And So it Goes…

“This future is joy and light. Do not let yourself be influenced by those who predict only difficulties and misfortunes: it is simply because they do not know what the future really is or how to build it. Misfortunes are the past, not the future. Before the future can present itself – that is to say, your true future as sons and daughters of Cosmic Intelligence – it is waiting for you to finish drawing lessons from the past. This future is on the move: since you are creating it, you are already beginning to live it. One year is ending and another is about to begin… But before thinking about the coming year, turn your attention  for a moment to the one that is departing, and speak to it, for a year is a living being, and so you can talk to it. When you leave it, ask it to remember you. As it is alive, it does not remain idle: it has recorded not only your actions, but also your wishes, feelings and thoughts. On the last day it reports to the lords of destiny, and it connects you to the new year: you must be able to say goodbye to it before it goes for good. As for the new year, you can begin to prepare for it consciously, by setting a goal for yourself: to get rid of a bad habit, develop a certain quality, put a plan into action for the good of all. With this thought, this wish, it is as if you were placing a first stone, and then all the benevolent spirits in nature will bring you their help, so that you  can carry out your plan. These are the things you should be concerned with today: welcoming the new year in  and placing yourself under the protection of the light.”

 – Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Hope you Shifters have a peaceful and joyful holiday season in whatever form you celebrate it, whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, the Wiccan Yule, the Winter Solstice.

I have not been writing a lot in recent weeks mostly because I have been pre-occupied with other things and ideas which I’m working on. Long story short, while I am not ending this blog I have made the decision that it’s now time to stop talking the talk and walk the walk. Part of the problem of why I decided to minimize my presence online is that it’s just not enough for me anymore. Religious and spiritual traditions the world over, without exception, emphasize the importance and need for community. The Buddhists call it the “sangha”, Christians might call it the living Church. I realize that online forums, social media, the blogosphere, yoga studios and whatnot, even if they are populated by some really well-meaning folks, are not a sufficient enough substitute for the real thing. So I’ve decided to take these discussions and some of my ideas offline and into the real world in an attempt to meet and discuss with real people, face-to-face and in real-time. Mostly via local Meetup groups, random Craigslist postings, and see where that goes.

Jet-set Pug

Jet-set Pugs

Another thing which I want to focus on is on creating an individualized spiritual travel company. For those of you who are familiar with my posts from the early days nearly 3 years ago, energetic travel and travel to these “hot spots” plays a huge part of who I am and my own spiritual development. There are places which for whatever reason, for long-forgotten historical reasons, sacred pilgrimage sites imbued with the prayers and aspirations of millions of pilgrims and spiritual seekers, some places which are dormant and need to be re-activated where the energy is far more conducive to accessing higher realities where I was able to have certain spiritual breakthroughs which I could have never had if I stayed on in Montreal. There are some parts of the world which are connected to certain spiritual issues people struggle with, other places are connected to specific chakras and still others connected to certain illnesses. I figure since I am actually qualified to do spiritual assessments on people and because I do have contacts to healers, shamans, Elders and my own first-hand experience in certain parts of the world, why not combine all that and create programs for serious spiritual travellers who want a genuine, deeper experience with a guide there beside them, which these group tours just don’t offer and can’t? It’s not just about being a guide, but actually entering into a healing relationship with these persons and walk with them as they go through the process. Travel can be lots of things to lots of people but for me, it’s always been a modality for transformation. It’s for women who have hit a certain plateau in their life and are now looking for something more. You gotta start somewhere, right?

For anyone who wants to know more, drop me an email or we can do a Skype session sometime and I can tell you all about it.

Best wishes to every last one of you in this New Year! I hope all your individual journeys deepen and become richer. I get the feeling 2015 will be year where many of us who put the hours in, finally turn a corner.


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7 thoughts on “And So it Goes…

  1. Sarah

    Well thank u for posting this Wonderful and Uplifting writing from O.M. Aivanhov. I actually needed something like this for my spirits today. Anyhoo, what a coincidence I was trying to remember the name of this blog of urs yesterday and had no luck. Then today went on fb and someone posted something about OMA and I asked them for his website and then they directed me to ur Blog!! Isn’t that something! Anywho, here I am and enjoying what u posted on OMA. Your plans sound great and I hope they turn out for U. I am honestly not so keen on doing ur travel thing at this moment, but I may later, so I will keep u posted or U can keep me posted via my email.

    All the BEST for U. U are such a cool person and so SMART!!

    Both Hands together,

    • Thank you Sarah for such kind words!
      I’m not completely disappearing off the face of the earth, and will continue to post here from time to time when events/experiences which inspires me to write shows up.
      I’m currently networking and talking to people about how to get this going and it will not happen overnight. There are websites to develop, cards and brochures to print, crossing “t”s and dotting “i”s and making things airtight from a legal point of view and of course, lining up investors. So it will be a while yet 🙂
      Have a wonderful 2015!
      Bear hugs,

  2. Mary

    I only started following your blog 8 months ago and by turns I’ve been inspired, mystified and at times, forced to look at things in a completely new way. This is the only blog I read where I came across new ideas and names of thinkers and mystics worth knowing which I otherwise would have never heard of.

    After reading some of your travel posts here and the way you experience places, if there is anyone who could get such a unique travel company idea working, it would be you. Can’t wait to see how it will look like!

    Best and warmest wishes and regards to you EER!

    • Thank you Mary!
      Like I wrote in the post, travel can be many different things to many different people and it really depends on what individuals want to get out of it. Mass tourism has never appealed to me and I figure why not combine my interest in mysticism with travel and put together things for people who otherwise don’t know how or even where to begin.
      I had an experience at the Louvre once a few years ago. The workers were on strike and so I was able to get in for free and had no guide map and just wandered about. I quite accidentally found myself in front of the Venus de Milo. I barely had any time to take in the beauty and workmanship of the statue or contemplate the storied history of it before a gaggle of tourists came in swamping and surrounding it.
      I watched the group closely. Not a single person actually looked at it. Rather, they took turns, one by one, to stand in front of it, have their picture taken and then quickly moved on to the next statue to do the same. It was basically to just tell and show their friends that they were A) in Paris and B) saw the Venus de Milo. That’s when I realized that there were two groups of tourists and travellers. Those who travel and “collect” places to just say that they’ve been here, here and here and never actually get anything from it and those persons who actually experience places.

  3. For the Intolerants

    All the best as you start these new journeys EER. You will undoubtedly succeed whether it is in the short, medium or long term. It is written. Cheers.

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  5. Linda Sama

    “programs for serious spiritual travellers who want a genuine, deeper experience” — totally interested. keep me in the loop. 🙂

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