A Language Older than Words

“From the moment you have a thought, it is as if you had already spoken. This inner form of speech is real, powerful and magical and is referred to as the Word. The Word is the thought that has not yet been translated into speech in the physical plane, but it is already expressed in shapes, colours and sounds. When you speak inwardly with all your soul and all your heart, the plants, animals, birds and insects understand your language and the planets, stars, angels and archangels also understand you. The creatures of the invisible world do not use the words of a language to talk to each other; they use the colours, shapes and melodies emanating from them and every one of them is able to interpret this language straight away. One day human beings will communicate with each other only with their emanations and they will understand each other because the Word is the universal language.”
-Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

I don’t know if this has ever happened to any of you, where you quite suddenly meet someone and within instants, you somehow understand each other and become “instant friends”. No small talk, no asking about details like what sort of music they are into or books they read (call me old-fashioned but I belong to the school of thought that you should never do the deed with anyone unless you’ve first seen their bookshelves or what’s on their playlist AT LEAST), no asking about what school they went, when they graduated or if you know the same people. 
I flippin' hate small talk, don't you?

I flippin’ hate small talk, don’t you?

It can be an extremely disconcerting but fun experience, where somehow your “vibe” just instantly gels with someone else’s “vibe”. It’s happened a few times to me like at dinner parties or other informal gatherings but by far my most memorable case of this happening was with former late Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau
Monsieur Trudeau before he passed on.

Monsieur Trudeau before he passed on.

Trudeau left Canadian politics in 1984 and settled into his art deco mansion on Pine Ave. overlooking downtown Montreal (where his son Justin now resides with his family). He started up his law practice by joining one of Canada’s most powerful law firms, Heenan Blaikie and it was a common sight among Montrealers, seeing Mr. Trudeau walk along the streets going to and from his office and his home. Montreal is that kind of city where famous people can walk around in plain sight and people leave you alone. Maybe it’s the leftist politics or maybe it’s just that kind of public adoration is reserved for NHL hockey players, but you’d be hard-pressed to see the kind of celebrity craziness which you see in Hollywood or London. Leonard Cohen is still spotted regularly in the Plateau district and nobody cares.
If you want to see Leonard Cohen, go hang out in the Plateau

If you want to see Leonard Cohen, go hang out in the Plateau

One wintery afternoon, must have been around 1998 or so, I was rushing through downtown Montreal on my way to catch the suburban commuter train to go home. I turned a corner and sped along when I suddenly noticed an older man, walking in the opposite direction looking at me directly with a huge smile across his face. I walked past and it wasn’t until 5 seconds later it registered that it was Mr. Trudeau. I turned around and called his name.  He instantly, turned around and smiled and said “Yes?”.
It was that kind of a day...

It was that kind of a day…

I slowly approached him, both of us had ear-to-ear smiles plastered across our faces and didn’t say anything for about 10 seconds when suddenly we both burst out laughing.
PET: Aren’t you sweet.
Me: You know…I saw the tree you planted at the site of the war memorial in Bangladesh.
PET: (Shocked, clearly taken aback and barely whispering) That was years ago….
Me: My relatives there made it a point to show it to me.
PET: So, how do you like your life here in Canada?
Me: Canada is really all I know since we came here when I was a baby, this is home.
PET: Have you gone back?
Me: Many times. 
PET: And what do you think of the contrast?
Me: We’re quite blessed here, sir.
We continued talking for several minutes. When it was time to go, he lifted his hat to me and extended his right hand to shake which I did. 
PET: It was a pleasure.
Me: Thank you and good-bye.
I liked him and I knew he liked me.
The National War Memorial in Bangladesh

The National War Memorial in Bangladesh

I can’t really describe what I was feeling only that in those few instants we saw through each other and understood each other perfectly. This is the kind of communication which intrigues me the most, where all pretences, all labels, titles and the rest of it suddenly disappear and you somehow are able to peer into the essence of another person or entity and they can do the same thing to you. Friends of mine have described encountering this with Tibetan peasants they encountered in Dharamsala or having come face to face with giant elk in the mountains of Colorado. Paulo Coelho in “The Alchemist” calls it communicating with the soul of the world, the Anima Mundi, where any sort of intelligence is able to communicate with another intelligence on a frequency beyond words, gestures and sounds.
I think my favorite description of such an incident is in C.S Lewis Chronicle of Narnia, “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”. There is an incident in the Great Eastern Ocean where Lucy Pevensie is looking over board and is intrigued by the kingdom of the Sea People.
Lucy seeing the war-like Sea People

Lucy seeing the war-like Sea People. Illustration by Pauline Baynes.

Suddenly, she sees one lonely shepherdess with her flock of fish:
Just before midday Lucy saw a large shoal of fishes grazing on the weed. They were all eating steadily and all moving in the same direction. “Just like a flock of sheep,” thought Lucy. Suddenly she saw a little Sea Girl of about her own age in the middle of them – a quiet, lonely-looking girl with a sort of crook in her hand. Lucy felt sure that this girl must be a shepherdess – or perhaps a fish-herdess and that the shoal was really a flock at pasture. Both the fishes and the girl were quite close to the surface. And just as the girl, gliding in the shallow water, and Lucy, leaning over the bulwark, came opposite to one another, the girl looked up and stared straight into Lucy’s face. Neither could speak to the other and in a moment the Sea Girl dropped astern. But Lucy will never forget her face. It did not look frightened or angry like those of the other Sea People. Lucy had liked that girl and she felt certain the girl had liked her. In that one moment they had somehow become friends. There does not seem to be much chance of their meeting again in that world or any other. But if ever they do they will rush together with their hands held out.
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