Gone Fishin’…


Apologies Shifters but real, offline life gets in the way of things sometimes and that needs looking into – Too many energy leakages going on right now, and looking at the balance sheets things are in the red and not in the black and I therefore need to cut everything back, figuratively speaking.  Unfortunately, that also includes this blog.  So, this blog will be on hiatus until further notice. I’m still reachable by email . To those of you who know me personally, I’m still on FaceBook too.

To those of you who have stayed with this blog since I first started it a little over two years ago, interacted with me here and provided sincere commentary, a giant “Thank You”. To those of you who only recently signed up and started reading this blog, I’m really sorry but on the upside, there are now over 180 blog posts you can read from 🙂

Then there is a third group I would like to address, those who read the blog, never interacted with me and yet mined it for ideas which they used in their own writings and work with barely any acknowledgement. You know who you are. While I like writing, it’s also nice to get something reciprocated and I got very little back. Not that I expected anything but right now all it feels like is that there some people who the read the blog because they’re  looking for new, interesting, original, obscure facts, which I bring to the surface which they then can add to their bag of tricks. I’m not getting anything back. I need to be inspired and I’m not.  As a result, I just don’t feel like writing. If something inspires me enough, maybe I will but if it doesn’t, I may just stop the blog altogether. To paraphrase what a friend said, there are those drawing more than just inspiration from what I wrote and it is quite obvious in places. I wrote something, next thing, a similar version pops up somewhere else.

Actively idle,


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5 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’…

  1. Michelle Lavallee

    I really hope you don’t stay away too long! I completely understand the need to step away, re-charge, get grounded, TCB, etc. Your writing is so juicy, and heartfelt. It’s a voice that we need. I will miss your musings and wanderings. You will be missed, and again, I hope that the break is one that is brief!!

    In light and love,

  2. For the Intolerants

    I second Michelle’s musings wholeheartedly. Wishing you all the best on your fishing journey and hope you’ll return back to “this” place. Sometime. Whenever it’s time. Cheers, FtI

  3. Thanks Ladies! I’m still around but need to “regroup”.
    Have a terrific summer!

  4. Seneca

    I just found your blog yesterday regarding ascension symptoms. I can not thank you enough for providing a light to someone who has been falling/crawling in and out of “dark spaces” for a very long time! Although so much happiness has been showered upon me this past year, I have been feeling more alone and fearful than any other time in my life.
    Reading that particular entry yesterday gave me the courage to finally let go of my fears and allow whatever that has been trying to happen me over the years, just happen!
    I still require additional work on my fears as meditation is a locked door to me, even as my new found courage allowed to attempt it again last night. (That is a whole other story and I know that I will make it through eventually.)
    I just read your hiatus post and respect you even more than before. It brings tears to my eyes as I simply cannot imagine the words to thank you for what you have helped me do for myself!
    I look forward to reading your other posts and send you nothing but love and positive energy during your hiatus and in your life! xoxo

  5. Gladys

    Damn. I just found your blog today – I am combing your archives and really enjoying it. There is a web page I think you may like (I am NOT affiliated) that talks about some of the same things. in2worlds is the name of the website. Her boyfriend is Tom Montalk, who used to run the Montalk.net site (the site is till up, the forum is still up but neither is currently being updated).

    The in2worlds site has some fantastic articles – I cannot wait to delve into yours as well. Have a great break.

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