December 2016 Astrology – The Fog Lifts…somewhat

I seriously have not been in the mood to write at all since the election of the orange warthog.

Mostly because of just complete and utter disgust. There’s no point at this stage in pointing fingers only to say that the so-called political left in the US failed completely. First, the DNC by back-stabbing Bernie Sanders, probably the last decent man left in Senate for the sake of getting Hillary in. Second, so-called “progressives” who in an instant left the progressive camp and reverted back to the “liberal” camp when the fear factor set in. Instead of standing for their principles and protesting in the streets when Sanders was jettisoned (which they should have done), they let their worst fears guide them and they manifested it. Let this be a lesson that when collective fear sets it, it can realize its own worst nightmare scenario.

A few observations (not that I expect anyone to care):


Liberalism as we know it is OUT, true progressives and real leftists are IN. The Democratic Party became the party of the champagne socialists and limousine liberals, in short people who are wealthy, well-connected, very much interested in keeping their money growing in place, but interested in liberal causes, things like affirmative action, being pro-choice for women, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, minority rights. All good things to be sure but they lost sight of the true struggle. To use a Marxist-Leninist term which many Americans are very uncomfortable with, they lost sight of the CLASS struggle which this planet is engulfed in right now and which is now in their own backyard.

Marx's theory on class struggle has suddenly become relevant...

Marx’s theory on class struggle has suddenly become relevant…

The Democrats allied themselves with the 1% but the part of the 1% which is liberal in orientation. I’m talking about billionaire creeps like Jeffrey Epstein, Ron Burkle, Steve Bing, Silicon Valley princes like Sergei Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, media influencers like Lewis Lapham, that moron Rachel Maddow, and of course titans of Wall Street like folks over at Goldman Sachs and defense contractors like Raytheon. People with money who aren’t suffering at all. In fact, they should be called neo-liberals, not liberals because of the fusion with big money. The DNC became a party of ISSUES (and in the case of the Clintons, corporate opportunism) instead of CLASS. The DNC turned their back on the working poor, the middle class and blue-collar class, the marginalised, people who are really suffering. This is where the votes were. This is where the discontent is. This is where real power lies. Trump played this crowd like a fiddle and got in. He understood that kind of populism, albeit the vulgar variety.

The DNC don’t have fuck-all “soul-searching” to do. They just need to admit that “Clintonism” is OVER. If they want to win elections in the future, they need to turn their back on Big Money and go back to the proletariat. Fuck $10 000 per plate private fund-raisers in Beverly Hills and go back to crowd-funding from regular Joes like the way Bernie Sanders did this past year. I don’t have a lot of hope for the political left in the US. The old-guard pro-corporate Democrats and neo-liberals just don’t get it and don’t want to let go. Unless they’re flushed out, I don’t see change coming in that direction.

I do however see change coming from the masses, and in particular the young. The mass protests, the spontaneous mobilization of people and resources FROM THE GROUND UP is very, very hopeful. Green Party’s Jill Stein was the most unlikely candidate to come forward yet here she is, the so-called underdog, raising $6.5 million in less than a week, again from grass-roots crowd-funding for recounts in states which had razor-thin wins for Trump, states which are also traditionally Democrat yet went Republican, namely Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Stein and the Greens have virtually nothing to gain from a recount, it’s not like they win anything, but Stein is a Harvard-trained medical doctor. And any doctor will tell you when they think something is wrong, diagnostic tests are called for, blood tests, urine tests , ultrasounds and x-rays. Likewise, I see absolutely nothing wrong is running regular diagnostics on any electoral system, make sure everything is working correctly. Of course Trump has gone ape-shit over this, and the Democrats only quietly gave their support AFTER Stein filed the official paperwork in Wisconsin. Further proof of how yellow-bellied the DNC is if you ask me. And no, George Soros isn’t funding Dr. Stein.

Another thing: The mainstream media, newspaper columnists, television political pundits, political scientists failed completely. Not one of them, not a single political scientist or academic correctly predicted Trump, save maybe three. One is Brown University professor, Mark Blyth, who has coined the term “Global Trumpism”.

The other died last year, Professor Sheldon Wolin who coined the term “Inverted Totalitarianism”.

The third is Slovenian rock-star Marxist philosopher Slavoj Zizek. Zizek is also correct that this is the best possible time to re-organize, re-strategize and re-think everything.

As far as I’m concerned the mainstream media need to be buried and forgotten about. Alternative media (and I don’t mean fake news sites either), independent researchers, dedicated vloggers and bloggers will be the way of the future.

So, what the hell does any of this have to do with December 2016’s astrology? Both Carl Boudreau and Steve Judd have pointed out there is a very strange and unusual influx of energy in the last week or so of December. Nothing has been set in stone and this is still a fluid situation. To use imagery from the tarot deck, The Fool has shown up. God knows what kind of monkey-wrench he’ll throw into the machinery.
Brace yourselves but do it happily.


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5 thoughts on “December 2016 Astrology – The Fog Lifts…somewhat

  1. T.K. Eldridge

    Per your point about the media – there are a few ‘mainstream’ media sources that have been strong in the face of the bs that has been going on – ProPublica is one. Fox News needs to be nuked – I seriously put a lot of the weight of Trump winning on their consistent bs that they fed to the masses. There is also the fact that Russia fed a lot of fake news stories into our system and media was too busy trying to feed the 24/7 news cycle that they just ate it all up and spit it all back out without checking. A lot of journalistic ‘soul searching’ and reworking of the system has been happening since the election and it is about freakin’ time.

    I believe that we are going to find out that Russia (Putin in particular) played both Trump – and the US like a bloody fiddle and this is just one more step on his path to global domination. Don’t laugh at this before you’ve read The Venona Secrets by Romerstein and Breindel. Or “Civilization and its Enemies” by Lee Harris.

    For my part – I’m still disgusted. Idiocy ruled. PT Barnum would be hysterical. Now I just pray that he doesn’t do damage that takes a hundred years to fix. (Although, honestly, I don’t believe he’ll be president for very long.)

  2. The danger is that even if Trump isn’t president for very long, he’s now started to surround himself with ultra right-wing nutters who are even more draconian than members of the Bush Jr. administration. They have real capacity to do serious damage.

    One small example is Amway billionaire Betsy Devos who has been tapped for Secretary of Education. She wants to do away with public schools completely and privatize basic education with things like more charter schools and education vouchers. Can you imagine what happens to a nation which doesn’t learn its ABC’s and 123’s? When decent basic, primary education is only for the wealthy? We’re talking pre-printing press Medieval Europe where reading and writing were for the rich or those living in monastic orders. These types will send the US back to the Dark Ages.

  3. T.K. Eldridge

    It is not going to be as easy for these people to do the kind of damage that the media and others expect. There are checks and balances in place that will make it difficult, if not impossible, for the ‘worst case’ scenarios to happen. I’ve been closely following whom he is putting in his cabinet and it is clear that he is doing his best to put the absolute worst in each position. He has not attended more than TWO daily intelligence briefings -instead Pence has been going to all of them. I don’t believe he plans on actually /being/ president in any real manner, nor for very long. He has said before that he didn’t really want the job – just wanted to see if he could get it. His behavior seems to back that up (Not wanting to stay in the White House full time, for example. I mean, wtf?) It would appear he is almost /begging/ the Electoral College to vote him out.

    It would please Trump to no end to make education, once again, the realm of the wealthy only. It was the lack of education and information that got him elected in the first place. However, I cannot see just how such a long-standing, fundamental principle of our country could be eliminated. Crippled? Yes…but not eliminated. People would end up running their own schools to make sure kids got a chance. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation alone has done more for education in this country – they would never let it be eliminated.

    • Trump is a narcissist at heart. For some reason I just don’t “see” him living in the White House. I think he loves his garish, gold Manhattan penthouse too much.
      Lawrence Lessig at Harvard gave a great interview the other day on Democracy Now! about the electoral college. They could still technically, not vote for Trump at all.

      • T.K. Eldridge

        Yes, I’m aware they could not select him -that’s what I was saying 😀
        December 19 is when they will meet.

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