Merci beaucoup à vous tous!



Well, another year gone and another opportunity to reflect on it.

First off, I want to say a deep and heartfelt “Thank you” to all of you who either started reading this blog when I first started it back in April 2012, to those who have only recently decided that they want to read my little scribblings and strange thoughts and to anyone else who drops by. That people are interested in anything I have to say surprises me in  a good way, kind of like trying out a new recipe and discovering that the results were much tastier than expected :-).

When I first started it, I thought maybe of just posting up stuff about this energetic shift and how I see it being played out in the general culture. If others agreed, great but if no one else did, that was OK too. Since then it’s morphed into a bit of a spiritual diary, travelogue, and soapbox. I lost a few readers along the way and picked up others so it’s all good. We also unfortunately lost the amazing metaphysician, thinker and writer Stuart Wilde.

2013 to me is a year in which the shift really got underway.

Maybe there was no cataclysmic event with the end of the Mayan calendar back in December 21, 2012 but it would be very hard to dismiss the fact that more and more is certainly coming to the surface. Unprecedented demonstrations in Turkey and Brazil against corrupted governments, the secretive Bilderberg meetings having gone mainstream, the sentencing and imprisonment of Private Chelsea Manning, some yoga cult-like leaders like Bikram Choudhury being exposed for the damaged people they really, the exposure of the NSA’s inner workings and the extent of surveillance on the civilian population around the world thanks to Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald’s reportage, a full-scale war against Syria which never happened thanks to public outcry, the launch of The People’s Voice which David Icke and his crew managed to get off the ground from a well-spring of grass-roots support and a Pope who has finally signalled to the world that change is possible, and using himself as an example, it starts with your own actions, big and small.

History teaches us that ideas finally take root and revolution happens when you hit critical mass and you would be surprised to hear that critical mass is as low as 10%. Once you hit 10%, that’s it, game over, the snow-ball effect starts to take place and doesn’t stop after that. While I don’t think 2014 will be the year we hit the 10% mark,  it will be a year when we get closer to that target. Here’s a hint as to how to get there:

“The earth is like a fortress, where even the divine entities cannot install order, justice and peace, because entities are not made of physical matter. Humans themselves need to make it possible for them to intervene. On earth, humans are as powerful as all the heavenly armies, and if they want to stand up to them, nothing can be done about it! The armies will only be able to enter the fortress if someone on the inside opens at least one door for them. There are numerous books and films recounting the adventures of besieged towns which the enemy army are unable to take until a ‘traitor’ within eventually opens the way! Well, it is the same with the earth. It will never be besieged from without by the heavenly army. ‘Traitors’ have to open breaches in the ramparts from inside. ‘Traitor’… The word sounds a little strange, but at least the image it conjures up should make it clear to you that your most important task is to open breaches, with love and light, to allow the heavenly army in.” – Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

I wish every last one of you a peaceful and serene 2014. I hope all of you get that much closer to your goals and dreams whatever they may be. The Buddhists teach us that the Universe is constantly in flux, that change is the name of the game, so with that in mind I hope you all hold on to your seats safely while you enjoy the crazy ride.


No Country for Old Souls by Soren Dreier

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3 thoughts on “Merci beaucoup à vous tous!

  1. Lena

    Happy New Year to you as well!
    Love your blog and look forward to your unique thoughts and outlook. You’re probably right about not hitting critical mass this year. Did you see Soren Dreier’s latest article? He thinks we’ll hit it around 2017-2021. I hope he’s right.

  2. dog in the helmet? and you put him on that horse? and he sits there in such mastery! Maybe it’s the contrast with the usual and expected, the serene little girl in the sunshine, but this struck me as incredibly funny! A twirl in perspectives for sure.

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