Twin Souls Part Deux – The Dark Cupid Love Bite

“Have you ever had a love connection with someone so strong, you believed they could be your soul mate or even a twin flame? Did this person who you thought to be “the One”, arrive with a magical sense of reality, powerful psychic connections, super sexual chemistry, déjà vus, omens and even supernatural overtones? Perhaps you feel mystically connected on a deeper soul level, and yet there seems to be dangerousness about it. The passion may be unstoppable if you cross that line…. Longing and passion builds as telltale signs appear that he or she must be “the One”…The meeting could be accidental, in an unusual place or situation for you… There is a sense of familiarity, as if you already know this strange new person, perhaps from another place or time. Yet, you can’t seem to place it…You now feel that the dream was some sort of divine precognitive foreshadowing. Your dream lover has come to life….Did you just meet The One? Your soul mate?…From deep inside, however, you feel a subtle hint of push-pull resistance. Your inner voice tries to check in with you, but you squash it like a bug. Your logical mind may question all this, but the lonely part of you can’t stop wanting excitement, a rescue from that hopeless feeling that you’ll never have true love and will always settle for less. You want to experience passion and love that you’ve never really known before. You fight both sides of yourself as if you’ve been split into two people. Confusion sets in, and you just can’t stop thinking about that person.”

“Soul Mates, Twin Flame or Love”, by Eve Lorgen

Whenever I look at my stats for this blog on the admin page, I always notice my Twin Souls blog post as well as Twin Souls on Film are usually the most frequented ones. It has been that way for a few years now so there isn’t a doubt in my mind that there are many, many people out there who are hungry for information about this topic and are no doubt still searching, hoping, wishing for their other half.

I wrote those posts a few years ago and while I do think the twin soul phenomena is real, I just don’t think they are as common as many of us would like it to be. Instead of one in a million, I think one in a billion is probably more accurate in terms of probability of it actually happening. There are tonnes of books about the topic now, countless YouTube videos, websites and personal blogs.

What I find funny about some of the personal blogs about the authors writing about meeting their twins is how the first few years everything is love and rainbows, and then the doubt starts to creep in and then somehow or other they break up, and then suddenly the blog is gone. Oh well. It reminds me of that sleazy New Age writer Richard Bach, (he of Jonathan Livingston Seagull fame in the 1970s) and those books he wrote about his twin soul relationship with actress Leslie Parrish called “The Bridge Across Forever” and “One”. They have since divorced and he’s married to wifey number 3 now.

After reading Eve Lorgen’s article on the love bite and watched subsequent videos and reflecting on some personal experience of myself and friends, I am of the opinion now that most traumatic, unhealthy, obsessive relationships which may people convince themselves are twin soul relationships, are in fact Dark Cupid Love Bites.

Your Twin Soul or Twin Flame is probably a Narcissist.

Dark Cupid

Dark Cupid

Lorgen goes further and says that these relationships are usually due to a third-party paranormal interference, like alien, ET, reptilian or demonic influence/interference. I wouldn’t go that far. However, the idea of a False Twin who is there to trip you up, lead you down a false path, distract you from your spiritual life and progress, to interfere with your life path especially if there is a chance that you could actually accomplish something very important and needed, that causes you nothing but emotional and spiritual pain, that I can buy.

The more you read about false twin soul/ Dark Cupid love Bite  encounters and testimonials, a few major themes pop up.

1) *Something* is preventing “Happily ever after”.
Either one partner is married, or both are to other people and for whatever reason, they just cannot seem to come together. The signs are all there, the strange, otherworldly coincidences, the vivid dreams, the uncanny ability to understand each other on a level no one else can even come close to. In theory, you should be together…but its not happening. And it does nothing but cause untold amounts of grief, sadness and frustration. A word of advice here (especially for women): Love isn’t supposed to hurt. Sacrificing your happiness and psycho-emotional well-being for love is a myth and an unhealthy one at that. (In fact, I’m starting to think the whole myth of romance and fairy tale weddings is a highly sophisticated con being pulled by the government to ensure that citizens keep procreating so that the government has a continued tax base. I think love can be real but I think romance is a construct marketers and film directors made up. Love and romance are NOT the same thing.)

Love is only blind if you allow it to be.

Love is only blind if you allow it to be.

2) Once the binders come off about the false twin, the blinders will come off on everything else.
Once you see the false twin as a false twin, intruder, interrupter, interloper for what they are, all those unanswered questions, nagging doubts you had about the person in the back of your mind will suddenly make sense. You begin to notice that the intensity is really a probable by-product of Narcissistic Personality Disorder or gaslighting or some other form of manipulation or abuse. You’ll also begin to notice who are the other phoneys taking up space in your life and it becomes that much easier to cut the cord. For some strange reason, the false twin seems to be the first domino.

Lorgen lists a whole bunch of other Red Flags, which I think are worth noting:

– Dreams of the partner before meeting them, suggesting something precognitive.
– Physical sensations in the solar plexus, genital, gut or other body areas, such as neck, heart, and between the shoulders.

Love shouldn't feel like your heart is being ripped out. It should feel whole, like it is getting bigger and stronger.

Love shouldn’t feel like your heart is being ripped out. It should feel whole, like it is getting bigger and stronger.

– Astral sex visitations and/or telesthesia — sensing the energy body in a sexual way and very physically, as if another being were present but invisible.
– Strong psychic connection, even though you may not really love your partner.
– Powerful sexual passion and obsessive need to have sex, even in cases in which you don’t love the partner or they don’t love you and/or are abusive.
– Psychic responses and coincidences from either partner, like receiving a phone call or email from your partner the moment you think about cutting off the connection.
– A sense of emotional or physical draining.
– One partner becoming suddenly switched off emotionally or “psychically unplugged.”
– Feelings of being watched, or being played like puppets in some drama-myth.
– Paranormal activity, third-party “entity” visits or attacks, sudden dreams, visions and thoughts as if implanted.
– Obsessive thoughts that are not usual for either partner
– Synchronicities, omens, and a feeling of being in a magical reality.

If you feel like your "love" is choking you or becoming an obsession, that is NOT HEALTHY.

If you feel like your “love” is choking you or becoming an obsession, that is NOT HEALTHY. This VOGUE cover with supermodel Stephanie Seymour was pulled when there was an outcry from women’s groups about glorifying “violent love”.

If you didn’t know any better, this list would make you think that these are definitely the signs of a twin but this is where your own sense of discernment and emotional intelligence is going to come into play. Are you crying more than laughing? Are you more often sad and bewildered than happy and content? Do you feel good, empowered and healthy after dealing with this person or do you feel drained, tired and confused? Do you feel like you’re allowed to be who you are or do you feel slight manipulations are at play?

I’ll be the first one to admit that it can take you forever sometimes to figure out what the hell is really going on…but once you do, you see the trap for what it is and you’ll most likely never fall in again.

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7 thoughts on “Twin Souls Part Deux – The Dark Cupid Love Bite

  1. kezalu

    As I’ve said before, I think the whole twin phenomena is just a part of the con. This business of there being our other-half out there in the world that is supposed to make us whole, when really all you end up with is two halves. We’re all searching in the wrong direction. I do, however, congratulate those who have found true love and happiness with another, and I know it does occur – but like you said, this doesn’t mean it’s the twin. Great article.

    • fortheintolerants

      “We’re all searching in the wrong direction.” Great comment Kezalu.

      Super piece, as always, EER.

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  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This makes so much sense and explains a lot.

  4. I’ve said for some time now, back when it wasn’t popular, that nearly all of these connections have been fueled by karma.If people don’t know already:karma creates chemistry. On the one hand, it can draw those near who have things to clean up and heal, but without self honesty, it can devolve into delusion and spiritual dishonesty….a rabbit hole where the patterns get ingrained. I once thought people who had this wanted to change…but change is hard with the bliss an opening to soul energy/awakening emerges (which is an aspect of this experience).

    While I don’t observe that this is because of the “love bite” phenomenon (I once was in that camp), I have come to see that instead we are all incredibly vulnerable to lower level influences because we have not done the work to clear those broken vibrations from ourselves that attract the lower level entities to begin with. And yes, these entities and their removal played a pivotal role in my being able to move quickly forward. Someone I know goes about their merry way thinking the being attached to her is a protector, not realizing or aware that it’s an esthetic sex entity that drives her addiction to sex. So hard to see it when you are enmeshed in it.

    Do the work to clear the wounds that draw the entities, clean up your own sh*t, and life will be much happier and easier. Promise. Oops…that’s not as exciting as fighting dark forces, but they are only here because we haven’t been honest enough w ourselves. The twin is within. Great article.

    • Pretty much agree with you Parker.
      I think what happens in discussions about these topics is that people seem to fall into two camps.

      I) The first camp is like Lorgen where its all evil forces who are out to trip you up without any taking of personal responsibility and ownership that there might festering, gangrene wounds inside of you which attracted these parasitical entities in the first place. Some people, for whatever reason, just cannot seem to admit that there’s something severely wrong/broken/dysfunctional about themselves or their upbringing, that their decision-making processing unit is broken and are carrying large amounts of invisible baggage and instead would prefer to just point the finger somewhere else, because its easier.

      II) The second camp are those that its ALL personal responsibility and personal psychological damage which allows them to enter these relationship and there isn’t a spiritual component at all. And by that I mean, there aren’t any entities which may actually be feeding and manipulating off these damaged energies for their own benefit.

      I think its very difficult for many people to discern whats really happening for a few reasons.
      1) No one teaches you this stuff in school or at home, what the pitfalls and dangers could be. There’s no handbook out there. I think young adults are particularly vulnerable in this respect which is why I think marriage and breeding should be outlawed before the age of 30. Their parents and teachers know diddly-squat and their peer-group friends are usually just as clueless.
      2) The whole love-and-romance industry is EXTREMELY powerful. It plays into the insecurities, sense of loneliness and isolation which everyone experiences in their life and of course the quick-fix is to go dating and get into a relationship ASAP and if it is a Twin Soul relationship even better, right? Everyone wants a fairy-tale ending. People don’t want to hear the fact that an enormous amount of work on oneself has to happen first.

      Your friend isn’t the only one who is hosting an esthetic sex entity. Many, many people are and I think the media, particularly pornography makes them especially vulnerable to it.

      • Same. When I turned the energy of this away from what I had thought was a twin, I found that the capacity it had to show me all manner of things, I felt like we had been simply using the bliss wrong. For me, it was a can opener both for myself and how the universe was composed IF I was ready to let myself see things as they are. I know it sounds camp, but it’s written on the light…all of it….anything we need to know…so the manual is tucked inside of me…and I am STILL having to read and re-read sometimes to get it. But this approach suits me because it just seems so much more productive.

        I’m relieved when I see others writing this way because those years of banging my head against the wall feels not for naught.

        I was in fact just writing about this issue a week or so ago….perhaps I found your piece after I used similar tags. But yeah.

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