Salt is their precious mineral. And seashells
are held to the ear during births and funerals.
The base of all inks and pigments is seawater.
Their sacred symbol is a stylized boat.
The sail is an ear, the mast a sloping pen,
the hull a mouth-shape, the keel an open eye.
At their inauguration, public leaders
must swear to uphold unwritten law and weep
to atone for their presumption to hold office –
and to affirm their faith that all life sprang
from salt in tears which the sky-god wept
after he dreamt his solitude was endless.
I came back from that frugal republic
with my two arms the one length, the customs 
woman having insisted my allowance was myself.
The old man rose and gazed into my face
and said that was official recognition
that I was now a dual citizen.
He therefore desired me when I got home
to consider myself a representative
and to speak on their behalf in my own tongue.
Their embassies, he said, were everywhere
but operated independently
and no ambassador would ever be relieved.

 – from “The Republic of Conscience” by Seamus Heaney
Seamus Heaney died today. I put up this poem to not only honor him but to honor the sentiments behind this poem. Heaney wrote this poem because, at the heart of it, it is about how a truly concerned citizenry really has no borders.
Britain and Canada are NOT going to Syria and I think that is wonderful news. David Cameron suffered a stunning defeat in Parliament when it went to vote as to whether or not the UK would bomb Syria along with the United States and it may very well look like Cameron’s prime ministership is now in jeopardy. The British public have spoken. Harper was quick to also jump on the let’s-not-bomb-Syria bandwagon literally hours later. It looks like the US are gonna have to go it alone. Maybe with Israel and Turkey. I can’t believe how transparent and shallow these so-called “world leaders” are. It’s obvious that had Cameron won the vote, Canada and Australia would have also signed up for more Middle Eastern adventurism. Cameron was the canary in the coal mine.
I also can’t believe that stupid, idiot mainstream journalists were so eager to fall for the same ploy the State Department and the White House used 10 years ago. Remember Saddam Hussein and his “weapons of mass destruction”? How it turned out that there weren’t any WMDs and it was a fabricated story used as an excuse to invade Iraq? Where are we now on Iraq? Afghanistan? Libya?
Donald Rumsfeld = Jerk How the hell do people like this sleep at night?

Donald Rumsfeld = Jerk
How the hell do people like this sleep at night?

Now stories of Bashar Al Assad using chemical weapons on his own people when in fact everybody knows at this point that the “Syrian Rebels” (most of them are not even Syrian but like in the case of Libya, are foreign, paid mercenaries which have been sent into the country to destabilize it) are being funded by certain western governments who gave them the chemical weapons and used them on civilians.
So why go through all the trouble? General Wesley Clark said it shortly after 9-11. Watch the video, but in short, the CIA, Pentagon have a long-range plans to destabilise the entire Middle East and re-draw the maps, territories and borders. 
This is not something new. 
Remember Lawrence of Arabia? Not the romantic, wind-swept David Lean film with Peter O’Toole, but the real T.E Lawrence?
The real Laurence of Arabia.

The real Lawrence of Arabia.

He was a British stooge used to redraw the maps of the Middle East after WWI to convince various Arab tribes to come together and rally around the British against the Ottomans.
Really different from today's map of the Middle East, eh?

Really different from today’s map of the Middle East, eh?

Only now everyone wants to control oil and oil pipelines. Some theories suggest the main reason to redraw the maps is primarily because large chunks of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt and even northern Saudi Arabia would be “redrawn” and guarantee the West unfettered access to resources in the region.
One possible new map for the Middle East. from globalresearch.ca

One possible new map for the Middle East. From globalresearch.ca

Others speculate that after Syria, it will be Iran, then Pakistan (who have been allies with China forever). This might then drag China and Russia into a war in Central Asia (the next energy jackpot, incidentally) which would precipitate, I think, a WWIII. I’ll tell you upfront who the real Axis of Evil here is. It’s the governments of  the US-Israel-the House of Saud-the Emirs of the UAE. They are the real culprits behind every major conflict in the region.
Most Muslims can't stand the Saudi royal family and their various boot-lickers. They are NOT representative of your Muslim dude on the street. Their reputaion as jet-setters, womanizers, and vulgar nouveau-riche along with their arrogant attitudes towards non-Saudi Muslims pisses everyone off.

Most Muslims can’t stand the Saudi royal family and their various brown-nosers. They are NOT representative of your typical Muslim dude on the street. Their reputation as jet-setters, womanizers, and vulgar nouveau-riche along with their arrogant attitudes towards non-Saudi Muslims pisses everyone off within the Muslim community.

The whole thing is beyond crazy at this point. It shows that politicians and people in those political and economic classes (the judges, lawyers, military top brass, professors, the intelligentsia, the business and professional class) who stand to gain from keeping things as they are (i.e keep stealing stuff from other people and keep acting like a bunch of barbarians), are actually in fact, limited.
Limited intellectually because for all their smarts, all their degrees and credentials, they STILL have not come up with a  better way of doing things and continue to live according to the code of Genghis Khan.
Limited emotionally because there is zero empathy for the suffering they inflict on others just so they can load up on a cheap tank of gas to drive their spoiled brats to Chuck-E-Cheese or to soccer lessons.
You know what I would do to take care of this situation? Ship them off to Bangladesh for the summer and see a) what real food is like and b) see what the real world is like

You know what I would do to take care of this situation? Ship them off to Bangladesh for the summer and see a) what real food is like and b) see what the real world is like

And most importantly, stunted spiritually, because they have no vision or understanding of how they will have to pay the piper later on for this compliance to a horrific racially biased, entitled, class-divisive system which will hurt them later on as well.
The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

The Pied Piper of Hamlin.

I started this post by saying that Britain and Canada not going into Syria is wonderful news. It’s great news because it showed that the public outcry and public understanding of these so-called “complicated issues” stopped the politicians on the spot.
They now realize we’re not as dumb as they think we are.
We know the Emperor is butt-naked.
Everyone is questioning everything.
Imperialism is out of fashion.
Protesters against a possible war with Syria, outside of the British Parliament.

Protesters against a possible war with Syria, outside of the British Parliament.

Those old sheltered dinosaurs  in parliament, congress, senate, in their mansions, private clubs, Wall Street offices, ivory towers, and gated communities still don’t see that the dynamics have now changed completely. The best stuff doesn’t come from them anymore and then peters down to the rest of us.

Rather, the best stuff is happening on the streets. The best music, literature, fashion, food, ideas and most importantly, news and information. Just remember this: even rivers change their courses given enough time. Steer your boats accordingly.

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8 thoughts on “A World of Conscience

  1. If this insane invasion of Syria is stopped, it will largely be because the truth got out. Big alternative news networks certainly played a big part, but they only became known because “little” bloggers spread the word through their blogs and social media. Here’s to you and other bloggers who spread the word!

  2. Linda-Sama

    you nailed it, woman…..

  3. searchingforfernando

    This will be the acid test of how much “awakening” there has really been. Luv that pug!

    • I’m deeply pessimistic about all of this. In practically every country in the West, poll after poll shows that the large majority of people are against any sort of military intervention in Syria yet the politicians are carrying out their own wishes, public be damned. The only world leader who is standing up to all this folly is, ironically, Vladimir Putin. I just read a news report that Russia has sent in two carriers into the Med, they were seen passing through Istanbul and the Bosphorus and are making their way to the Syrian coast. And now China has also sent in a destroyer “to observe”.
      If Syria falls, then it will be VERY clear that Iran is next. Once that happens, you can bet on the house that things are really going to get ugly globally.

      • For the Intolerants (@rovingaltruist)

        I’m not sure if Putin is as much of an innocent or “nice guy” in the whole Syria debacle. There’s been plenty of gun-running that hasn’t been from the US-IS-UAE triad, as well as some talk of under-the-table deal making and all sources point to VP and his cronies. The thing with Syria is – as you point out – if it gets really bad (as it looks like it will, we’re only halfway to rock bottom) the region may very well collapse and then we’re really in a big pile of sh*t.

        The question remains: what to do? I think what the majority of countries have done (choosing to stay out of it) was the right move as I don’t agree with intervention in a conflict that is one big clusterf*ck (I mean understanding who is fighting for whom is enough to give anyone a headache); especially if it’s in the name of all sorts of imperialist crap. However, at the end of the day countless innocent people are being slaughtered in the most horrific of ways, and refugee flows are placing a strain on already-messed-up-countries like Turkey, Egypt and Lebanon (can we destabilize that country even more?). The whole region is FUBAR it seems…and then some.

  4. FTI, I couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t think Putin is some innocent hero at all. How he dealt with the Chechnya situation for instance was pretty horrific. My guess is that he put his foot down on the Syria issue because Russia has many ecomonic interests in the region and with non NATO, Non-Alligned Movement countries like Iran.
    I think if imperialist countries and agendas got their noses out of the domestic affairs of the people living there would be a step in the right direction. The Middle East has been carved up from foreign powers for centuries, probably going back to the Crusades. I think allowing the people in those areas determine their own affairs and futures, for once, wouldn’t hurt.

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