Meditation vs Prayer


“Each day you hope and pray for the best conditions for your evolution, for the good of your friends, and for the whole world, and you ask what you must do in order for your hopes to be fulfilled. I will give you a method: write these things down and entrust them to the Angel of Fire. Fire is a messenger between the visible and the invisible worlds, and the moment these papers are burned, entities on high take notice of them and begin to study how their requests might be satisfied. Of course, you must not expect these requests to be granted immediately. But if you are patient, if you continue to make efforts and to work in the direction of the hopes you have expressed, you will one day see them realized; for when fire takes part in something, there are always results. In initiatic science, fire is considered the most powerful means of entering into communication with the spiritual world, because it represents the frontier between the physical and etheric planes. If, before beginning a work of any importance, initiates customarily light a candle, it is because they know that fire will introduce them to the subtle regions where their thoughts and their voices will be heard and where they will find the conditions for achieving their goals. All true magi have a very powerful bond with fire. Even though religion has gradually lost the meaning of these initiatic practices, the tradition of lighting candles or lamps in churches continues; this proves that human beings unconsciously preserve the ancient knowledge that the presence of fire promises fulfilment.”

 – Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
I brought up that Aivanhov quote because of the astrological events on the April horizon. I’ve been hit  with many private emails about what all this means. All I can say is that the best way to deal with these sorts of situations is to work with the good. If there is no good around you, then work with the good IN you. Speak up when you see an injustice, whether big or small. And I mean really speak up.
I usually go white-river rafting in June. May is too dangerous because the water levels are unusually high after the spring run-off and by late July or August, the water levels start going down to very low levels and therefore exposing more rock.
When you have a wall of churning water  staring at you in the face, no joke, the best way to handle it is to look at it directly and use your oar to attack the wave and water. Surprisingly , more often than not, you end up gliding away when you work with the wave instead of avoiding it or going against it.  
Prayer candles

Prayer candles

 I once read somewhere that the difference between prayer and meditation is that prayer is when you petition or ask for things to come to you and meditation is when you listen for things to come to you. Here’s a hint: The beginning of April is going to be a time to pray and petition. The Cardinal Grand Cross will be the time to meditate.


[ I just wanted to throw in an extra tid-bit for my Pagan and Wicca readers – writing out your petition in positive language on bay leaves before burning them also helps 🙂 ]

P.S Never leave fires or candles unattended!

Bay Leaves Dried

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12 thoughts on “Meditation vs Prayer

  1. kezalu

    Ah, I see – so it’s a prayer before white water rafting, and meditation afterwards 🙂

  2. searchingforfernando

    The Zoroastrians, perhaps the wisest of all religions, knew all about the sacredness of fire.

    • The were and are (there’s a tiny community of Zoroastrians left in Delhi called the Parsis) big-time fire worshippers. Unfortunately, I didn’t make to those areas, but I understand the Yazidis in eastern Turkey are as well.
      Among Native tribes who do the sweat lodge, when people are inside the lodge with the Elder, there is the Fire Keeper outside who needs to be able to “read” the fire properly while the lodge is happening. He needs to know how to feed it, what it’s trying to say, what direction it’s going in since the 4 cardinal directions have teachings attached to them as well.

  3. Shawna Alexander

    Okay, here goes: I awoke from a dream a little while ago & have been frantically jotting down these very strong impressions (never done this before, plz. bare w me): 1. re: The Salt Circle…IDK if S.W. is real or ? (I say yes) but in the photo his eyes haunt me…in dream are conveying the absolute imperative fact of doing this LITERALLY-me & anyone else. Protection is VITAL, as I feel, saw that simultaneously, there are…will be…Ceremonies, thoughts, INTENTIONS to counteract or tip the Universal balance negatively…many more than most would think (even me)…
    2. I got impressions that on Apr. 3, someone (or several people ) need to go to or very near to D.I.A. near the Apocalypse horse statue & do prayer(?) …&/or the sign proclaiming CO. “God’s Country”…IDK where that is…? …also a place driving up to C.C. is someting Ute Pass, near a place named “Man(n)itou”, it is called “Garden of the Gods”..
    3. I got the impression (I am still, literally vibrating w this one), that care should be used w GREAT EMPHASIS on the love of ALL SENTIENT BEINGS, as the Animal Kingdom is often overlooked as lesser than….”Pax et Bonum”-St. Francis could or should be included…idk if this one was personal only (doubtful)… but I saw many feathers…esp. a Seagull feather (?) should be offered, animal skins, fur..that “lucky rabbit’s foot” you’ve become so attached to…so long as Prayer/Ceremony specifically includes ALL SENTIENT BEINGS. Whoa. Didn’t think I could get this, whew! Blessed Be & many thanks.

    • Hi Shawna,
      In Native thought ceremony IS prayer, only in some ways, you’re acting it out. Salt Circles are protection against spirit elementals and attachments/bad spirits . In doing any form of earth healing work, they are imperative. As well as smudging yourself with sweetgrass or cedar.
      2) Denver International Airport is probably one of the creepiest places on Earth I’ve been to, that whole corridor between Denver and Colorado Springs is full, full, full of military installations and what not. Security is super tight so if anyone does decide to go there to do positive, earth healing work, good luck, you’re gonna need it there. I would rather focus on “The Garden of the Gods” near Colorado Springs, on the way up towards Cripple Creek. The area is considered holy to the Ute tribe, so there you go.
      3) For clarity on the meaning of Seagull medicine, or any other animal/bird/fish medicine, check up on Ted Andrews book “Animal Speak” and see what resonates.

  4. Ok…so, reading this in retrospect, I am convinced the first part was (mainly) personal. I think an extra warning to myself, as I am in a rather, shall we say…evil…town (Reno, NV). So, note taken there. And I’m inclined to agree that yes, ceremony is prayer, & I did see on an earlier posting your explanation that some people really need the ritual of it all to get to that quiet place within. Thanks for the sweetgrass & cedar tips, so far I had mainly concentrated on White Sage, Bay, Rosemary…& I keep getting Rose Geranium (?), which I know to be highly protective, but cannot find anything but the oil (I actually have one growing in my window), do you know if this would be especially important? Lastly, is the Ted Andrews book from Llewelyn Press & recent, as it sounds familiar (!)?…Scott Cunningham put a similar one out years ago…I’ve looked in my books, but cannot find anything specific on Seagull feathers..? It’s a small matter, I just want absolute clarity on such a Universal matter. Definately, “The Garden of the Gods”, yes…btw, WHERE is that Mtn. range…or whatever…at the top of this blog?…it never says… 😉

    • The Ted Andrews book has been around forever. Not sure of the publisher, you might need to check on Amazon.
      4 holy plants according to the Native Medicine Wheel are Tobacco, Sweetgrass, Sage and Cedar. But other traditions have their own plants like the Celts, Indians, etc.
      That mountain range at the top of my blog is Cappadocia, in central Turkey, my spiritual home.

  5. MJ

    This is seriously the best f&^%ng blog when it comes to picking up useful information and little known facts about spiritual matters. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t even know that these things were happening!
    I also really like your kick-ass attitude about things. You’re a good role-model to younger girls.

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