Opinion Poll: Should I stay or Should I go?

Shifters, I need your opinion on something.

I enjoy blogging and writing online, interacting with people who I will, in all likelihood never meet but still have the chance to discuss and share ideas in some way. Part of the reason why I stay anonymous is that I can say what I really think and not have to worry about how it affects my offline life. As we all know, the internet is a parallel universe in itself and while it’s very easy to meld your online life with your offline life, I find because of how it can affect you personally these days, what happens is that you get a white-washed, edited, “marketed” and a polished persona emerges instead. You’re not really getting an honest opinion and it just comes off as spin.
Remaining anonymous means, you can say what you really think, and speak your truth even if it makes other people uncomfortable.

Shepard Fairey's Guy Fawkes Anonymous mask

Shepard Fairey’s Guy Fawkes Anonymous mask

I mean when I wrote that yoga article, I was keeping an eye on the comments on Elephant Journal’s threads on Facebook and was quite taken aback at some of the threats people were throwing at me. One guy was threatening violence. Another guy kept insinuating that I must have some mental health, psychiatric issues. Still I kept quiet and kept observing people’s reactions.

Another reason why I remain anonymous is that I have the unfortunate history of knowing several creeps, who in hindsight I really wish I never knew and even now, want absolutely nothing to do with, not even on a psychic level. It’s not like we’re talking about sexual assault or anything violent (Thank God), but I would say there were lighter shades of slight stalking, psychic copy-catting and just general all around uncomfortable creepiness. The thing with blogging, is that to some degree you are exposing yourself, your thoughts, your thinking processes and I love the fact that the medium of writing sometimes allows us to think out loud and get problem-solving input and insight from others. All this works if you can maintain your anonymity. However, it becomes problematic when the very jerks you were always trying to avoid shows up and knows who you are.

And I think that is what has happened.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on my admin page and have noticed that very particular blog posts have been getting hit a lot in this past week from several particular IP addresses which leads me to believe that the creeps have found me.

And this is where I need your opinion Shifters. A part of me would rather just shut down this blog and start a new one somewhere else, new name, new everything with no forwarding address so I can get these jackasses off my scent. Another part of me would rather keep going and do my best to ignore these assholes even while knowing they’re still watching and reading me and my thoughts because they’re so bereft of any original thinking or insight themselves.

So, what do you think? My suggestion box is wide-open.

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22 thoughts on “Opinion Poll: Should I stay or Should I go?

  1. T.K. Eldridge

    Don’t let them win. Keep doing what you’re doing. They can’t do anything to you beyond what you let them, sweet lady. Your truth is your truth. If they cannot accept that, then that is their failing, not yours.

  2. 🎤 If you leave ~ can I come too❓

  3. Sarah

    If you leave, they’ll probably find you again. So I’d say stay, and if they continue, just point them out to us. We’ll sort ’em. 🙂

  4. kezalu

    Whatever you want to do. Whatever you’re most comfortable with.

  5. It’s through that very article in Elephant Journal, I’d found your blog. It’s obvious that you’d created incredible amount of attention, pulling people all around the world like myself. As long as you are you and keep on writing the ‘good stuff’ over here, no matter where you go, write or transfer your blog, you’ll create the same aura and face these kinds of things. So, I guess whatever feels comfortable for you. Maybe you already know the answer..Good luck. And keep in touch.

  6. Cass

    Some will like it, some won’t , so what!
    Please stay….. your awesome!

  7. I’ve decided that instead of going offline or shutting down this blog, I’ve made the majority of my past blog posts private, save the most heavily frequented ones. The shyster has been doing specific word searches and therefore reading only specific posts so I’ve made them all private now.
    To those who are subscribed to the blog, they’ll automatically still get any posts I publish online and I’ll keep them up a few weeks before making them go private.

  8. Linda Sama

    Stay. I agree with TK. Frankly, I think you should write a post about the reaction to your EJ article! Shame the shameless! If you want some tips on standing up to a stalker/troll, contact the blogger who writes Madh Mama. She has had trolls big time because she is white, Canadian, married to an Indian. I would miss your writing, girl! Don’t let them beat you!

  9. Laura

    Do what you need to do, but you will be missed. I enjoy reading your articles very much. I don’t always agree with them, but that’s not what its about. Its about getting different perspectives and looking at situations from different angles. That’s what I enjoy about your blogs and I look forward to every one.

  10. evolution0117

    If we allow ourselves to be shut up or shut down every time someone trolls or disagrees with us, then we become part of the problem and not part of the solution. You are a courageous, beautiful writer. Like others, I don’t always agree with you but absolutely respect and appreciate your perspective. The time and care you obviously put into this blog is obvious. The pictures and quotes always fit the message, the desire to painstakingly use the right word to describe a thought is obvious. It results in a thought provoking, almost three dimensional experience! It takes a while to find one’s tribe … finding a tribe with diverse thought and the courage to talk about it is a rare find. I consider you a vital member of that tribe. You allow me to think by posting your thoughts and on frequent occasion challenge myself on my beliefs and how I have incorporated those into my day to day life (and if I need to “shift” a little or a lot). Don’t stoop to the level of those weaker than you. You have an important voice. Use it.

    • evolution0117, thank you for what you wrote. It means a lot since I don’t always get feedback and sometimes wonder if what I write even matters. So thank you.
      After thinking about it, I’ve decided to stay. That creep who is trying to tail me is an empty husk of a 5th-rate human being. I just didn’t want to be the host to their parasitism. Now I understand, by disappearing, they win and they REALLY don’t deserve to.

      • evolution0117

        We’re here … just tells me we need to say thank you and acknowledge the effort more than we do. We all get so caught up in our day to day lives and begin to take things like your blog for granted, but know you ARE making a difference. Don’t let the troll get to you. Karma will do that in due time. Stay positive. Chin up. Speak your truth. You are on the right path.

  11. Kate

    I highly value your blog articles. I respect your choice but I find women write about subjects with an obviously different perspective which has long been relegated and definitely needs to be accessible if any kind of rebalance is to occur. The creeps out there are learning valuable stuff even if they don’t consciously accept what you and others write about.
    Much love and appreciation for your efforts.
    From sunny Australia

  12. I say, “keep on keepin’ on!!” They’ll only win if you allow them to…and they only have as much power over us as we give them.

    I think it sometimes helps to view negative comments as “compliments” from the Dark Side. If you’re receiving a lot of them, it’s probably because you’re doing good work and having a positive effect. They’ll do anything they can to snuff out Light and drag us back down into the dark.

    From my perspective, the best thing we can do is understand that they’re doing what they feel they need to do for their stage in their spiritual development, have compassion for and forgive them, wish them well, and choose another path for ourselves. Once we’ve done that, it’s perfectly OK to simply IGNORE their jabs and insults.

    The more we argue, disagree, or fight with those who prefer the dark, the more energy we feed into the negativity that tries to keep us all in such a limited state.

    Do what you feel guided to do and SHINE YOUR LIGHT!

    We’ll always be here to see and enjoy it.

    With Love,


    PS: Don’t forget that you’re NEVER alone. We’re all here with you…and in the end, we are all ONE and can NEVER be divided (although it may sometimes seem that way)!

    • Thanks Stargazer 🙂
      Insults, I can deal with and I had everything and the kitchen sink thrown at me when Elephant Journal decided re publish my yoga blog post. If you go over to their site, there’s something like 11 pages worth of comments, most of it very negative towards me. That doesn’t faze me.

      What does bother me is that there is this vulture from my past who seems to have landed here, the kind of entitled jerk who is used to getting their own way and who feels they always have to win no matter what and if you leave the game before they’re ready to let you leave, they somehow have to find a way to hurt you to make themselves feel better for not winning on their terms because it validates their view of the universe.

      I’m not going to out them, I’d rather just have nothing to do with them and would wish they can do the same with me and go away already.

      • When I was a young boy and I used to get picked on by bullies, my mom and dad would always tell me that the more I let it bother me, the more they would pick on me. Over the years, I’ve found that to be quite true. If people like that derive some sort of pleasure from other’s anguish, then I feel sorry for them–for they are quite obviously miserable with themselves and their lot in life.

        Nowadays, when I encounter that type of mentality, I just wish them the best and move on. Once they understand that it does no good to provoke me and I’m not buying into their need for “drama”, they’ll eventually move on too.

        Just keep doin’ what you need to do and know that there are lots of others here supporting you!


        With Love,


  13. It’s great you’re sticking around! This world, our lives, are littered with vultures, trolls and the like. Why do them a favour by playing by their rules? Stick to yours and the rest will sort itself out.

  14. Penny

    So always do as you are most comfortable but there is power is staying the course. I had a similar situation though not with blogging but with people from my past that would lurk. I will say that the other party increased in boldness/intensity of frequency when I decided to be less visible, less powerful & ultimately less of who I am.

    I love your posts. They weave so nicely into our modern times. It helps me, and probably a great many others, to know that there are others who are vibrating at similar frequencies and we might not be so scattered in numbers.

    • Thanks Penny,
      “Lurker” is the exact word. This person and his lot where he should be getting “inspiration” from are parasites.

      I had not thought of it till you wrote it , but it is true, it is good to find those places where you can find people on the same wavelength. It makes the world a less lonely place.

  15. MIchelle

    Dear EER: My $.02 is to keep on keeping on! I’ve been reading you blog, lucky enough to stumble upon it several years ago and your writings and observations are absolutely brilliant. Never mind the bullocks and keep doing what you’re doing. I can only imagine that the people who love and respect what you do far outweigh any creepers! xox

  16. DJ

    Everyone soul needs to regroup. In my selfishness, I’ll miss Your thoughts dearly, however my sensible Cappy side advises what I’ve told my daughters.

    Prepare/educate yourself in order to maintain your life and sanity and should you happen to be say a . . . teacher where that damn system, those kids, your boss, or whomever and the experience is that of adverse energy, get your bag and your keys and STEP! If the experience turns out to be your calling, it will call you back and if not, then it just WAS.

    Closed doors open new ones.

    Whatever you decide . . . I wish you Peace!

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