Ode to an Ancient Land

This was posted today at Philosopher’s Stone’s UK blog written by activist Julian Rose. I’m posting it here in its original entirety but I’ve added the visuals and links. For those of you who don’t follow global weather news, the UK in recent weeks has been hit with storm after epic storm causing widespread flooding and damage, no one has ever seen anything like this. The current flooding and battering the UK has been taking is not just literal but symbolic as well. 


(I’d only add that the message here is not only applicable to Albion/Britain/England but I’d extend it to ALL colonial and imperialistic powers, past, present and future. Karma may stay quiet for a long time but it ain’t no fool and neither is Mother Nature.)



That is maybe a rhetorical question, so I will not so much ask as state ‘England is going under’. And while that may be taken metaphorically, I mean it more actually. Great swathes of the Country are slowly drowning under a relentless rainfall that is part and parcel of an almost continuous barrage of winter storms moving in off the Atlantic Ocean.


England sticks out into the Atlantic as if asking to be the recipient of an oceanic battering. The Country leans into the South Westerly’s as a sailor pits himself against driving wind and spray. She is an island in an Ocean, and one that is close to going under.

There are powerful karmic forces weaving their historical tentacles into this unfolding saga.

England once stood boldly out of this same Atlantic Ocean sending her great ships tacking across the high seas, seeking out new Continents and exploiting whatever treasures fell upon the way. Building empire across the globe in an ever-expanding push for power and glory, wealth and prestige. From this small island on the Western flank of Continental Europe, the sailing ships and crews set forth and those that returned, came with their holds crammed with the trophies of their plunder.

The Koor-hi-Noor diamond  sitting on the British crown. India has repeatedly asked for it back but England keeps refusing.

The Koor-hi-Noor diamond sitting on the British crown. India has repeatedly asked for it back but England keeps refusing.

Kings and Queens applauded their exploits, planning and funding ever greater incursions into the territories they so indulgently sought to lay claim upon.

These are duplicates. the orginals, called the Elgin marbles sit in the London Museum. Again, Greece has repeatedly asked for them back and England refuses

These are duplicates. The five originals are at the Musuem of the Acropolis, the sixth was looted by Lord Elgin. The Elgin Marbles sit in the British Museum. Again, Greece has repeatedly asked for them back and England keeps refusing

Invasion was followed by conquest. Conquest by slavery. Slavery by the rule of Westminster and the Palace. Rule imposed for the ever greater enrichment of the coffers of the State, its barons and hierarchical elite.


Soon England no longer depended for nourishment upon her own fertile lands and artisan skills. The peasant farmers were pushed unceremoniously off the land as Empire became the new provider and the landless British worker was yoked to the production line, becoming a tool for mass produced exports to newly conquered lands.


The demise of the British Isles was well underway even as its industrial revolution ground down the last native skills and seasonal rituals of a once bucolic countryside.


Now the barley barons and kings of industry reigned over our colonial wealth-bolstered island. While, almost unnoticed, the newly instated merchant banker moved deftly into the wheel house so as to decisively lay his hand upon the course of history and build a money empire to match, and eventually overtake, the acquisitions of the colonies.


The City of London soon stood solid and arrogant – the power house of this vast Empire.
And while the British initiated slave trade was finally banned by an act of parliament, the British people took on the mantle of slavery, bowing to the new citadel whose tentacles reached out into great swathes of colonial wealth – and steadily drank it dry.

slave_trade_1650-1860_b - www.slaveryinamerica.org

Oh England, my England, so where is your soul today?


Illustration of King Arthur by Howard Pyle

Two World wars then tore the last of your subtle spirit from its sanctuary of rolling hills and valleys where once King Arthur ventured on his mystic journey and Druid tribals camped among the ancient oaks and standing stones.


Where to now old island?

Now that the foolish men in dark suits shout their pathetic schoolboy jibes to and fro across the floor of what was once a shrine to an idea called democracy.

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron is seen addressing the House of Commons in this still image taken from video in London

Prime Minister David Cameron, standing and deputy PM Nick Clegg asleep at the wheel and the rest of the old boys club of England. Where’s the Grand

Now that the macadam motorway and sterile hypermarket have vanquished the ox cart’s winding track and breezy market stall – where to now?


Now that the spirits and devas are driven from the edge of once pristine tinkling streams, and enchanted copses have met their fate at the hand of the brutal chain-saw. Where to now?


Now it is your turn to be on the receiving end. The crimes of your past are catching-up with you, dear England. The arrogance and greed of your masters could not go unnoticed – could not pass-by unatoned for. Nor could the pacifistic stance taken by the greater populous when confronted with such frequent acts of national and international vandalism.
The karmic retribution could not be stalled forever.

Prepare your arks all those who can read the signs. Prepare yourselves for the deluge –whose first ferocious swathes are already upon the land.

Head for the hills and higher climbs and take simple tools to prepare the ground. A great cleansing is upon this island; a cleansing that will jolt befuddled minds into memories of great stories of other eras, when lands were swallowed by mighty acts of nature.

And yes, nature it is that once again rises up in defiance of all attempts to bring her under the control of those who would use and abuse her for their private wealth and make of her a platform for staging their profit driven foreign wars.


This oh so British ‘civilization’, once so proud to lead the way in matters of conquest, was always bound at some point to receive its retribution. So proud to turn away from nature and forge its industrial steel into the wheels of the brave new world of mass consumerism.
A world that left behind it all gentle arts that nature had so diligently taught.

But such is She that no man can turn his back for long upon Her simmering powers. No man can lay claim to having pacified and sold Her soul – because passivity was not on Her agenda, and Her soul was never for sale. And those who sought to profit from Her bounty will soon leave empty handed; for that time, prophesied of old, has finally come.

Not even the vicious technologically engineered destruction of our climate can suppress the rising winds of change that are upon this scarred and battered jewel called Earth. It can only increase their velocity.

So look now upon the rising waters and know what they are. Few Countries will escape the fever that’s upon this World. A fever for which the only cure is the unconditional metamorphosis of man himself, washed through and through, cleansed of that reckless hubris which has brought us to this tipping point.

The tide is turning upon mankind – and this England which juts out into the rising stormy ocean to her West, will shoulder a heavy price for its blinkered, stubborn occupants, who for so long turned a blind eye on deeper truths and refused to look upon the blood encrusted pages of colonial history.

Go under then.

But when the great healing is finally done and the storms abate .. recede; rise again oh beautiful island, greet the coming dawn in vivid celebration of all that’s sacred, true, profound. Set forth your green and glorious valleys once more, so the animals may step out once again, two by two, to greet the unmasked glory which calls to be reborn.


Glastonbury Tor at dawn


About the Author

Julian is a committed international activist, writer, farmer and actor. He is an early pioneer of UK organic farming methods and is currently involved in the front line of efforts to keep Poland free from genetically modified organisms. Julian is President of The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside. His book Changing Course for Life can be purchased onwww.changingcourseforlife.info. His latest book In Defence of Life – a Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom is available at Amazon.com or can be requested on http://www.julianrose.info/

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5 thoughts on “Ode to an Ancient Land

  1. doggercise

    Spain was way worse than England at all this colonial stuff.
    Why isn’t Spain being deluged?

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  3. g

    I am a Londoner. There is a sickness going on here that’s so rampant that as a group, people will surely over time forget there is a possibility of anything different…anything loving. It’s really bad and I will describe it…

    People living side by side in close proximity in a dense city. We have our own flats. One person plays music really loudly in the middle of the night. Others can hear it. They don’t care and won’t stop. There is nothing people can do, just cry silently inside. That relationship with the noise maker which was previoulsy ok becomes poisoned. But that person doesn’t care. That person just takes up his own space and does what they want, without thinking of others. Meanwhile the other person suffers. Their heart breaks because it has taken them 5 months to move home and settle. She is aged 68 years and works full time and pays a huge sum of rent for this flat. Whatsmore the landlord is the bastard making the noise. So her wages go to him who does not respect her, yet he takes her money to pay for his home and his sons private education. And she has to wake early to work. She’s 68 years old goddamit. Where is the respect??

    These types of community are far gone. People like this have no one to answer to. He is an adult person but it doesn’t seem to register that his actions could harm others. Or it does and he doesn’t care because he knows he can get get away with it. There are no standards of behaviour in his mind an no one who will dare question him the following day. It’s just the case of….a community saying….yeah someone got hurt….yeh yeh sleep sleep…tomorrow someone else gets hurt….yeh yeh…sleep…a heart broken….yeh yeh…look none of us care….yeh yeh…..more hurt…..someone gets badly let down…silent tears….we don’t care….

    It is like a background record playing. It is so dangerous, this erosion of love. This community cannot even feel what it would be like to have a society filled with loving compassion for our neighbours. There is no tenderness. It has gone.

    When I look at this, this lack of tenderness and care it is BIG BIG DANGER. Why can’t people see this?

    • I don’t think it’s just London, tho’ I do think England, (as well as all other colonial and imperial powers who took things which didn’t belong to them) has a lot to answer for karmically. Time is always the unknown factor here.

      What you described is happening everywhere, in big and small cities the world over. The growing lack of compassion, the lost sense of community, the lack of decency and respect to others, the I-don’t-give-a-flying-fuck-for-anyone attitude. My personal belief is that you can blame capitalism for it – if you make a system which is based on “the survival of the fittest” then people start behaving like animals in a likewise manner if you push them far enough. When you create a system which favours financial capital over social capital, then the days are numbered. Anything which tips in balance for THINGS and USELESS STUFF over actual LIFE is doomed, I think…

      When I used to participate in the First Nations’ sweat lodges, we would end all our prayers with “All My Relations”, which doesn’t only mean blood relations, like family or friends, but rather to stress the fact that we live and can only exist in relationship, to not only one another, but in relationship to the earth, air, trees, water, light, stars, moon, sun, etc . That nothing can exist in a vacuum, in isolation by itself, if it does, it dies. We need the sun but the sun also needs us. Any philosophy or system which loses sight of that fact, I don’t think will last for very long.

  4. The last serious social change in Britain would have been the Hippy movement, not that it had matured to become a mature movement but needed more time for this fruition, the forces against movement would have been right wing conservative institutions such as police, corporations, such as finance, the working class, middle class as professionals such as those educated within formal mind training structures, the deranged, politicians, think tanks, military, older generation culture, religion, and so on, after 1967, when the establishment recognised the significance of this movement would be infiltrated by psychotherapy in the supply of lethal drugs LSD, the MI5 and the CIA, the monarchy would have to step up as all part of the propaganda more Royalist photo shots, and the moguls of the media such as newspapers would all be called upon to do there duty to destroy and contain what would be seen as a evil direction and most important the increase in the cost of living to destroy any dream of anything other than a rule by financial restraint changing control by violence to control by money, such as Greece and in general the decline of wages and the increase of money to the elite whom are the oppressors of the human condition that having the power to destroy vast amounts of people throughout the planet such as Vietnam the Middle East and so on, having the power to malnutrition the vast number of people on the planet which in turn creates a docile and a victim of propaganda to be mind controlled and increase the power structure of a ruthless elite of the few.

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