What is Spiritual Tourism?

Just posted a video on Youtube describing spiritual tourism as it is nowadays, with hokey yoga cruises and New Age “retreats” at places like Mount Shasta.

Here I describe how literal earth energy, the energy of person, purpose and place come together and where sincere seekers can have genuine breakthroughs.

I also highlight to work of serious dowsers and house healers like Tim Walter and Patrick MacManaway, two really genuine gents who I’ve had the pleasure to connect with recently, the work they do as dowsers and how earth energy is an emerging field of study and the implication that the earth itself can be conducive to healing.

Throughout history, pilgrims the world over have had profound, transformative spiritual experiences as places like Lourdes, France, Fatima, Mecca, Mount Fuji, the banks of the Ganges River. What is less understood is that there could be thousands of other places around the world which are just as powerful or more so because the energy of the place is still pure and hasn’t been degraded yet by mass tourism.

It’s not just a question of showing up and expecting something to happen like many people believe. It’s far more intentional and purposeful than that and requires work on the spiritual seekers end as well. Having said that, when a person is aligned in the proper way to the place and for the right purpose, magic can happen. Call what you will, quantum healing, spontaneous remission, spiritual healing – this stuff is real.

Hope you enjoy the video and please by all means leave feedback in the comments section of Youtube or here to let me know what topics to cover as well as where and how I can improve.

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