Oh, Here We Go Again…

Part of my daily internet ritual is scoping out a few key sites and checking out their daily roster of new articles. This includes David Icke’s headlines section, In5D news section, Phoenix is Risen, Philosopher’s Stone, TruthDig and Information Clearing House.

Already a number of articles and Youtube videos are appearing that September 23, 2015 is going to be the new date of some kind of a transformation in much the same way December 21, 2012 and before that December 31, 1999 were heralded as days when the real shit was going to hit the fan.
Honestly, I don’t know what it is with some New Agers, Apocalypse-watchers, End Times survivalists and people who are really into fear porn but it’s almost as if they really want widespread death and mayhem because it somehow validates their position and proves them right.

Not Hope. Nope.

With talk of items like institutionalized racism, income inequality and the death of the mainstream media and presstitutes, entering MAINSTREAM political jargon and discourse and not of some marginal Marxist website, whether you realize it or not, that has a very real trickle-down effect on people. When you talk to people intelligently, people usually start talking back to you just as intelligently, and gosh has the political public discourse changed in even the last few months.  Quite gratifying to watch, if you ask me.
Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas

Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas

I just don’t think the shift will be a sudden, dramatic “TA-DA” moment like some Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil show production. Rather, I think it is a form of evolution along with a combination of some change in the cosmic climate. A combination of grass-roots change from the bottom meeting the change in the ethers.
John of Patmos watches the New Jerusalem descending on Earth from heaven.

John of Patmos watches the New Jerusalem descending on Earth from heaven in his visions of the Apocalypse.

Some websites and some videos are saying that UFO Disclosure will finally happen. The Alex Jones conspiracy crew seem to think it has something to do with Jade Helm.
Listen, this is what will happen.
Women will still have their monthly periods which seems to freak out some men.
Donald Trump will still be a dick.
People will continue to dream dreams of revolution.
I will still drink my morning cup of chai.
What may or may not be different will be how YOU decide to decipher the world around you. There’s that famous fable which Paulo Coelho once wrote of, that the Secret to Happiness is to take in the wonders of the palace while never spilling the two drops of precious oil in your spoon.
In other words, we all live in this world but we are not of it and really it’s about taking our loftiest aspirations and bringing them down into the everyday and immediate.
Just stay real. The more authentically you live with yourself, the clearer you’ll see things around you. And take action.
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6 thoughts on “Oh, Here We Go Again…

  1. Genus

    Agree Agree , , , wait . . . If I may digress, in my opinion this feminist attention whore’s stance is quite unrelated to men being resistant to change by being freaked out about menstrual flow . . . I read about her earlier today and I’m a WOMAN and am totally freaked out by her Harvard educated FREEBLEED stance on behalf of women who probably aren’t aware of this nonsense because THEY ALSO DON”T HAVE INTERNET SERVICE!

    The total lack of sanitary concern for and subjugation of others by exposing her flow (cleansing), body fluids & possible odor, has only to do with her being uncomfortable with WEARING A TAMPON and I’ll wager that freebleeding is her NORMAL practice inconvenient due to date!

    Choosing the supposed plight of others is shameful! What single mothers, Mexicans, Blacks, Muslims, ISIL, Al Quadda weren’t available? How about Obama, surely she could have used him or perhaps simply a DIFFERENT feminine protection product. Instead she proclaims to be helping . . . and she did . . . HERSELF by perhaps continuing her normal practice.

    Had she chosen for example to defecate or FREESHYT on behalf of those who don’t have adequate septic facilities would her behavior be acceptable and cause for change? Probably not, unless she were King James (another story for another time.) I’m all for change, however, if behaving in this manner and embracing this behavior means accepting change, I want off this rock and I mean now.

    More proof that the end of what we thought we knew is definitely in the works. Thanks for listening. Peace.

    • I know there has been quite a bit of commentary online about how unhygienic, gross, weird this woman’s stance was.
      While I don’t agree with how she did it, I think the principles behind her actions are coming from the right place. Many girls in some ares of Africa abruptly stop going to school around the age of 12-13, putting them in risk of forced early marriages and early pregnancies. When the anthropologists looked into it, it turns out that many of these girls had started their menstrual cycles, and don’t have proper female hygiene products and basically stay at home. It’s a topic which isn’t getting enough attention unfortunately.
      With threatened cut-backs in the US against Planned Parenthood by ignorant male politicians, access to proper facilities for women’s health (including birth control, STD testing and STD medication and safe abortions), the fact that essential feminine hygiene products are taxed highly in many countries, it seems that women’s health and in particular, women’s sexual health is taking a severe beating all around. A lot of it is due to the discomfort is causes in some people, including men. Menstruation puts it right back on the map. In a very vivid way.

  2. kezalu

    Menstruation menstruation menstruation. There! I’m such a rebel. On that subject, over here in the land of Oz I discovered only the other day that feminine sanitary items are taxed as non-essential. Whereas condoms, lubricants and nicotine patches are non-taxed items. Most women have a tampon story – my favourite is when I spilled them out of my bag and a nice man helped me collect them.

    • Canada finally stopped making feminine hygiene products a taxable item this past July. I’m not sure people see the gender bias here – while things which serve male sexual health like condoms and lubricants are not taxed, things which serve female reproductive health were, until recently, at least here. For whatever reason, it costs more to be a woman and that just shouldn’t be.
      I think every girl has some kind of period story, whether it’s an embarrassing instance of leakage or what.
      When I don’t want customs to go through my carry-on luggage at the airport, I pack pads and tampons over my clothes in such a way that when the customs agent opens it, it’s the first thing he sees. They usually just zip it right back up and let you go very quickly after that.

      • Genus

        Ok, so it wasn’t my imagination! Last time we were in Toronto, my daughter commented how we were nearly frisked at the border over her little carrying case of products while the AK57 sitting on the counter next to us was literally ignored? LOL!

        Yes, being a Girl is expensive — mentally, physically and Psychologically! Where’s my dictionary — oh probably cost more than a man’s version. Peace ;0

    • Genus

      LOL! You are a gem, yes we all do. Peace 😉

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