June 2016 Astrology – The Bumpy Road Ahead

Sorry Shifters for not writing very much in the last little while. A few personal things have been going on and it doesn’t leave much room to write.
Berkeley the Pug 2005-2016. I hope you have a happy incarnation as the old wise man that you are.

Berkeley the Pug 2005-2016.

First off, my original on-line avatar, my Yoda-master-angel-in-disguise pug, Berkeley has passed on. He put up a good fight, 11 years old, with diabetes, needing insulin shots everyday, and in the end couldn’t walk any more. Despite all his physical problems, he remained happy, super-intelligent, wise and very, very affectionate. It broke everyone’s heart to put him to sleep but no one wanted him to end his days in suffering. It will always remain a mystery to me how such tiny creatures can give out so much unconditional love and warmth to everyone around them.
Formally known as the Hidden Hills, but also known as the Wisdom Hills to those in the know.

Formally known as the Hidden Hills, but also known as the Wisdom Hills to those in the know.


Secondly, I was away and spending time in Western Massachusetts with a wise-woman friend of mine, the one who writes quatrains. The area is known as the “Wisdom Hills” largely because of all the Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and meditation centres there. Many high-end private schools and colleges like Deerfield Academy (where most kings and presidents send their boys off to) and Amherst College are also located there. That means many, many amazing second-hand bookshops and a highly literate and educated population base who are more inclined towards progressive thought.
Mary's gaze

Mary’s gaze

Places like Holyoke have a strong Catholic flavour and an occurrence called Mary’s Gaze happens regularly over the skies of West Springfield and Northfield.  I’ll shortly be writing something which my friend shared with me since she has given me permission to share with others on-line.
Steve Judd had mentioned that there was some kind of financial “correction” coming and Gosh! does everyone need it. The IMF has finally admitted that the doctrine of neoliberalism has done more harm than good (read: is full of shit) and all those 1%-ers know it. This also explains why property and real estate values have sky-rocketed in the past few years, particularly in places like Vancouver, Sydney, Toronto and lately Montreal.
The Russian gazillionaires have a tendency to hide their money in real estate. Usually London or New York City were their destinations of choice. If they couldn’t hide their money in off-shore accounts, what they would do was start buying up real estate and park their money that way. Now the Chinese are doing it and their destinations of choice are Australia and Canada. We’re not just talking about shady Chinese millionaires and industrialists, we’re talking about the Chinese government itself. Slowly by slowly they are deliberately buying up large parts of downtown real estate in places like Sydney, Vancouver, Singapore, Toronto and Montreal.  This inflates real estate prices completely out of the reach of middle-income families and makes home-buying only for the wealthy. It’s gotten so bad that locals can’t even afford to live in the city they grew up in and made interesting in the first place. High-income professionals like lawyers and doctors are having a hard time buying a home in Vancouver and real-estate racism is now a thing. Australia was smart. They banned the Chinese from doing it further. We’ll see if Canada smartens up. This is just to illustrate how phoney and easily manipulated things like real estate values can be and how black money truly rules most of the world.
So, it would seem the world is indeed ripe for a financial “correction” or “adjustment”.
A few Grand Crosses, a few eclipses, the summer solstice and a fidgety social world climate makes June look like the kind of month where people can lose it within seconds. Its worth your while to fade into the background and just watch from the sidelines as people go apeshit. Don’t let anything or anyone push your buttons. June looks like it’s shaping up to be some kind of a start of transformation. Let the deconstruction happen and move yourself out-of-the-way discretely.

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8 thoughts on “June 2016 Astrology – The Bumpy Road Ahead

  1. Sag

    In Australia, we also have a problem with negative gearing (https://www.theguardian.com/business/grogonomics/2016/apr/28/how-negative-gearing-replaced-the-great-australian-dream-and-distorted-the-economy). It’s not just Sydney that is too expensive, but all the capital cities. Property ownership is becoming more and more out of reach for Gen Y due to there not being enough jobs, and property being too expensive. We have an election coming up soon and hopefully our current government (that is still, unbelievably pushing neo-liberal policy) will be voted out.

    • There will be a backlash eventually. These bubbles always burst like the dot com bubble of the late 1990s did. Greed has a strange way of catching up to people.

  2. T.K. Eldridge

    So sorry about Berkeley, sweetheart. These little guys take up an awful lot of our hearts, don’t they? As for changes…yeah…I’m seeing it personally. Will be glad when I can finally step back from the J-mess and let it fade away. That’s scheduled for the end of June.

  3. Oh..So sorry about Berkeley. My condolences..

  4. searchingforfernando

    My condolences on the death of Berkeley. The news brought tears to my eyes because I went through the same thing with my pug Ping. It was so gut-wrenching I still can’t even think about it without breaking down.

  5. Thanks everyone for your thoughts on Berkeley. He’s already being missed deeply.

  6. First: My condolences regarding Berkeley.
    Second: NYC seems to be built on people hiding their cash in real estate. The Russians and Saudis are the prime buyers at the moment, and it’s astounding. I often gaze up at the 30, 40, and 50 floor monstrosities going up ALL OVER north Brooklyn (where there are other recently built apartment blocks that are far from full capacity) and wonder how the hell they’re going to fill them all. That’s when I realize it might not be about filling them up at all…

    • I think the trend started in NYC, London and Singapore but it has since spread to just about every major city in Canada, Australia and Europe and some cities in the US.
      At the rate we’re going, the entire planet will soon be one giant mall or condo development. It’s awful.

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