August 2016 Astrology – Something Wicked This Way Comes

By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.

– Macbeth, Act VI , William Shakespeare
I wasn’t going to write anything for August but given how unanimous many astrologers are about August’s outlook, at the very least, I owe it to my readers to warn them of the potential harm ahead to help steer people away.

This summer has already proven itself to be a doozy and it isn’t even over yet.
In the US, I think it has also been exacerbated by the Trump presidential campaign. It seems every racist, bigot, KKK member have crawled out from underneath the rocks they were hiding under and are on full display. Proudly I might add.

A proper picture of Donald trump, with the fly sitting unnoticed on his hair. Flies usually land and stay on spits which are very dirty. Next time you see some dog shit on the sidewalk, you'll notice all the flies sitting on it.

A proper picture of Donald Trump, with the fly sitting unnoticed on his hair. Flies usually land and stay on spots which are very dirty. Next time you see some dog shit on the side-walk, you’ll notice all the flies sitting on it.

I too watched the bits and pieces of the Republican convention ( I couldn’t watch too much or I felt like vomiting ) and the catastrophe which was the Democratic convention. I make no secret that I was really hoping Bernie Sanders would get the nomination but alas, our worst suspicions turned out to be true. Wikileaks exposed that the DNC rigged the nominating process against him from Day 1 and DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had made a sweetheart deal with Hillary Clinton a long time ago. I doubt the DNC will ever get the confidence and trust of progressive voters but it would seem that a possible Trump presidency is the biggest evil to deal with. However if anyone thinks that Shillary Clinton will stick to the progressive platform the DNC nailed out, they are in for a rude awakening. Already Wall Street money has come roaring back in funding her campaign after lying low during the nomination process. If people don’t wise up soon, it will only get worse. A good starting point is getting over the whole race thing. Legendary anti-racist activist and educator Jane Elliott nails it.

Americans don’t seem to realize how a Trump presidency will destabilize the rest of the world. He’d be trigger happy with the nuclear codes . Professor Noam Chomsky has said that it was these neo-tards, neoconservatives and neoliberals which have created this situation. It started way back with Ronald Reagan and every successive presidency since has added to the damage. The loss of jobs due to trade deals (NAFTA, upcoming TTP) , the death of the manufacturing sector, less and less job security, dis-empowering or banning unions and workers rights, empowering banks and big business, costly foreign wars, spiralling healthcare and university costs, income disparity. You can thank the neo-tards for all this.

Trump is just the natural outcome of such policies which really sickens me. (If you really want to know who Trump’s mastermind is, it’s a goon like Republican mastermind and operator Roger Stone (who funny enough, I find physically resembles another noted sleaze ball, pedophile Jimmy Saville)  and that blowhard asshole Alex Jones. Watch this confrontation between Stone and Jones with the Young Turks’ host Cenk Uygur and it gives you a pretty good idea of what Republican operators are really like behind the scenes and what an opportunistic shit-disturber Alex Jones really is)

It’s not just politics as usual folks. Things are teetering on a very precarious edge right now. Irish mystic Lorna Byrne, a lady who claims that she sees angels all the time, has said that the spiritual world is indeed getting ready for war. Maybe not for today or tomorrow, but she has said that the forces of good and evil are indeed gathering.

Lorna Byrne

Lorna Byrne

Maybe she has apocalyptic visions, I don’t know, but if a thin-skinned, tangerine-coloured narcissistic warthog like Trump wins the presidency and carries the nuclear briefcase which he will have the codes to, it’s not a stretch to reconcile Lorna’s visions with what may happen. People need to take this very, very seriously. A Trump presidency will plunge the planet into darkness and it will take unbelievable amounts of hard work, sweat and tears by many people to get out of it. As a person with a spiritual bent, you can’t ever lose sight of the fact that all things in the physical have their origins in the spiritual.

There is no nuclear button but there is this briefcase...

There is no nuclear button but this briefcase…

The last week of August through to the middle of September has a VERY strong and catastrophic series of eclipses and astrological configurations which anyone sensitive to energy and to the spiritual evolution of this planet would be wise to pay attention to. Carl Boudreau has written that many people’s’ lives will not be the same afterwards and Steve Judd has said that his Spidey senses are tingling that something ominous is on the horizon. Best case scenario: Nothing happens except a few bad days at the office. The only thing I will say is this: Whatever happens, learn to control your emotions. Not in a cold, callous, indifferent way but in a way where you don’t give yourself over too easily to despair, unhealthy passions, fear, worry, hatred or violent anger. That’s what the dark side feeds on. Look at things coolly and rationally and in a level-headed way. It will place you in good stead.

In the words of Ben Davidson, of Suspicious0bservers fame, eyes open, no fear Everyone.

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8 thoughts on “August 2016 Astrology – Something Wicked This Way Comes

  1. T.K. Eldridge

    Luckily, more and more people are looking at the third party candidates like Johnson and going “Wait..we still have options…” I will say though, I am terrified that Trump might get into office. I’ll be looking for a cave to crawl into, I swear…

    • I’d like to see Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party get on the debate stage but as it is, electoral politics in the US prevents third party and fourth party candidates from becoming serious contenders. Frankly, I think the DNC and the GOP need to split into 4 separate parties, one crazy religious right wing, one fiscally conservative but secular, one mainline liberal and one super progressive. The US is just simply too big and too diverse to force their voting public into choosing either Twiddle Dee or Twiddle Dum.

  2. I’d love to shrug this off, but it looks like either Trump or Clinton will end up being President. This shouldn’t matter to me, but the American Empire encompasses the globe and the country seems to be completely insane. There are exceptions, but that’s the general trend. I can’t shrug it off, but I agree: falling victim to fear, anger and other negative emotions feeds the dark side. As we said in the sixties, “keep on keepin’ on” (with positive energy).

    • If Trump gets in, not that it ever really was but Pax Americana will become Nightmare Americana. If things are bad now, it will get worse. I think progressives and real concerned citizens have their work cut out for them. If Shillary wins, she will have the most dogged presidency ever and voters need to hold her feet to the fire every single day, I don’t see either Trump or Shillary making it past 1 term.

      Progressives need to start working their asses off RIGHT NOW, strategizing, organizing and planning, not the day after election day. Part of the problem is that they only start working at the 11th hour of elections when it’s already too late, when really they should be working constantly between elections.
      Part of it is strategic voting. Say you’re in a purple state which can go either way, like Ohio for example, in that case I say vote Shillary, just to keep Trump out but if you’re in a state which will go Democrat no matter what like New York or California, then I say vote Green since every vote gives the party some federal funding. Same for Republican states, like Alabama, vote Libertarian.

      • For the Intolerants

        I’m not sure a third party candidate is the way to go. As much as I’m not a fan of Hillary, and as much as I agree with your logic, I don’t know if there are enough people willing/interested in investing their time to doing the research and voting strategically. Because of that I’d rather see undecideds/anti-Trump/former-Bernie voters all give their vote to Clinton. It’s not ideal but it’s better than the alternative. Let her maintain the status quo. Let’s clench our jaws as the Wall Street goons line their pockets with more cash. At least she won’t fuck up the country, the region, the world…or, at least, do it overtly. Because you’re completely right when you say that’s what will happen if Trump gets into the whitest house of the land. He is terrifying. I wrote a social media post about it a few weeks ago:

        *****I don’t envy Americans and the electoral choice they have to make this November. That said, I am bewildered at the lack of understanding (or caring) of how the outcome will not only impact America and Americans. It’s the sort that will affect the entire world.

        I’m not a fan of Clinton, not by a long stretch, but if you put her next to a sociopathic, entitled, misogynistic bigot she starts to look pretty damn good. Unfortunately, there are many voters who don’t think he is a threat because he’s sincere, or he makes mistakes, or he speaks to them, or he’s white, or he loves his country so much he is going to make it great again. I don’t know what I’m more frightened by: that this idea of greatness comes wrapped in an oozing blanket of nativism, tyranny, moral turpitude and segregation OR that hundreds of thousands (more likely millions) of people are so disenfranchised by the corrupt and fractured systems they live under that they are prepared to support this guy and drag the country back to the time of Confederacy.

        Humans. We’re a sad, ignorant lot most of the time. We ignore the lessons history teaches us. We let our egos get the best of us. We walk off the edge of a cliff because someone told us to. We fail to realise, time and again, that the chains used to bind *our* opponents/scapegoats (e.g. Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Muslims, Jews, women, people with disabilities, gays, etc.) are the same ones that will be used to contain *us* in the end.

        Go on America. The world waits with bated breath. But while I hope for the best my suitcase will remain packed…just in case.****

        As we inch closer to November I find myself feeling increasingly saddened because I’m not sure anyone really gives a shit. People seem to think this is some kind of tragic theatre performance that is for entertainment purposes only. A show that is full of twists, turns and consequences but has no real, discernible, impact on them.

        My suitcase is packed. Seriously.

  3. I don’t blame you one bit for keeping your suitcase packed and on stand-by. By world standards, the US (along with Canada, Australia, New Zealand) are very “young” and immature countries. A simplistic two-party binary system as entrenched as the one in the US, in my mind is a sign of political immaturity. They should be beyond this by now.

  4. Here we see the paradox of the Global political system, in the mainstream of our leaders are in varied disguises professing to lead the masses out of the mire of oppressive existence, the reason this is not possible is the history of so called civilization, we have followed a model from the Roman Empire, of conquest by violence.
    I will make a analogy with dog walking as I walk my dog within the confines of off the lead dog park, the dogs who having been restricted to narrow confines and oppression by some dog owners in the main I suggest most, these dogs being so restricted and if let off the lead are the most dangerous, the dogs whom are most given liberty and freedom are the least dangerous, if the masses are given too much freedom to soon will become violent and distressed as freedom requires personal responsibility.
    The elite or controllers of the masses know that as the controlling elite knows the masses who are controlled are very similar to the controlling elite, in terms of the brain/mind state, this is why the mainstay of police are from the lower conscience level of humans whom when uniformed become the controllers of the masses.
    Whether you have Trump, Clinton or Cameron they are all the same and vary only in degrees of violence against the masses, they are expected to be corrupt its a question of how corrupt and what level of threat they are to world disharmony.
    Today we see the rich getting richer and this is what leaders are expected to do extract as much as can be extracted from the masses without the complete breakdown of the masses becoming revolutionary and usurping the banking fraternity and the mainstay of establishment, individuals such as Trump could destabilize society to the extent of the banking fraternity making money out of turmoil such as Syria and the Middle East being profitable for banking in arms supplies, energy and so on.

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