November 2016 Astrology – And the World Waits with Bated Breath…


You’d have to be living on Pluto to not realize that next week’s general election in the US will have spill-over effects and ramifications for the rest of us on planet Earth, something which I’ve noticed many Americans who don’t own passports, don’t seem to notice.

I’ve stayed quiet deliberately about these elections given that I see rants from all sides of the aisle every time I log on to the ‘puter. People who were wildly pro-Bernie becoming pro-Hilary. People who I thought were more libertarian suddenly becoming Trump fanatics, like Alex Jones. Hillary’s emails. Anthony Weiner. Wikileaks. Russian hackers. Idiocy which comes out of Trump’s mouth or his own history practically every 2 seconds. It’s really not an election anymore. In the word’s of the wise George Carlin, being born on Planet Earth is a ticket to the freak show, while being born in America means a front row seat.

Whoever America elects, it will be the person the country deserves. Having an intensely-guarded political system that they do, which only allows a binary choice, which was only able to cough up two intensely despicable candidates is a sign of political and ideological immaturity. Like a bunch of cheerleaders, everything is “Ra, Ra, Ra”, hunky dory between election cycles and then come election time, it’s a horserace to the finish line.

I hate Trump because of everything. Race baiting. Misogyny. Bigotry. Corruption. His family. His persona. His hair. Support from the KKK. Just everything. I don’t like Hillary Clinton because I’m afraid she’s going to start a war with either Iran or nuclear Russia or both. She’s deep enough in the pockets of the defence industry and defence contractors like Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, that if war is in their best interests and they tell her to do it, she will, given how much they give to the Clinton Foundation. (And if she does, to any Hillary voter, don’t say you didn’t know.) If you don’t believe me, go listen to Eisenhower Republican Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff for Colin Powell and now teaches public policy at the College of of William and Mary. He was actually one of the architects of the Iraq war but then realized the whole thing was fraudulent and did a 180 degree turn.

The astrological climate is NOT clear. In fact astrologers are saying that whoever is elected will probably either be a one-term president or will not complete their term and that the election, like in 2000, may be highly contested. Whoever gets in, will surely have one of the most dogged presidencies ever.

Other than that, it would seem things in the cosmos are finally going forward after either stagnating or causing confusion. The bottleneck has finally opened up.

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6 thoughts on “November 2016 Astrology – And the World Waits with Bated Breath…

  1. T.K. Eldridge

    The Electoral College needs to be removed from existence and a true one person/one vote system set in place. The Electoral College doesn’t serve the purpose it was created for – and it is crippling our democratic process. We are no longer in a world where 90% of people are born, live and die all in the same 20 square miles – we are a transient culture and as such, we need a more fluid system so each person gets their vote and has it count equally.

    With that said – this is probably the first time a third-party candidate could have really had a chance if people had realized how horrible the two main party choices were. My personal issue is that I’m absolutely terrified Trump may win. I don’t like Hillary – but I fear that Trump will destroy what’s left of our country and hand it over to Putin.

    • I think this whole Putin thing has been over-played in the media particularly within the Anglo-Saxon world. After watching and scanning Russian and Latin American media, if anything Putin is coming out as looking like a real statesman compared to a buffoon like Trump and a shyster like Hillary.

      I do think Trump is dangerous for other reasons particularly because of the race-baiting, he’s opened up that Pandora’s Box of racial tensions which have always existed in the US and played it up and if he loses, there are enough crazies who might act out as shit-disturbers and social agitators. I think domestically he will be an unmitigated disaster and will push the country back at least 50 years and instead of “Making America Great Again”, he’ll end what’s left of Pax Americana for good.

      Hillary is just the status quo, a corporatist puppet who will further income inequality and possibly embroil the US in more overseas conflicts and kill more brown people…again. Not good for America when you take the long view of history. One of the reasons why the Roman and British Empires ended was because they over-extended themselves internationally at the expense of taking care of things domestically, so they ended up basically imploding.

  2. This election is a gong show. It reminds me a lot of the elections, post uprising/Arab spring, in Egypt where voters were given two lousy options and voted in the one the army wound up ousting. What a joke.

    I don’t envy Americans and the lame choice they are faced with. But if push came to shove, what would you do? Here you go: a crappy rock and a flipping hard place. I don’t know what mine would be. Though a third party vote is still a vote, with someone like Trump in the race it feels like a vote that’s tossed away. I completely agree that the two main candidates are deplorable but I can’t help but think Clinton is *surely* the better option. She’s likely to keep the status quo and possibly do damage, yes, on the international stage but I wonder if that’s the bitter pill we will all have to swallow to not have Trump in the White House.

    Because, if he takes over, it’s domestic and international politics that go down the drain. Hell, it’s not so much him I’m worried about. It’s the cocksure and ravenous officials who will take the key positions I don’t like the idea about. It’s also the tens of millions of empowered bigots, disenfranchised blue collar workers, and enraged citizens who already think they are owed their due that scare me. The people who believe they are owed something that was taken away from them by scapegoated groups people like Trump have thrown under the bus.

    • I think if push came to shove, I would probably side with Chomsky and Prof. Eddie Glaude at Princeton, to vote strategically, it would entirely depend on the State I’m in. There are some states which will go Republican or Democrat no matter what happens. In those states, people can vote third party if they wish but I think in those “purple” states which can go either way, that’s when you hold your nose and vote Hillary.
      As for a Trump presidency, the guy doesn’t know his ass from his elbow about foreign relations, if he did something stupid like pre-emptively press the nuclear button, I think there are many, many insider parties within the government, like the military and the intelligence community who wouldn’t allow it.

  3. kezalu

    I wonder what they would do if nobody voted?

  4. The entire election is rigged – a sickening joke – they will ‘elect’ the warmonger Killary (regardless of the votes) as she is the elite’s choice. That idiot Trump would have won otherwise.
    Another possibility is that there will be some kind of false flag, marshall law will be instituted and Obama will stay if office.

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