Echo from the Past

Sorry Shifters for not being writing very much or offering very much on my blog, but the truth of the matter is that I’ve been suffering from burn-out and depression for quite a while now and being focused on recovery doesn’t leave a lot of room for writing and other creative endeavors.

Basically I have been on leave from work since last fall and I don’t see myself going back to the same place ever again, it’s just too stifling and too demeaning. Human beings are not meant to be in boxes and yet much of our work culture forces many of us to be in one and I just couldn’t and can’t do it anymore. Not sure what the next step will be and that’s OK, I think the more clarity I get on my situation and myself, the more likely it will be known, but I’m not there yet. I know I’ll get there eventually. All I know right now is that it has to be something creative and expansive because that’s who I really am. I don’t fit in boxes anymore.


This is going to be a rather more personal blog post than usual so if touchy-feeling stuff is not your thing, it’s cool if you want to turn off.
I don’t know if any of my long time readers picked up on this, but I barely mention my mom on my blog and there is a reason for that. She died when I was 7 from a sudden brain aneurysm at the age of 28. I then had a horrific step-mother come in who basically made life hellish for both my brother and I as we grew up from the ages of 9 through 16. It’s only with the help of therapy have I been able to finally see that she was someone with full-blown Narcissistic Personality Disorder. For those of you who don’t know, the effects of having a maternal figure with NPD on daughters can be devastating and the damage can be very, very deep. Unfortunately in my case, it set up a pattern of constantly dealing with narcissists and a complete loss of self-confidence and always settling for less.
The good thing is when a long-term foggy window in your emotional life is finally cleared up, you find a new ability to see people and things squarely for what they are and that spills over into everything. You start seeing the lines people use to try to manipulate you, both in the present and in the past. You start seeing people for who they are, including friends. You start to see what people’s personal agendas are. You begin to see who really cares and unfortunately, who doesn’t, who has been trying to take advantage of you and who hasn’t. It’s like some kind of filter is suddenly gone and you can see and hear clearly. Your ability to discern goes through the roof. The phonies and fakes who before escaped detection because they were very good at hiding the fact, suddenly become beacons of obviousness. It’s not so much that you can see and hear better. I think the clarity comes from the fact that you can *feel* more clearly. Your emotional guidance system becomes much more finely tuned and your nose is better able to sniff out genuineness and authenticity. You can hear and feel when that internal bell goes off.

With that kind of clarity, having major spiritual and psychic breakthroughs becomes that much easier. In all that time since my mother passed on, I never once had a dream with her or felt her presence or anything, it was just an empty silence. I never felt a connection but then a few weeks ago I had a major, vivid dream one night where she finally communicated with me for the first time ever. I’ve felt her presence ever since and she has been spot-on with all the things she told me in the dream to look out for.

Latin America has long been recognized as the birthplace of a genre of literature known as magical realism. Heavyweight writers like Gabriel Garcia Marquez (in “100 Years of Solitude”), Isabel Allende (in “The House of the Spirits”), Laura Esquivel (in “Like Water for Chocolate”) and Jorge Luis Borges have all incrementally added to the genre and it’s basically one where the living and the dead talk to one another all the time, past, present and future coexist, the space between dimensions is very thin. Very few people know this but the fountainhead of this movement was a small novella called “Pedro Páramo” by a little known Mexican writer named Juan Rulfo. There are a few theories floating around as to why it is Latin American literature  where this characteristic of the living and dead conversing with each other has popped up regularly and with such concentration but I personally think it’s because of the former Meso-American, Incan, Aztec, Olmec, Toltec and pagan cultures and their psychic influence on the Spanish colonizers, even centuries later.

Teotihuacan, Mexico
You can’t tell me a civilization which can build up cities of pyramids like this one, isn’t going to have an effect on people afterwards.

After talking to a psychic friend as well as my astrologer buddy Carl and my own observations and presentiments, there are changes coming. Astrologically it’s the shift of the nodes to the Leo-Aquarius axis, which from what Carl indicates, will happen in May. For the past 2000 odd years we’ve been under the Virgo-Pisces axis. Think about the imagery very closely. Virgo the Virgin (does anyone here know another famous Virgin?). Pisces the Fish, early symbols for Christians to identify themselves were fish since that was what the 12 Apostles were.
Now we’re moving towards Enlightened Human and the Brave Lion.

It’s not going to be hell fire and brimstone or super-volcanoes and epic floods. It’s going to be a re-calibration, re-adjustment, re-alignment, re-vision and re-calculation of values. Once the values have changed, everything, and I mean everything follows after that. People’s priorities. Jobs. Lifestyles. Agriculture. Transportation. Diet. City planning. Architecture. Art. Music. Film. Energy use. Our ideas of family and belonging and finding our tribe.

Should be interesting to watch, no?
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18 thoughts on “Echo from the Past

  1. Thanks for an honest post that I believe a lot spiritualists will identify with. Like O M A says, the price for increased sensitivity is greater potential for suffering but we are evolving towards increased awareness and eventually values will change.
    All the best.

  2. I wrote a blog once. It was called, When Magic Realism is Real. In it, I quoted someone who wrote: “If there is a ghost in a story of magical realism, the ghost is not a fantasy element but a manifestation of the reality of people who believe in and have “real” experiences of ghosts.” Magic realism isn’t make believe. It reflects a different reality. After over 10 years in Cambodia, I’m sure other cultures see ghosts and spirits regularly.

    • I agree with you Rob, I just think the Latin Americans have been very good about getting it all on paper. My time with First Nations communities confirms that the dead often communicate in sleep. The Turks and Indian and Bengali Muslims also have beliefs about the dead communicating with the living, either via dreams, visitations, omens and such.

  3. Hilda Jorge

    This was something that I needed to read— struggling with a narcissistic Mother who is living with me now in her old age and acts like a 2-year old. Learning to disengage and ignore her makes me feel ok with myself. Thank you so much for sharing yourself!

    With gratitude,


    Sent from Hilda’s iPad


  4. We have not recovered from colonization, central to this is Britain assisted by the industrial revolution, having damaged possible the psyche of all on planet earth, Britain has shown no remorse this is possible they just cannot get it, this effort requires energy and perseverance, because the British segments into division as can be seen by class division and country and war division division of mind, and so on cannot grasp any other possibility than a recalcitrant endorsement of perversity.

  5. Welcome back, you’ve been missed! Enjoyed this post and look forward to welcoming the Leo/Aquarius shift. It’s about time.

    PS – Come back to NYC. Let’s shut off and get lost.

  6. I too have a narcissist mother whose hatred was powerful. Thank you for writing this post. I wish you all the best in your healing process.

  7. Glad you are back. I’ve missed you. I am Virgo with Pisces rising looking forward to change.

  8. searchingforfernando

    The Moon’s nodes go through all six Zodiac axes every 20 years. The last time the nodes were in the Leo/Aquarius axis was approximately 10 years ago (I don’t have my ephemeris with me at the library, so I can’t give the exact date). This 20 year node cycle does have a profound effect on the personal chart, but I can’t see it bringing that much change to the world since it is a recurring change that turns over fairly rapidly.

  9. searchingforfernando

    On the subject of prophecy; You have written about your journey to Oraibi. I have just been to the Hopi land, it having been 25 years since I last was there. One of the Hopi prophecies has become very obvious since I was there in 1992.

    Last week I made an Easter pilgrimage to El Santuario de Chimayo in New Mexico. I had a profound experience in the church. I had not planned on being there on my birthday, but the drive there took two days longer than I thought, so I was there on my birthday. I just did a chart for the time I arrived at the church, and it turns out that it was at the exact moment of my Solar Return. Considering that this is about a ten minute span of time out of the entire year, the odds are pretty long that I would show up at that exact time.

    Having plenty of time on my drive home, I decided to go back through Hopi land. I first went to Oraibi in April of 1992. I had just finished reading THE BOOK OF THE HOPI by Frank Waters (1962) and I was really interested in the Hopi prophecies about the Great Purification. One of these prophecies was that there would be “spider webs in the sky” just before the Great Purification. At that time this was interpreted to mean telephone and electric lines. It is now very obvious what that prophecy really was about.In 1992 the Hopi land basked under beautiful blue skies.That is no more. The entire time I was there, one could barely see any blue sky.The chem-trails were blanketing the sky. I didn’t think there was anywhere getting more chem-trail spraying than Oregon, but I have to say that the Four Corners area seems to be under greater attack. As I gazed up I thought how much they looked like spider webs, and then I remembered that prophecy about spider webs in the sky which I had forgotten about up until then.

    • Four corners and Hopiland in particular have been under attack for years. The Peabody Mining company was dormant because of litigation for years but with Trump allowing mining and drilling on open federal lands, it would seem they will start up again. Grandfather Martin passed away 2 years ago and his son-in-law Emory will now take up spiritual leadership for the tribe so there are changes everywhere.

      I went to Santuario de Chimayo in New Mexico back in 2008 when I first visited Four Corners. The whole Jemez loop and Georgia O’Keefe country is pure magic. Would love to go back.

  10. searchingforfernando

    I looked in my ephemeris last night and found the dates of the Leo/Aquarius node axes going back a few decades. North Node (Dragon’s Head) entered Aquarius Dec.12, 2007. North Node entered Leo Oct. 20th 1998. North Node entered Aquarius May 22, 1989. North Node entered Leo Jan. 13th 1980.

    It is true that due to the procession of the equinoxes, earth has been in the age of Pisces, roughly 2000 years. No-one really knows when it will change to Aquarius, or if it already has. This I can state as a fact: it did not happen on 12/21/12. The so-called “end of the Mayan calendar was a psy-op. If one lacks the discernment to know this, there is pleanty of info online to prove it.

  11. I would love to have you on my show. please contact me.

  12. The more developed you are spiritually the greater the polarity is in the opposite coming to you, in particular Australian culture is bereft of a spiritual vision, subsequently if you are not of a arrogant disposition you will be potentially targeted by moral criminals and the lost.
    Depression is a good thing although here in the West you have to be adjusted by psychiatrists and so on to get over it, to be normal in a world of cruelty, corruption etc, although uncomfortable stay with your depression as this is a OK state to be in.
    Do not become well adjusted, to know our leaders Trump, Blair, are damaged people, and damaged people put them in as they reflect the blind leading the blind, the lower class are fairly happy being ignorant, the middle class seek comfort, the upper class are comforted having the feeling of superiority, as with these three groups there are exceptions, whom are outsiders, many outsiders claim to be outsiders as they are now a in group to belong to, beware of these people because behind their charade they are all part of the normal people.
    It is elusive to give comfort to those who are in a inner world of crises as the world is undergoing a state of danger and the leaders are all in to making it for them selves and have no care nor concern for the planet nor people, in fact they are the terrorists, I could say more much more but albeit I having only given a preview of just what is a survey of a few points that confront the individual and am sorry if this letter is not of a more comforting disposition, at least it is a attempt to guard against those who are intent upon giving you harm.

  13. What a tremendously great feeling it is to know there are others who recognize what can break illusion that fakeness distorts and the catharsis I get when I read your words! I’ve anyways felt this and continue to live it in my soul, but the bs of this accepted destructive reality, lately, wants to push in and give me people and situations of extreme stress and unnecessary drama that then creates the need for me to need to be listened to and no one is there after they neglect and abuse your mind. I have put my altruistic spirituality on the back burner. But no more!

    Awesome write-up, btw!

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