A Cluster of Convergences

Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto has admitted to using crack cocaine. Aside from becoming the butt of a slew of jokes for late night talk shows, and making Toronto an international embarrassment, the fool now refuses to leave office even after all his city councillors, the disgusted populace of Toronto AND the Executive Council in City Hall have unequivocally told him to please step down, he refuses to go.



I cite this example because this is, in my mind, of someone who got outed, someone who was and is so drunk on his sense of power and sense of entitlement, that even when the truth came out, refuses to budge and it got me wondering if this bigoted and downright low-class mayor feels he can do this, what does that say for the rest of the ruling elites of this world? I mean corrupted CEOs, dishonest politicians, royal families who live as parasites off of the hard work of others. If the revolution comes, do you think they will go, to paraphrase Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, gently into that good night?
Anti-austerity demonstrations last night  in front of Buckingham Palace

Anti-austerity demonstrations last night in front of Buckingham Palace

I don’t.

In fact I think they’re going to stay and do their best to cling to whatever privileges and semblance of entitlement it was they had. There’s a reason why the revolutions in France and Russia were bloody. Maybe force was the only thing left to get rid of the old guard. Before any of you freak out on me, I’m not advocating violence at all. I think we should be smart enough at this point to find ways of making these elites disengage without resorting to violence.
No need to walk down this route again...

No need to walk down this route again…

Change is an inevitability of life. It’s easier to deal with, I find when you direct the change rather than have it imposed on you. I have a feeling that a number of very visible global changes are about to happen if not underway already. Occupy Wall Street was a distant harbinger of change. I think the tipping point was the non-invasion of Syria. Public opinion forced politicians in country after country to back off of something which was initially seen as a done deal.
This weekend, there will be a preview of the news channel, “The People’s Voice”, which David Icke and his team raised the funds for via crowd sourcing at Indiegogo. (There are already a few videos on their Youtube channel which highlight a few guests talking about their shows). If this takes off, and I have no doubt it will, given the public appetite for the truth and given how fed-up so many people are and if they manage to expose some rather unsavory truths  of the world around us through their media, then the world we see and experience today, may very well be very, very different from the one, say 5 years from now.
I once met the head of the Theosophical Society of America at their chapter office in Washington DC when I was living there. My Sunday ritual was to head up to Bethesda to hear their talks and one day John Algeo was there. He didn’t strike me as particularly interesting or particularly insightful fellow but he did manage to recount a story about a Freemason rite he took part  in London and how Masonic terms have come into the English language. During the lunch they offered, I managed to ask him a few questions. I got the feeling that he didn’t like me very much, maybe because I’m brown and he did come across as a very old-school WASP-y type, the old fogey kind that feels visibly uncomfortable talking to people who aren’t his “type”. It became clear to me that the Theosophical Society is a secret recruiting ground for the Freemasons, just as The Shriner’s, Kiwanis International, The Rotary Club and The Lion’s Club are. I wasn’t impressed in the least but during the course of the conversation, I said something about that there is nothing new under the Sun, to which he laughed.
Do you ever see these in your neighborhood? Note the same shape as the Freemasonic compass....

Do you ever see these in your neighborhood? Note the same shape as the Freemasonic compass….

But what happens if something new comes from beyond the Sun? As I write this,  the comet ISON is galavanting about in our solar system. It will be visible from Earth in early December. There are countless articles and videos at this point about what ISON really means and what it represents, but I find this video to be most intriguing of all and what ISON may be delivering to us not only on a physical level, but an energetic one as well.

Dishonest politicians and a rogue comet aside, there’s also the wildcard of the Fukushima nuclear power plant. It seems every day there are a slew of articles and commentary about what’s really happening there. One thing is certain: the aquatic life of the Pacific already know something abnormal is going down. There are now reports of a massive starfish die off along the North American Pacific coast from Mexico to Canada. Starfish are mysteriously becoming ill and turning into slime. 

Starfish die off.

Starfish die off.

Then yesterday the CBC reported that British Columbia’s Pacific coast has recently seen an upsurge of sightings of aquatic life not native to the region including a super pod of literally 1000s of dolphins, the highly endangered right whale, sea turtles normally found in Mexico and a giant sunfish. I could be totally wrong but my personal opinion is that these mammals and fish are smart enough to sense that something is wrong, something is off with the water and are therefore getting as far away as possible from the source.

It’s definitely an interesting time to watch how these things are unfolding.

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6 thoughts on “A Cluster of Convergences

  1. Jen

    Thanks for posting the info. about what’s happening on the West Coast, the media here haven’t been reporting on this at all. This is just the tip of the iceberg to come out of the Fukushima disaster…

    • Hey Jen,
      Are you surprised? If the mainstream media start reporting on what’s *really* happening within the Pacific basin, there would be sudden mass-evacuations. That’s still a possibility if Reactor 4 goes down. The Huffington Post had a video with Dr. David Suzuki the other day and he said that if Japan gets hit with another earthquake of a magnitude of 7.5 or higher and the probability that one will is about 95% right now, Fukushima is over. Japan is over and most of the Northern Hemisphere will be contaminated. It will be very interesting to pay close attention to epidemiology reports in the next 5-10 years to see the rates of leukemia, since that will be the first manifestation….

  2. “Change is an inevitability of life. It’s easier to deal with, I find when you direct the change rather than have it imposed on you.” Yup. This. Also really like the Chomsky quote.

    An interesting piece EER though it’s rather frightening how we could be heading towards (or perhaps are already experiencing) a massive crisis in the Pacific basin and no one is talking about it. The insolence and ignorance of mainstream media continues to astound me.

    • I think those in the anti-nuclear and environmental movements are talking about it, people like Dr. Helen Caldicott and Suzuki. Problem is, like you said, the mainstream media presstitutes won’t touch this. I don’t know if it’s because they don’t want to cause public panic or make people angry enough that they storm city hall. One thing’s for sure, the truth always has a sneaky way of getting out eventually. No exceptions.

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