Summer Hiatus and July 2016 Astrology

1986 film with John Cusack and Demi Moore (when they were young)

1986 film with John Cusack and Demi Moore (when they were young)


I knew this summer was going to be crazy but I had no idea it was going to be like this.

Between Brexit in the UK, Donald Trump’s assured nomination as the Republican candidate for the US elections, a Ramadan season which has killed hundreds including many Muslims, might I add (which only goes to show you how much shit ISIS really is full of). If you’re really some Muslim radical  and pushing for a so-called Caliphate, why would you kill your own then?

It makes me wonder if they are even real Muslims in their ranks or if this is a super-duper stealthy plan by Israeli Mossad to derail the Middle East completely and deflect any attention on the Palestinian issue since that has completely disappeared off the radar screen ever since ISIS appeared, and the BDS movement against Israel has gained major steam in recent years on American college campuses and with high-visibility celebrities like Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters joining the movement.

The man behind Pink Floyd's "The Wall" Roger Waters.

The man behind Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” Roger Waters.

(I had a conversation with someone recently and they think it is definitely the latter. Bangladesh was hit because it is one of the last countries on Earth if not the last one, which states openly in its passport that it cannot be used to enter Israel, one of the few countries that doesn’t recognize Israel)

Read the bottom line...

Read the bottom line…

I have had the feeling for a long time that the nation-state model will not last. This attempt at creating “super” states and regional trading blocks will also backfire eventually. People really don’t want distant bureaucrats making decisions on their behalf without their permission which will directly affect their lives.


Which is why I think the TPP deal will not be ratified widely. I don’t know a single person in Quebec who wants to drink milk from China (if it is even milk in the first place given the Chinese track-record of safe food and pollution and ingenuity in creating fake items…) but that’s exactly the sort of thing which will be allowed if this goes through.

Tourists posing with the Hong Kong skyline.

Tourists posing with the Hong Kong skyline.

As for the US elections, it looks like a Clinton vs. Trump election but given how crazy this summer has been already, I have no doubt in my mind that nothing can be written in stone just yet. The DNC still have their convention on July 25 -28. The DNC are desperately trying to court the votes and enthusiastic followers which Bernie Sanders gathered but it’s still not clear what he will do exactly. Bernie may still be the wild card and may throw in a hat trick or two. Many of those millennials despise Hillary and establishment politics in general. You cannot get more establishment than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Many are even going to be casting their vote for the Green Party and Dr. Jill Stein, who comes across as very decent IMHO.

Spiritually, on a superficial level things look calm but, like the Earth itself, a beautiful scene of mountains and lakes doesn’t change the fact that deep, deep inside its core, hundreds of kilometres down, you know there are unbelievably violent and tumultuous changes and forces at work. Sometimes things stay quiet for L-O-N-G periods of time and then one day, without warning, a mountain blows its top and a volcano comes booming out of the Earth’s core. It somehow feels like that right now.

Before and after photo of the Merapi eruption in Indonesia.

Before and after photo of the Merapi eruption in Indonesia.


According to both Carl Boudreau and Steve Judd, there will be a series of eclipses happening in August and September and some people will have diametrically different lives before and after these eclipses. I have always maintained that as long as you are true to yourself and the deepest vision of yourself, not as who you wish to be but who you really ARE, then not very much can hurt you. People generally get into trouble when they start pretending to be someone or something they are not. If you’re a suburban husband and father for 40 odd years yet always dreamt of being a mountaineer or global traveller yet never set foot on a mountain or a country where everyone speaks a completely different language, chances are pretty good that you’re a suburban father for a reason. It’s because that’s what you really want to be even if you won’t admit it out loud. Embrace who you really are and let go of the illusions.

Enjoy your summer and stay safe Shifters!

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8 thoughts on “Summer Hiatus and July 2016 Astrology

  1. Excellent comment on Mossad focusing the attention too so called terrorists such as Isis and take the heat off of Israels atrocities and useful to the western allies to take the heat off of the colonists or the first worlds many problems such as the financial sectors oppressive doctrine of the wealth increasing to the wealthy whilst most people are either overtly or otherwise seriously compromised? the reality being the west is rich but poor on time? how is this contradiction being resolved by the controlling elite? its not the elite are spiritually bankrupt and have no ideas in dealing with today’s problems, this is why Trump is on the scene, Cameron is history and Turnbull is lost.

    • With the Chilcott report out today, Tony Blair’s reputation is in the gutter and he will go down in history as the biggest British stooge for American interests. Ever.

      I saw an article today on David Icke’s site that Bibi is doing some African tour, in the hopes of drumming up African countries to stop voting against Israel every single time a Palestinian resolution shows up at the UN. They can’t play the Holocaust card any more because the survivors are dying off, there aren’t many left, so in order to keep that racket going, they need to look at other means. Time and history are both conspiring against them and they know it. Liberal, progressive American Jews are increasingly at odds with Israeli expansionist policy. Go check out Rabbi Michael Lerner’s eulogy at Mohammed Ali’s funeral. The elites are stumped. They don’t know what to do so they keep playing the same card over and over again.

  2. kezalu

    I’m a bit worried about the father of 40 years who wants to climb mountains. The illusion for him may be that he can’t do it, can’t afford it, and is trapped in the system. Because, really, after 40 years of the same old same old, I reckon that mountain is looking pretty good and I think he deserves it. I say he should climb it. He’ll still be a father when he comes down on the other side. Sorry, my comments aren’t generally in the political realm, because it’s giving me whiplash trying to keep up at the moment. We just had an election over here and still with no clear victory for either party. Frankly, I’m hoping for a hung parliament, because that sounds exciting and means nobody won. Great result.

    • Oz has been a political basket-case for the last 5 years at least!

      • There are no mountains in Australia it was a sea bed and most likely as more energy used will return to its former self, OZ started as a penal colony and more or less has remained so, the population imprisoned without bars sort of a open prison whereby the citizens pay for having the privilege to pay for keep and board known as mortgages tolls, and high cost of living.
        The perfect place for bankers such as the Rothschilds, having warders as Turnbull, Tony Abbott, the amount of money pulled from the Earth here is astronomical and always in debt to overseas financiers and the last man to bat for Australia was Whitlam who would have been shot but more convenient to destroy him through the CIA and British intelligence with the the stamp of approval from Her Majesty in terms of Her pleasure.

  3. We come to Cromwell and British debt with Cromwell borrowing money for his escapades, and the culmination of big British debt with the fighting of Napolean and the Rothschilds coup in big finance, they are a type of organized criminals and are ambiguous as to who they are other than in the characteristic of what they seem.
    With regard to The Pink Floyd, they were regarded by establishment as all part of the treat to the British and World elite, one of the founding members (Syd Barrett) became a victim to LSD via the CIA, as the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations operating as a base for the control of the masses mind set, this organization having around 1947 money from the Rockefellow organization to look into mind control, before that it was a rehabilitation for WW2 return soldiers suffering from trauma and so on, whether Laing who was the head figure around 1957, I do not know, but he had and its staff having access to a supply of acid from the laboratory in Switzerland where the instigator of acid originated via the CIA, this was used on people such as considered a threat to societies norm, such as the Beatles John Lennon, who would have had this drug via Tavistock, who would become a victim of the CIA through the patsy controlled by the CIA (Mark Chapman), mind control department, interesting enough Freud is the figurehead of this Tavistock also all part of a earlier format of mind control and associated with the rich this being important as the rich 1% are the controlling vested lot and then its a percentage stat of 1% of the 1% who control them and the top 5% being OK in this hierarchy and soon to rule the world.
    The importance of Britain to the financiers is its technology and ability to make weapons of destruction and the location of Israel as a base to overseeing the Arab nations to supply weapons for Arabs to kill each other without the loss of Western Imperialist nations loss of life as this could incur public protest, and in exchange supply weapons until the Middle East has largely depleted its oil stocks, it is pertinent that with the upheaval of all the Arab nations surrounding Israel is little to no incursions exist of terrorism in Israel, as with Britain , the Mossad and British intelligence such as MI6 and so on are able to subvert the Middle East and any one such as Gaddafi who attempted to amalgamate Africa would be killed.

    The importance of divide and rule cannot be underestimated, in controlling the mind set of the masses, today what is important to the financiers is to keep the flame of terrorism alight which amalgamates the population identity and is good for business profits.
    The controlling assets of the ruling class is to create individualism such as body piecing and tattoos as so called self expression of freedom and also erode the sense of self by mass immigration to destroy the sense of who we are, why is this so such a contradiction? it diverts public attention away from the controllers and affirms the bond ship of money and its pursuit and since finance corporations such as the IMF, World Bank and so on have a large amount of gold and assets control the meaning of life for the many.

    • Divide and conquer has been to story of human “civilization” practically from the beginning of time. I know a Catholic priest who is an exorcist and its pretty explicit even in mainstream religion, people just don’t pick up on it. This world, this “matrix” if you will, reality as we know it, is the domain on the devil and money, greed, power are all “devil-energy”, to put it simplistically. You fall for it, then you’re in the trap. There’s basically a legal agreement between Cosmic Intelligence and the Devil/Archon/Demiurge. The human soul belongs to Cosmic Intelligence, the physical world is under control by the other team, you just have to see past it. When the other team starts to lose options, they come up with other ways of dealing with the situation but it becomes more and more obvious over time what’s happening. People either see it or don’t. Some don’t want to because they’d rather cling to their illusions and the false sense of security it offers. This Earth isn’t going to last forever either. You tell that to people and they freak out but it’s true. Our Sun is still a medium sized star and still growing. One day billions of years from now, it will go Supernova and engulf the earth. What are the elites going to do then, even if they have colonized other planets or hidden themselves in underground bunkers?
      I think it’s wise to know that there is a manipulative energy walking this Earth and the key members involved, but that’s not the end goal. If we get stuck on that level, then the other team won. We need to go past it and see beyond because they can’t operate past that level.

      • The conversation has gone into a surprising development that I had no idea we would be from a stance of human corruption the elite and the end of the World as we know it? quite correct to remind us we are on a trajectory of ultimately the destruction of what we are, all that we know, and what is, our investment portfolios, our Universities, Stonehenge and on and on, will ultimately or not ultimately as it is uncertainty what the ultimate is? the bunkers will last for the elite for a duration of time but inevitable to live in a bunker on artificial light and baked beans will sink in to those who think they are well off to extend there life for a short time is no longer fun as they to need to have the pleasure of wealth as opposed to the satisfaction to the heady day when the glory of gloating as a contrast to those who are deprived comparatively?
        The end of human race may well not end in the way you suggest?that the demise may be the general condition of the rape and destruction of resources of the Earth, a sort of will not to survive and our exploits such as inter-space travel and art galleries may no longer excite the imagination or a general erosion of all roads leading to the same place as where you left?
        Whilst we are on death row awaiting our fate I of our final moments we may find some solace in staying healthy in mind and body, the cessation of killing each other to take our mind off these dark thoughts and create the use of land in say Syria to a more productive use and for the nourishment of those who are hungry and the dogs that roam the streets of Syria are now taken for walks in the park by owners who love their animals..
        As we live in a Universe that appears infinite and scientists are out on the how the end of the Universe will end? that our difficulty as a human being in terms of our existence and time measured by our understanding of time relative to our duration of our existence is a anathema in terms of what time is? and in terms of time in duration of time and the beginning and end of what we consider is the so called end and beginning?
        I am now looking at Quantum mechanics? as this was a problem for Einstein being a Universe as large bits or mass being born and dying nod being in one position at one time as opposed to small particles being in a condition of singular mass or energy and being in two separate places at the same time? for a better understanding of what I mean I suggest checking this theory out on say Wiki or other sources.
        The fact we have a increase understanding of the dynamics and science, in particular since Newton, as such it can be said the Universe becomes more so a problem as to becoming a mysterious place, to the point at this moment in time think have a concern for wild life and the animals that cohabit out planet.
        As we see today the atrocities and violence as in Nice and today Turkey and many other places is time to have different leaders to our present structures who are all part of a mind set needing to rethink the increase of concrete, bitumen, and manufacturing of military hardware as a resolution to out problems, to think that 2 thousand deaths of ours as a outcome of nine eleven, as to those who are not us of hundreds of thousands of innocents to be murdered is a strange equation that remains a quagmire to the colonist mind set?

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