The Non-Negotiables

Watch this video, pay particular attention to the QUALITY of the souls here, not the dogma and theology involved:

Honestly, people like the anchorites described here freak me out (in a good way).  India has a long, long tradition of wandering fakirs, hermits and sadhus which I’m sure many of you have heard of or seen if you’ve ever visited India.

Sadhus in Nepal

Sadhus in Nepal

Likewise Tibet also has a long tradition of yogis, monks or nuns going into seclusion for long-term meditation. Fewer and fewer of them exist with each passing year and the sad part is as they go, so do the teachings as well, since much of their insight is not based on dogma and jargon but rather direct experience.

However, I had no idea that anchorite monks and nuns still existed in the Orthodox world. Whenever I hear about such pure souls like these, it makes me wonder how they can still exist in this age of globalization, instant gratification, nuclear bombs and digital communication. How they can literally devote their entire life to contemplate and attempt to understand the Infinite in solitude and in remoteness.

Modern-day hermit, The man Who Quit Money, Daniel Suelo, living in the wilds of the Utah canyons around Moab.

Modern-day hermit, The Man Who Quit Money, Daniel Suelo, living in the wilds of the Utah canyons around Moab.

It got me wondering about the nature of genuine spiritual seeking and I’m pretty sure there are different levels of it. In my opinion, the demarcation line is, without question,  the market economy. I know I’ve gotten flack for this in past blog posts but you simply cannot mix spirit with money. I firmly believe that. It was what was taught to me by my first teacher back in Cappadocia as well as the Native Elders I spent time with in Canada and the US. If you do, it won’t last for very long and there’s always inevitably some blow-back. But the very fact that it doesn’t last long should also signal right away the level of authenticity and genuineness involved. It’s like fast-food for the soul. It satiates the hunger for like a minute but the hunger comes back even stronger than ever after a while.

Sure, you can sell your abilities, do tarot readings, astrology readings, psychic channelings, yoga classes which emphasize stretching instead of hard-core Vedanta, books based on your insights if you’ve got an aptitude and talent for it or suggest donations for services rendered, but I don’t think you can sell genuine and authentic teachings which usually come from very deep, painful and hard-won experiences and you certainly can’t sell such intensely personal experiences. They either happen to you or they don’t. You either get it or you don’t. When I watch the people who yell the loudest, “Why not?”, I can almost guarantee you’re probably dealing with someone who can’t even imagine a life which exists outside of the capitalist market economy. Yes, I get it, we have to eat, but we’re not just animals trying to eke out a life. I think we’re more than that.

Anarchist thinker and writer Jacques Ellul, elucidated perfectly in his many books why anarchism is the only political and economic model which allows man to become truly human.

Anarchist thinker and writer Jacques Ellul, elucidated perfectly in his many books why anarchism is the only political and economic model which allows man to become truly human. If you don’t have  time to read his books, there’s a lot of videos worth checking out on Youtube.

This isn’t going to be an anti-capitalist rant. My own anarchist inclinations and sympathies are pretty evident to those of you who have been reading this blog for a while now. Maybe I’ll write in another blog post why I’m an anarchist, but I really do think anarchy is the only system we’ve got which acknowledges human beings as creatures with spiritual and social potentials to be fulfilled, not just economic ones. Minds far greater than mine have already written about how radical a philosophy capitalism is and how in its extreme forms eats up everything in sight, all resources, water, land, air, human beings, bodies, life, love, sex, food, shelter, everything and the obsession of infinite growth, infinite productivity and infinite profits eventually starts cannibalizing on itself. We’re already seeing it happen. When a society enters that stage, life and society becomes unbelievably coarse and human life isn’t worth a hill of beans.

The thing with authentic spirituality is that it leads you away from this world, from an existence which is based on a material, mathematically deterministic Cartesian model towards something which very often cannot be quantified and pinned down. Capitalism is its purest form, engulfs you even deeper into the material and physical. There’s literally no room for the soul there. Therein lies the conflict.

Sure, there are many things which money can’t buy, but have you ever noticed they’re usually the first qualities to be missing in a person who is so utterly engulfed in the material, they don’t even “see” what they’re lacking? The lack of manners, character, decency, class, integrity and moral fortitude? Unfortunately, these types are everywhere.

Ultimately, it is about what is negotiable and what is non-negotiable in your own life and your own spiritual journey. The only thing I can add is that when it comes to matters of the spirit, there are some things which are non-negotiable, no matter how you cut it.

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6 thoughts on “The Non-Negotiables

  1. searchingforfernando

    I could not agree with you more. One wonders why anyone would pay for spiritual services. The fact that the practitioner does not understand this very basic spiritual principle, something that should have been absorbed in spiritual kindergarten, renders their advice basically worthless. And sadly for the practitioners, cuts them off from incredible, mind-boggling genuine spiritual experiences, that must be EARNED through painful experience. I rather think they don’t care though, money is more important.

    In 25 years of astrology, I have never charged a dime for a reading. All the charging astrologers I’ve ever met, I wouldn’t take a free reading from – let alone pay for a reading, because they were so lacking in skill. This IS non-negotiable.

  2. Character, now there’s an attribute appearing to be on its way to extinction.

    • Morals, respect, decency and character all stem from a base of integrity. Unfortunately Integrity is going out of fashion and disappearing faster than the dodo bird died out. Instead, half-baked shysters are taking their place.

  3. searchingforfernando

    Thanks for sharing the video. I read THE MAN WHO QUIT MONEY several years ago, but had not heard Suelo speak before this. In the video he says that some “spiritual teachers” had defended putting a price tag on their “teachings” because “if you give them away they are not valued.” what a ridiculous excuse. If you have something to teach the world, and it is valid, people who need to hear it will FIND YOU. They will listen and apply your words in their lives. Anyone who dismisses something because it is free, is not yet ready to be a student. They have real work to do on their attitudes before they are ready to dive into the spiritual world.

    The market place of spirituality is really just the blind leading the blind. It’s pretty much affluent, white (and Indian gurus like the scumbag Deepak Chopra) “teachers” telling affluent, white folks (but this is changing as other races become more affluent) what they want to hear and what makes them feel good. The truth is to be avoided at all costs because the truth is painful. These folks have no discernment, because discernment is acquired through suffering and struggle. Try going to a poor third world country and telling the locals that they can have anything they desire just by thinking it up in their minds. They would laugh you out of town because they KNOW it’s not true. This lack of discernment is probably why Americans and Europeans are so easily fooled by false flag events, of which there have been many lately.

    • I agree, I mean compare those anchorite monks in the first video at the beginning of this post, say in contrast to spiritual teachers from the Oprah set, like Deepak or Gabriel Bernstein or that shyster who wrote “The Secret”. They write what people want to hear and it makes these “teachers” shitloads of money. From a consumer’s perspective, like I wrote it maybe satiates the humber for a minute or two but doesn’t provide any real insight. It’s like the fast food of spirituality.
      Daniel Suelo has quite a number of posted videos on Youtube – all excellent but he speaks a lot of uncomfortable truths which would probably make the suburban Oprah types squirm in their seats.

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